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Inhuman Horror - Growing Up With
A Muslim In The Family

By Mark Watson


So, you have a new neighbor who happens to be a Muslim.  You have a few questions you'd like to have answered.  Such as… Why do they act the way they do?  Why do they seem to not want to be friendly neighbors and join in our culture?  Perhaps some of my life experiences can help answer some of your questions.  I want to make this abundantly clear…I am NOT exaggerating a thing and the horrors I somehow survived came directly from a 'normal', run-of-the mill, 'moderate', non-radicalized Muslim.  I repeat, this was all done to me by a 'moderate', 'normal', NON-radicalized Muslim.  Let us begin with this SMALL glimpse at what I experienced…perhaps 'survived' is a better term...
My father died when I was very young and my mother, who grew up with solid American values in Illinois, wanted to remarry for me to have a father figure to grow up with…someone who would care about me and set a good example in my young life.  Even though she suffered from cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair, she met and eventually married the Muslim son of the Chief of Police of a major Middle East city. This man was living here in the US and had known my mother for some time.  The marriage took place in Florida when I was 8 years old.  

After the marriage, her new husband took her to the Mideast, twice, to meet his family and further convince her that he truly cared for her…cerebral palsy and all.
Just three weeks after the wedding, he called my mom from the Middle East, he was on a business trip, and said someone he knew would be coming to stay at our house as a guest for a week. He told her the man was coming over from the Middle East on 'business.'

This strange Muslim man arrived and, within 3 days, told my mother that the man she had just married was a homosexual and she needed to divorce him immediately.  My Mom, being very gullible, did exactly as she thought this honest person was telling her to do. Her wheelchair-bound life made her extremely vulnerable.

At the same time, this 'house guest' began to make advances toward her...and within a few months, THEY were married.  I know this sounds a little outlandish but my mother trusted people and wanted so much to do the right thing for her children.   

Remember, this new stepfather was just your typical Koran-toting, ordinary, non-radicalized Muslim.

Within a matter of weeks, this Muslim creature began to show his true colors. He was, in all reality, a truly Satanically Evil wolf-in-sheep’s clothing…a Muslim who was about to show us what the Koran really meant.

He began by beating my mother, and myself, on a routine basis.  As I was to learn, this is as normal as brushing your teeth to most Muslims whose abuse of women is beyond belief.  It is ALL in the Koran.  

As I said, my Mom had cerebral palsy and her parents had set up a trust fund for her which she had lived off of into her early 50s.  This Muslim Monster then began to drain her trust fund, buying himself Rolexes, a Cadillac, and taking trips back home to Egypt to do God only knows what with all of his Muslim friends.  In times to come, I would always see him greet his sisters and other female relatives by putting his hand down their pants.  This is common Muslim behavior.

It is extremely difficult for me to discuss these things but Americans MUST KNOW what these 'people' are like and how typical his behavior was.  

The beatings and emotional abuse were horrible but then things got worse.  I was sexually abused by him in every way possible.  I'm talking about the most hardcore, brutal abuse you can possibly imagine and it continued for over four years.  Those four years of my life were a living hell beyond my ability to adequately explain in words.  It is simply not possible.  

This Muslim creature had married my mother for her money, nothing more.  He helped himself to her trust fund and then bought himself a two-story house in Gibraltar.  He actually tried to tell her - remember, she was wheelchair bound - that he bought it for her… a 2-story house. How could a lady in a wheelchair get around a 2 story house?  Ridiculous.

He then, married to my mother, had a sexual affair with my OLDER SISTER.  He forced himself on her until she finally broke.  She bore him three children…2 boys and a girl.  I know this is hard to believe but that's who these Muslims are.  There are no morals, no restraint and absolutely no accountability.  They are often mega-perverts and beyond depraved.  They beat, rape and abuse women with no hesitation or remorse whatsoever.  It is how they do life.  Women are lower than human and are there only to serve.  They are considered pieces of property to be used, abused and discarded at the whim of the 'husband.'

