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Ingrid Rimland Zundel Has Passed Away

By Michael Hoffman

Ingrid Rimland, an accomplished and successful professional author and the loyal wife of the late World War II revisionist publisher and activist Ernst Zundel, has died. We have no other details at the present time, though it appears to have been from natural causes.

Ingrid was born into the historic community of German Mennonites resident in Russia since the time of Catherine the Great. After Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin began deporting these German-Russians to Siberia. The German Army arrived in time to halt the extrusion and escort Ingrid's family and thousands like them safely out of the USSR. After the war, many German Mennonite refugees were sent to South America, where Ingridís family took up residence under harsh conditions. She eventually left her faith community to pursue a higher education and the career of a writer. She met Ernst in the 1990s. She survived her husband by less than three months. She leaves behind an extensive headquarters complex in Tennessee, complete with lodging facilities, a library and archives, the disposition of which is unknown. She was her husbandís sole heir, according to his son Pierre.

Another courageous World War II revisionist, the Leftist scholar Serge Thion, died October 15 in France. There were no suspicious circumstances.

2017 also saw the passing of Barbara Kulaszka in June, after a long illness. She was a tireless Canadian civil liberties attorney who for decades assisted Doug Christie in defending dissidents who otherwise would have been deprived of adequate legal representation.

Requiescat in pace.

I was very saddened to learn of Ingrid's passing.  She was a brilliant and remarkable woman and was a  friend for a long, long time.  -- Jeff Rense