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Breeds The Whirlwind

By Jim Kirwan

Indifference ~ Opportunity

The world we live in has become totally indifferent to the crimes and torture as well as to the slaughter in the world around us. It happens because we close our eyes to anything that does not directly affect us, in the cesspool of everyday life in the dying country.

Case in point: CEO Obamanation addressing Poland yesterday.

Here we see the strength of Democracy. Citizens raising their voices free from fear. Here we see political parties competing in open and honest elections. Here we see independent judiciary, working to uphold the rule of law. Here in Poland we see a vibrant press and a growing civil society that holds leaders accountable because governments exist to lift up their people and not to hold them down.”

kirwan: First of all Poland is not under attack, by USI or anyone else at the moment. America hasn’t had a free and fair election for many decades, if ever since the end of WWII. USI’s Judiciary has become the laughing stock of the world, and its being run by a 5-4 LGBT crowd of societal misfits that have no credentials to even be on that court. The USSA under USI has an imprisoned civil society that is not allowed to make any decisions for themselves about anything whether personal or political, for the last 14 consecutive years. And USI does not allow any citizen to “lift themselves up” without permission of the fascist police-state government ­ regardless of what any individual might want to do.

Here we see the strength of ‘free markets’ and the results of hard reforms. Gleaming skyscrapers soaring above this city and super highways across this country. High tech hubs and living standards that previous generations of Poles could only imagine. This is the new Poland you have built. An economic miracle on…”

kirwan: This is the same Poland that trained the Right Sector Nazi’s in weapons and tactics who then went into Ukraine and overthrew their democratically elected government: And then remained to carry out the on-going military attack on the civilian

Population of Eastern Ukraine.

Here we see the strength of free nations that stand united across those centuries of struggle but whose fate too often was dictated by other. This land was invaded and conquered, carved up and occupied, but those days are over.”

kirwan: Now Poland is being courted with these lies by the Amerikan CEO, and when this courtship is over Poland will be even worse off than it ever was under the original Nazi invasion in the 1940’s.

And as for Poland being “FREE”, once the EU cracks their whips and Poland feels the coming chains that will crush them like bugs; they will be able to look back on the promises and these days of heady-optimism when Poland was again building more of the West’s Iron Dome that will never serve any democracy. And as for being able to forge their own partnerships: Poland will very soon discover they have been joined at the hip with the devil incarnate and any attempt to form any other partnership will put Poland in the same place that Ukraine has been put at this moment because everything that the CEO said is a lie.

Poland understands as few other nations do that ‘Every Nation Must Be Free’ to chart its own course, to forge its own partnerships ­ to chose its own allies.”

kirwan: If “All Nations Must be Free”, what happened to the rights of Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the whole host of African nations who are all in various stages of chains applied by the generosity of Amerika and the New World Order ­ not to mention Ukraine, who is only the latest victim of Amerikan “generosity and freedom worldwide”?

2min video

The article goes on to say:

The president also wove his “fair shot” agenda into the speech he delivered in Warsaw:

Our democracies must be defined, not by what or who we’re against, but by a politics of inclusion and tolerance that welcomes all our citizens. Our economies must deliver a broader prosperity that creates more opportunity — across Europe and across the world — especially for young people. Leaders must uphold the public trust and stand against corruption, not steal from the pockets of their own people.

Our societies must embrace a greater justice that recognizes the inherent dignity of every human being,” Obama continued, as he called for a Europe that is “whole and free and at peace.”

kirwan: While meanwhile USI, NATO and the UN have begun their bombings of Ukraine and the invasion of Right-Sector Nazi tanks just as the first NAZI’s did to Poland in 1939.

Seeking to reassure Poland, Obama said he’d come to Warsaw “to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Poland’s security.

He specifically mentioned NATO’s Article 5, which says an attack on one is an attack on all.”

kirwan: What he never explained was why he is there as Poland is not and has not been under an attack from anyone except USI, to force Poland to serve USI in attacking Russia.

““And as allies, we have a solemn duty — a binding treaty obligation — to defend your territorial integrity. And we will,” Obama insisted. “We stand together — now and forever — for your freedom is ours.

Poland will never stand alone. But not just Poland — Estonia will never stand alone. Latvia will never stand alone. Lithuania will never stand alone. Romania will never stand alone.

