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Infallible Debt ­ Not A Divine Right


By Jim Kirwan


The result of this illegal ‘Infallible Debt’ will yield the ‘Aftermath’ above.

Back in January, when I was half-awake while listening to the interminable euro discussion, a man for whom English is a second language started speaking poetry. He was talking of his fellow Greeks, who he said chose, “to quote your own Dylan Thomas, to stop going gently into the night and to rage against the dying of the light”. I perked up, and I wasn’t the only one. This was Yanis Varoufakis, an economist, blogger and academic, who was soon to become Syriza’s finance minister.


Eloquently, he put into words the suffering and resilience of his fellow Greeks, but this alone did not fascinate the media. It was his “flamboyance” they focused on. Clearly, in the world of Eurocracy, to not wear a tie is radical. Or rude. Or both. Sometimes he wore a leather jacket. Or a Barbour, or a shirt that was perhaps a little bit too tight. He signaled simply that he was not another “suit”, and made the rest of them look stuffy, uptight and clownish. He continued to ride his motorbike instead of being driven by a chauffeur. In this upside-down world, this level of normality meant he was dubbed everything from a rock star to a sex god.”

Suzanne Moore


The Central Bank system is not and has never been a ‘neutral player’ in this global-heist, which is something that must never be overlooked.

Where will the money to save Greece come from?


Obviously money is needed to break the siege by the ECB. This begins by increasing the financial risk for billionaires worldwide ­ in random selections that could fund the initial steps needed. That was part of Iceland’s approach when they faced the same equations that are currently threatening the survival of Greece.


That threat needs to be followed-up against the ECB Bankers which will reduce the extremism worldwide, as a counterbalance to the threats that are about to be leveled against the Greek people.


Ironically “Regime-Change” is behind this all the way because that is the real threat beneath the current stalemate. ‘Regime-Change’ is the shadow behind everything coming from ‘Amerika’ via the IMF, coupled with the ECB in a financial act of war to crush the survival of the bulk of the nation’s currently in the EU - which is intended to benefit the global-banks of Germany as they go against the lesser nations in the EU that will be sacrificed: If they don’t follow the rejection of national-slavery led by the Greeks today.


The public ‘rejection’ of the broken-terms of the EU’s policies began with Hank Paulson’s financial gun to-the-head of the US Congress in 2008. That very public hijacking of America’s financial control over the banks and the congress has led directly to the current impasse in the EU and beyond.

The ECB has acted to asphyxiate the Greek economy ­ the ultimate blackmail to force subordination. The money is there in our accounts, but we cannot have access to it, because the overseers to our own banking system, the very people who some months ago issued guarantees of liquidity, have decided to deny liquidity. We have phantom money but no real money. There is a terrifying poetry to that, since the entire crisis was caused by too much phantom money in the first place.”


At 7min 06 sec in a fantastic Max Keiser Report today:

Be sure to listen to the entire report


In addition the Greeks are now talking to the BRICK’s nations which threatens the supposedly hidden US hegemony—all of which is based on continuous ‘Regime-Changes’ to keep things the same as they were when the USA allowed themselves to be publicly stolen by Hank Paulson with Israel, acting for the same global banks in 2008.


The European Central Bank has no treasury of its own. Nor does the ECB the World Bank, the IMF nor the Troika have any human-constituency of their own. The only clients they serve are the private global-corporations and their banks ­ because nothing else matters ­ especially not the global human population which these Outlaws are hell-bent on wiping out…


Yesterday it was noted on RT’s Boom Bust that ‘none of this should be of any concern to Americans because whatever is happening in Greece will not affect Americans in any appreciable or financial way at all’.


That was a lie, because what’s at stake now is nothing less than the collapse of the entire EU economic system that will have a huge impact upon the global financial condition. - if this financial collapse does indeed occur...

This story is only beginning, but the outcome is to be more than feared because as the anonymous illustration above suggests ­ the ‘AFTERMATH’ of all of this could threaten the stability of the remaining people in the world of today.




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