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Injustice In America

By Blake Sawyer


Let me see if I have this straight.

Black thugs kidnap, torture, and racially abuse a handicapped white kid for four days.

Something is terribly wrong, in what was once the greatest nation on earth.

Four black thugs, Brittany Covington, her sister Tanishia, Tesfaye Cooper, and Jordan Hill, unmercifully tortured this poor handicapped white boy named Austin, while he screamed, begged for mercy, pleaded for his life.

Yet they tied him up. Forced him to drink from a toilet. Sadistically beat him. Taunted him. Kicked him. Put lighted cigarettes out on his face and body. All the while the torturers laughed, giggled, and called him horrible names. Blaming him for the abuse they dealt him because he was white, he was responsible for Donald Trump being elected. He deserved the abuse.

How do we know this is what happened? The sisters videotaped it LIVE on Facebook. Millions have seen the video.

Austin was traumatized. He didnít speak for weeks. He could barely eat any food. The bruises, cuts, and burns eventually healed or turned to scars. But the emotional scars are permanent.

The thugs? Originally, they were not even charged with a hate crime. Finally, after nearly a year, Brittany, sort of the ring leader, was charged with a hate crime. What was her punishment? Four years probation and a four-year ban from Facebook.

Iím thinking, ďThat is all? This canít be happening. Surely, this is a mistake. Where is the JUSTICE? Why did she not get 15 years in jail?Ē

Oh, but there is a person who did get 15 years in jail for a hate crime in the US of A this year.

His name is Michael Wolfe. Yes, he was charged with a hate crime. He got 15 years in jail AND 15 years of probation (if and when he finally gets out of jail). So, what did Michael do that was so heinous? Worse than kidnapping a child and torturing him? Did he commit murder? Just how many people did he kill? Did he physically harm people by blowing them up or mowing them down?

Oh no, it was much worse than that.

The 37-year-old Floridian placed a piece of bacon inside a mosque.

Notes to thyself:

Hate crime. A criminal act perpetuated by hate.

Injustice. A lack of fairness. An unjust act.

The USA = Injustice.

The USA = anti-white racists.

The USA = liberal, unjust judges.

The USA = gone, toast, down-the-toilet.

Itís time to move somewhere where it is sane.

Blake Sawyer is a husband (30+ years), father (of 2 great kids, now adults), solutions-oriented author, podcaster, radio show host and God-fearing Christian. You can listen to his podcast (ESCAPE!) free of charge on iTunes or his radio show (We Are The Truth Seekers) on Rense Radio. You may find his solutions at and