These are not just words,” Obama said. “They’re unbreakable commitments backed by the strongest alliance in the world and the armed forces of the United States of America — the most powerful military in history.”

kirwan: USI is a country that does not keep its promises, ever. And, especially not to any satellite nation like Poland whenever USI requires their unquestioning and total support for whatever the foreign corporate and insane nation, run by a megalomaniac, who is being directed from Israel - decides to do… The latest round of which begins with the CEO’s Billion Dollar War - below

Obama’s Billion Dollar Cold War Begins

  1. Obama’s Billion Dollar Cold War Begins
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2014

America’s war machine is revving up again.

With Washington’s Afghan venture losing steam it needs a brand new threat to keep its military monster alive.

And that threat is Russia….Christian Russia, that is.

It’s a ‘win-win’ for both American Jewry which hates Christian Russia—and yes—Nato’s leading hawk, Poland.

First stop on Obama’s EU tour was Warsaw where he launched his billion dollar cold war plan.

[Clip: “I’ve come here, first and foremost, to reaffirm the enduring commitment of the United States to the security of Poland.

We’re on track with our missile defense program including interceptor sites here in Poland.

As we saw this morning our American aviation detachment, here is the first regular presence of US forces in Poland.

We continuously rotate additional personnel and aircrafts into Poland and the Baltics.

And I want to commend Poland for its contributions to the NATO air patrols over the Baltics.

We will be expanding our exercises and training with allies to increase the readiness of our forces.

And I know President Komorowski is a great champion to modernize the Polish military and we welcome the announcement that he just made about an even greater commitment.

We’ll increase the number of American personnel army and air force units continuously rotating through allied countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

I’m calling on Congress to approve up to 1 billion dollars to support this effort which will be a powerful demonstration of America’s unshakeable commitment to our NATO allies.”]

Kamorowski is using America.

Obama’s billion dollar payoff gives Poland’s century-old “Intermarium Plan,” that makes Poland the central power of a “Baltic to Black Sea” federation, a new lease on life.

With its historical hatred of Orthodox Russia, Poland reportedly trained Right Sector thugs just before the Kiev coup on the very tactics they used in their murderous actions in Kiev’s Independence Square.

And Polish diplomats were among the first to meet with the Washington-led coup regime that toppled democratically-elected Yanukovich.

For now, the EU backs Poland’s ambitions.

But with the rise of Le Pen and her affection for Russia that could soon change.

[Clip: “The European Union has committed another folly under the pressure of US errors.

One must stop criminalizing Russia. The interests of France lie in creating and deepening relations with Russia. Because Russia is part of European civilization, and there is no reason that, under the pretext that the US makes injunctions, we should submit to them, if they go against our interests.”]

Le Pen even vowed to “lead France out of Nato”…stopping France from “implementing orders” coming out of Washington.

With Nato funded mainly by Washington, and Washington driven by Jewish interests, Nato is just another Jewish neocon affair.

Victoria Nuland’s Jewish crowd—complete with her warmongering husband Robert Kagan—is rejoicing that a new cold war is being launched by Obama’s “European Reassurance Initiative.”

[Clip: “What’s required is a transatlantic renaissance, a new burst of energy. We have to be that beacon. Together, we must lead, or we will see the things that we value and our global influence recede. It means funding, equipping, and training our militaries to be ready to defend our freedom and advance our security interests wherever they are needed.

And abroad, there is no place where our generosity and our experience and our ideals are more needed today than on Europe’s own periphery.

And finally, my Kagan. He is my Mars, he is my Venus, he is my Planet Earth.”]

That’s right Nudelman, (her original last name.)

It’s a “new burst of energy” with a “generous” dose of bombing—more bloodshed in the name of Jewish-touted “democracy”—right on Europe’s “own periphery” with Russia.

It’s Jewry that’s at war with Christian Russia and they’re dragging America and the rest of the world into it.

Nuland and Kagan couldn’t care less.

When it comes to wars for the Jews on “their planet earth,” only the Goys die young.

It’s going to be a huge war this time as USI is forcing every nation in Europe to choose between “us” and “Russia” which is a piss-poor way to run “international relations” but it’s especially damning to start global wars based on this obscenity that the corporations are calling “policy”.


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