This Muslim monstrosity then actually began sexually abusing his own little daughter that he had with my sister.  I have long since learned that is a very common practice in their 'religion.'  The sexual abuse of this infant toddler would have continued but for the fact that one of my chores was to help change diapers.  It was during one such change that I noticed funny-looking bumps which were venereal warts.   Remember, we are talking about a little baby not even a year old…his OWN DAUGHTER.  

I was not the only one abused beside that tiny girl. The bastard would, as I stated, beat my mother in her wheelchair and would frequently flip her and the chair over backwards.  Remember, to Muslim men, women and wives and female children are just pieces of property.  Nothing more.  Then, this pious Muslim, after beating my mother in her wheel chair, would often yell at my Mom, "I'm so upset with you, I’m going to sleep in your daughter’s bedroom!"  And he would go in and lock the door.

When you hear how Muslims treat woman like dirt, I can affirm all of that is true and more.  In fact, in today's Muslim world over 25,000 (no one knows the exact number, of course) women and girls are murdered by these bastards in so-called 'honor killings' every single year.

When his Muslim pals and friends would visit, they would often happily go grab his Koran and point out all the sections allowing rape and abuse and murder.  They would all talk in great agreement about how this great book, the Koran, recommended and condoned such human horrors and then they would all smile and laugh.  I saw this many, many times.

By now, he was sexually abusing all of us…our whole family.  Unfortunately, he loved abusing me the most...physically and sexually...almost on a daily basis for almost 4 years. Muslims are basically homosexual by preference.  I realize a lot of people might say 'he was just a criminal child abuser'. No, you could not be more wrong.  Everything he did was backed up and justified by his precious Koran.  This was later verified to me by Psychologists who are specialized in this field.  It wreaked havoc on my relationships.  To this day, I have only dated twice and I am still waiting to find the right girl.

I could go into the most graphic and horrid details regarding his homosexual abuse of me, but disgusting, descriptions are not the primary purpose of this letter. The FACT that Muslims commonly and routinely engage in all these types of perversions and depraved behaviors, and think they are all just fine, is the POINT.  

They all consider wife and child beatings to be normal practice.  Many readers have heard how the Muslim Imans teach male Muslims how to beat their wives without leaving bruises.  This beast from hell would try to only leave marks from his beatings that weren't easily visible, and if some were, he'd just say we had 'accidents' and had 'fallen down', etc.  

This so-called 'religion' is nothing more than a Sex, Torture, Terror, Abuse and Death Cult.  Women have NO RIGHTS and are often made to sleep on the floor next to their husbands who get the bed. I cannot overstate the fact that what you are reading here is CULTURAL  it is who these people are and how most of them live their lives.   The human cruelty I somehow survived is really beyond words.  Here is just one of hundreds of examples of his Muslim sadism...    

When I was about ten, the Muslim Monster found a small stain or discoloration on a piece of white linen.  His response?  He filled our bathtub with mostly bleach…I would guess it had to be about 75% bleach.  He then went around the house and gathered up all the whites and dumped them on the bathroom floor.  Next, he ordered me into the bathroom and forced me to HAND WASH every single item in the bath tub of nearly pure bleach.  I was given no gloves and was forced to use my bare hands.  

I remember how strong the fumes from the bleach were.  It was horrible, and with no gloves my hands began to hurt very quickly.  He kept yelling at me to 'keep washing' and soon the bleach had eaten through the skin on my hands.  Seeing that my hands had become raw and were beginning to bleed, he became even angrier.   He was furious that I might get blood on his precious Muslim 'whites' and ordered me to get INTO the bath tub and continue 'washing' them with my walking back and forth on them.    

Before long, the skin on my feet became raw, like my hands, and began bleeding.  I could take no more pain and jumped out of the tub and ran out to our pool.  I immediately put my hands and feet into the water, hoping for relief from the excruciating pain.  What did he do?  Furious that I was bleeding and unable to keep 'washing' his whites, he came up to me and punched me until I fell into the pool.  

