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Infamy Ignored
By Jim Kirwan

The Event being ignored is 9-11-01 the second criminal attack on freedom. The first was 9-11-73 both were treated

As military attacks

Yet the damage created from these massive murders

Is still spreading because we did nothing!

In two days we’ll pass the 13th Anniversary of our Failure to Respond to those that designed and perpetrated this crime against people and the country. Meanwhile those who did 911 have gone on to attack the rest of the planet with no regard for the rights or laws of any nation; despite any national or international laws that should have stopped this continuum long, long ago.

This is an extension of Living in Infamy (2)

In this country 9-11-01 has led to total corruption of the government, the constitution, all our laws and all our rights, which could easily be seen as the national “Bonfire of the Vanities” that is consuming this nation - above.

Aside from the massive embrace of global criminality there are major corruptions that have gone unnoticed in the race to forget just how criminal we have become.

Our doctors, educators, lawyers and academics have all become businesses instead of individual professionals. Professional Journalism is being held hostage to Mass Scream Media. The arts have been long since dead and buried. There is no government only paid off lackey’s that do the work of hit men and women in the world they once were elected to serve. There are no ethics anymore.

There are only the supreme prerogatives of business and profits everywhere. And only corporations are allowed to rule over the lives of every person on the planet. There is no concern for human values or even for the ability of people anywhere to be able to survive ­ for this too the world also has 9-11-01 to thank!

There are the courts, the judges and the lawyers: All of whom have become cancers upon the lives of ordinary people. These creatures were all sworn Officers of the Courts. Each of them had an obligation to charge anyone whom they knew to be guilty in any of the massive crimes that have been and are still being committed in the cover-up that continues. So much for sworn oaths!

This does however explain why it is that thousands of filthy cops have gotten away with rape, torture and murder, without even a slap on the wrist. Politically, millions of crimes continue to be committed by the thieves and corporate pirates that are stealing the country blind, while never being charged with anything ­ consequently no one “big” ever goes to jail for anything anymore.

This has led the so-called Department of State in collusion with the War Department, to commit similar crimes globally, as in the total misdiagnosis of massive lies and gross crimes committed in the run-up to and the conclusions that were “reached” in Ukraine. (1)

When we had a justice system any arrest had to be accompanied by evidence, facts and hopefully sworn testimony from those involved in any crime. But since 9-11-01 none of that matters any longer even though these blatant and totally discredited lies are now being used to “assess” global crimes, by other states: While simultaneously covering up the role which USRAEL has played in Ukraine and many other places, decades before the “uprising” in November of 2013. (3)

Based upon these totally fake charges the world could be forced into going to war with Russia. But even if “all out war” is avoided—the insanity of massive sanctions will continue to eat away at stability worldwide: All of this has been directly caused by the global failure to admit the truth from the beginnings of the overthrow of the government in Ukraine ­ twice ­ all the way to and including the Ukrainian shoot-down of MH17 in the middle of the extermination of the “sub-humans” in Eastern Ukraine.

Today it was announced that to get to the bottom of the downing of that plane will take “another year ­ at least”!

Beyond all that NATO has decided to park its criminally-corrupted-ass all along the Russian Border to force Russia to act. Of course the opposite corollary is never mentioned: How would the US or Israel “react” if the same thing were to be done on any of the borders of either of those supposed countries?

The same thing cannot be said of NATO or the UN because neither of those criminal organizations has any borders—because they are NOT states and yet they are the illegal-forces that are used to control the over two hundred states in the world today?!

The EU is a conglomeration that calls itself a union. In fact it’s nothing but a collection of slave-states who are pretending they are a global force to be reckoned with. That’s a lie!

The EU’s just a collection of creatures without their own money, without any say in what their supposed “nations” can or will do. That’s because they cannot speak for themselves—as they are controlled by an appointed Oligarch that does not have to answer to any of the people in any of the EU countries, any more than any person in the US, has any right to be heard in opposition, to whatever this fascistic police-state chooses to do to us…

The NATO conference was recently held in super-secret and it was protected by a Ring of Steel ­ the point was not to permit any members of the public from finding out what this concoction of military forces had in mind for our immediate future.

Now we know that they have come up with more ways to murder many more millions of people while raking in billions upon billions more from their war machines as they craft new ways to force the start of WWIII. (4)

And all of this is directly due to our failure to arrest the Zionistas and the Amerikan Traitors that planned and carried out 9-11-01.

And that ladies and gentlemen is directly due to the outright cowardice of the Amerikan public ­ so if you want to blame somebody for all of this just look long and hard in any mirror ­

1) Did Putin Just bring Peace to Ukraine?

2) Living in Infamy

3) Divide & Conquer is Complete

4) NATO in Context


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