After that, and clearly not caring if I would have drowned, he simply turned and walked back into the house.  In great pain, I pulled myself out of the pool and ran across the street to my friend's home.  He answered the door and saw me standing there, sobbing, with blood dripping from my hands and feet.  He almost instantly turned and ran to his room and came out with a loaded crossbow.  It was clear he was going to slay the Monster about whom he already knew a number of horrible things.  He was my friend.  To see me standing there bloodied and so obviously abused was too much for him and something snapped inside.

His mother heard the commotion and came out to see a nightmare.  She was just able to block the doorway in time to stop her son from going out.  She had to physically restrain him and managed to wrestle the crossbow away from him.  Then, he just broke down, crying.  When I asked him about it years later, he said he remembers opening the door and seeing me bleeding.  He said everything then went 'red'.  He didn't remember grabbing his crossbow or anything after that.  To this day, he says all he can recall is seeing red.  Back in those days, people did not want to get involved in their neighbors' affairs.  I wish someone would have.

I could go on and on for hundreds of pages.  When he was finally busted for trying to molest a 12 year old boy in a Florida library, little did he know that the boy's dad was the Chief Prosecutor.  When the police came to arrest him, he got them to agree to let him turn himself in the following morning. That very night, in 1987, he fled to Spain.
Social services came in and I was sent to live with my deceased Father's relatives up north, where I underwent intense therapy.  The Director of Male Abuse Survivors said I was the worst case he had ever seen in his career and who was still able to lead a relatively normal, ok life.

I still have stretch marks on my retinas from him beating me in the face right on down the hallway.  As I said, I've never had a real relationship with a woman except for dating two girls.

I still remember having to sit on the sheep in our back yard while he slit its throat. I can't forget the gurgling noise as this poor animal's blood poured out and covered my feet.
The whole time the Muslim was in our lives he acted as if he was poor and even made me get discounted school meals...while he wore his gold Rolex and drove his convertible Cadillac.

And you think the story stops there?  No.

As I mentioned earlier, this sub-human Muslim monster used to beat my mother and then go into my older sister's bedroom and lock the door.  The long term subsequent rapes and abuse led to my sister giving birth to three of his children.   Severe abuse can do things to people’s minds that make no sense.  My sister kept in touch with this bastard after he eventually fled and flew off to live in the 2-story house he had bought by stealing from my mother's trust fund.  My sister apparently went to visit this animal twice and took the 3 kids along with her. No, she was not crazy…it's just that horrific, prolonged abuse can do things to scar and confuse the mind.  On her second trip, the Monster had a big surprise waiting...  

He took the kids from her and held them…essentially kidnapping them.  He told her, "You're going to go back to Florida and you’re going to cash out your mother's stocks and drain her bank accounts.  Then you’re going to max out all of her credit cards.  And THEN you’re going to come back here and I MIGHT let you have your kids back."

My Mom kept me from knowing where my sister and the children had traveled to.  I remember, clearly, when my mother and I went to pick them up at the airport.  To our shock and surprise, only my sister came walking out of the gate. She said to my Mom, "Oh, the children are staying a few weeks longer, until school starts."  My poor mother was in full denial and accepted the excuse.  

I was suspicious and cornered my Mom and asked where my sister and the children had gone and what the hell was going on. After four shots of vodka, she admitted to me that my Sister had made 2 trips to Gibraltar to see this animal.  Knowing the horrific past, I immediately suspected something was wrong.

I went through my sister's room when she was out and found a letter she was going to send via DHL back to this gangster monster Muslim psychopath.  It stated, “I have Mom's Stock account Numbers and I will be draining the remaining 200k out and I am maxing out her credit cards now.”

I took the letter to my mom. She literally froze up and could not move.  I said to her "You must call all your credit cards now and cancel them. You must call your stock advisor and freeze the account. We must go and have a Restraining Order put on my sister now."

She looked at me and said, "I can’t do anything, I can’t move.  So, I spent the rest of the night calling credit card companies, explaining the situation and then putting the headphone on Mom and having her say, "Yes, this is all true and I authorize these actions be taken."
I had to do this with over 30 credit cards.

Earlier that day, I had taken her to the court and put a Restraining Order in place against my sister, and I successfully froze the stock accounts.
My sister tried to come home that day, acting like everything was normal.  I had to physically block her, tell her I found her letter and that if she did not leave I would call 911.
She ended up flying back to Gibraltar where she would spend 3 more years with her children, two boys and the girl, living in a hell on earth with this satanically evil Muslim monstrosity in the 2 story house.

She and the children finally escaped, literally, in the middle of the night with just a bag of clothes. Over the next week, she was able to make her way back to the States where they made contact with my mother.

I had to hear what he had put his own children through.  There was never any running water.  He made them wash with a bucket of water, poured over them cold and he beat his own sons on a regular basis. I have good reason to believe he not only beat but abused his own daughter into her teens.

He did not want to pay the taxes on the house he used my mother's money to buy, so he put a sign up saying 'Mosque' and had one of his two sons yell out “The Calling” every day.

My point is nobody has to tell me what Muslims are like.  I know who they are, how they think and how they use that EVIL ''book' to justify incomprehensible evil. I lived it, I saw it…and somehow I survived it.  From the sexual and physical abuse, to animal slaughters and blood which is required by the Koran.  When you, by your own hand, cut the throat of a sheep, for example, the hot blood covers up the sheets of your sins according to the Koran.  Apparently, slitting the throats and beheading human 'infidels' and non-believers does very much the same thing.  In fact, as you know, the Koran DEMANDS that all non-believers be killed.  And that means WE AMERICANS…every one of you non-Muslims reading this.  Look what this sub-human filth has done to Europe's women, girls and little boys. That's what is coming here.

Here's one of the real kickers. After living in Spain for three years of hell and agony, the only reason my sister fled with her kids was because the inhuman Muslim Bastard was going to take his own daughter and prostitute her out to make money. That was the driving factor that caused my sister to flee with the clothes on their backs in the middle of the night with almost no money to try to make it back to the states.  

I wish to repeat, that SOB is a normal, Koran-toting average Muslim.  Think about the 25,000 girls and women murdered in 'honor killings' every year, think about the 200,000 little Muslim girls in America who are estimated to have undergone life-shattering FGM at the hands of their 'loving parents', think about the constant death and human butchery in the Muslim Arab more outrageously practiced than by the Sub-Saharan black Muslims with their average 60 IQs who have been butchering each other for millennia.  They are destroying Europe and its people as I type these words right now.  Our fate will be identical to Europe's if we do not put a stop to ALL Muslims coming into our country and crush every 'no-go' zone that is found in our cities.  We must end ALL WELFARE PAYMENTS to them and offer them free transport back to their own hellish countries.  

Does this sound like a religion to you? Do these sound like people you want living next to you? People slaughtering animals in their back yard to 'cover their sins'?  Would you want your little children in school class with them and their translators...and their dozens of communicable diseases?  Is THAT what you want?

Let's get serious.  This 'religion' is a fraud.  It is not a 'religion'.  It is, in REALITY, a Sex and Death CULT fueled by hate, homosexuality and the endless abuse of women, girls and little boys.  Read the damn Koran and see for yourself. Raping your own or any other children, male or female, is commonly practiced.  Killing wives because you are bored with them or your daughter because she likes the 'wrong' boy is just fine in the Koran and in Islamic nations.  I just saw a story of a muslim raping a PONY in broad daylight in a petting zoo right in front of horrified children and their parents in Germany.  That's who these 'people' are.  

They destroy families in every way imaginable and could not care less as long as they gain.

I have known of only ONE non-radicalized Muslim.  One.  As I said, I could write a series of books as to what happened to me…let alone the rest of my family.

We cannot allow these 'people' to continue coming into our country. If my story - and I have only revealed a fraction of it - and the ever-growing list of mass killings and fraud and gross criminality haven't convinced you, perhaps you might consider converting and then you'll find out for yourself.  Muslims are NOT here to assimilate or blend into and respect our culture and way of life.   They are not here to be a part of America in ANY way. The whole 'refugee' program is a zionist-run INVASION of America and these creatures will literally rape, steal, kill and destroy ANYTHING in their path to getting what they want.  The Middle Ages were never darker or worse than what they are planning to do to us.

At age 8, I was not racist. I had no opinion of Muslims.  I do now.

I have chosen to tell this small part of my story with the most sincere hopes and prayers that it might open the eyes and minds of those who read it.

America better wake up, and stand up, because I am warning you there is a Dark and Hideous Storm coming at us very, very quickly.  And once it is here, neither you nor your family or loved ones will ever be safe.


Hi Jeff,
                I just read Mark Watson's, and his family's, remarkable survival living under what could be only described as Hell on Earth.  As I have described to you before, I witnessed this same type of behavior on a daily basis while serving in the Middle East and Somalia as a U.S. Marine.

Generally speaking, the Muslim male is one of the sickest, most depraved and evil creations to ever inhabit this planet. The Muslim male sub-species only knows one writing and that is the Koran. The Muslim has no concept of humanity, no concept of human morality, no concept of human dignity, no concept of a loving consciousness and no concept of caring.

According to all spectrums of the Muslim Death Cult belief system, life is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the male only.  Women and children in the Muslim culture are nothing more then household pets to be used and and abused at any level that satisfies the Stone Age needs of the Muslim male. The women are repeatedly beaten in public...sometimes for nothing more than not having their hijab on straight.  The woman who isn't walking behind her Muslim sub-species master, and is alone, is routinely subject to rape beatings and stoning to death after the rape for being a whore. If the the woman Muslim is accused by another male Muslim for ANY reason, she can be subject to being shunned by her family and locked in a dark room for years...and in other cases sentenced to death.
The daughters of the Muslim male sub-specie are usually married off to much older men in the village and any male Muslim whose father is no longer around are constantly sexually abused and raped by the other males in the village.  The male Muslim sub-specie along with his 'pet' - known to him as his wife - also in the most cruelest of fashion, usually force their daughters into a dirty, perverted old elder's hut and has FGM performed on her with the first sharp instrument the old bastard can find.
People here in the West might think that I am over-exaggerating but, no, I'm actually under-exaggerating. People here in the West also might think that this type of abhorrent behavior is only done in the Muslim Community. Westerners also think that when these 'people' are flooding into their country that it won't affect them. THAT KIND OF THINKING IS THE FARTHEST FROM THE TRUTH AND A DANGER TO OUR VERY SURVIVAL AS HUMANS.

In reality, the way a Muslim male treats Muslim women and children is similar to how they are taught to treat non-believers. According to the Muslim male sub-specie, the non-believer has fewer rights than a speck of dirt. The Muslim male runs off instinct and reflex...not conscious, linear thinking. The Muslim male sub-specie, without regard, will attack rape, steal, and murder non-Muslim men, women and children.  And according to the Koran, they will face no repercussions from Allah whatsoever.

s I am writing this to you, Jeff, not only as a response to Mark's letter but as a critically-urgent SOS warning to all Americans. The warning is stop the Muslim invasion of this country by any means necessary if you value your future and that of your children and loved ones.  If Americans keep allowing unfettered Muslim invasion of our country, our way of life and our entire civilization will DIE.  To the European people who are reading this and who reside in countries that have allowed endless numbers of Muslims to invade, unfortunately, I'm sad to announce it is too late for you. To the European people who reside in a country that has not allowed Muslims to invade, you must heed the same warning I gave to all Americans.  You must fight to keep these sub-humans out, or you, too, will die.  

Thank You