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Independent No More


By Jim Kirwan


For 239 years the U.S. has managed to stretch the American-illusion of political-freedom to cover up what’s really been going on.

But today, July 4, 2015, that myth has been murdered.

Here’s what’s been happening inside Greece and much of the EU

For at least the last five years.

Bear in mind that all ‘governments’ are supposed to improve the lives of

their people; but since the corporate-banks and the oligarch’s have absorbed so many nations, most ordinary people have lost, not only their freedoms. but the larger part of their lives as well.

In five years in Greece, we have cut pensions by 44 percent, reduced private sector pay by 32 percent, destroyed the job market, smashed the welfare state, bled employees and the middle class dry with taxes, and reached one and a half million unemployed in a country with an active population of six million,” Alexis Tsipras said in an interview with an Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Greek GDP per capita has fallen to $21,700 in 2014 from $26,900 in 2010 in current US dollars, World Bank data suggests.

Youth unemployment has reached more than 50 percent. Around 55 percent of those unemployed are under 35, according to UK entrepreneurship charity Endeavour.

44.8 percent of Greek pensioners are living below the poverty line. Their pensions amount to no more than ¤665 and have been cut 44-48 percent since 2010.

The Greek suicide rate jumped 35 percent during the peak of the crisis in 2011 and 2012. Almost 80 percent of the suicides were men. Greece’s rate used to be the lowest in Europe, but it soared during the crisis.

The Bank of England has warned that the Greek debt crisis is a threat to the UK’s financial stability and could trigger wider problems for financial markets. The market value of European banks shrunk by more than ¤50 billion on July 29, when the Greek government closed banks across the country and limited daily cash withdrawals to ¤60.

All of this has been forced to a vote in Greece with an up or down vote on Sunday, to supposedly see what the people want to do. However the major corporations and the banks have been trying to blackmail the Greek people into voting for the criminal conditions above - to keep the continuing crime alive, under the threat that if people don’t vote against themselves, to keep the same usurious conditions in place - then the currently-employed Greeks they will lose their jobs and total chaos will reign.

What does this have to do with American Freedoms & July 4th 2015?

Everything! Because what is happening with the EU, UN, NATO, the IMF and virtually all the supposedly international funded controlling forces will be unleashed against Amerika next. They’ve already gotten the TTP and its freakish stepchildren in place, along with JADE HELM 15 and potential Martial Law. All they’re waiting for is for Greece to SURRENDER, so that the same things can continue to be done to every country in Europe. Because if Greece withstands the blackmail and the extortion, then a large number of other EU states are ready to follow Greece into DEFAULT and a new freedom that will force an end to the hammer-locks of the global banks and the criminal syndicate controls over most of the people worldwide.

If on the other hand “the vote” goes in favor of retaining the total enslavement of the Greek people, then an entirely new set of priorities might well develop, that won’t be nearly as civil as the Greek Vote on Sunday.

Americans have been living inside their own political lies ­ under the ever-expanding political control of United States Incorporated since the Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago in 1968.

Our Golden Calf” gave the nation the televised RIOT, both inside and outside the convention that started the open and public-war that ended Political Freedom of Speech in America. Google it if you want more. But that ‘convention’ was the end of America’s freedoms. That was 37 years ago, and the people who were born in 1969 have never known what it’s like to live in a nation where this country’s government could be held to account for anything and everything that their government did to ‘its people’. That’s what made Rahm Emmanuel’s recent takeover of the Mayor’s office in Chicago so interesting, as that was the same office that the Khazarian Supremacy ran in 1968 thru Richard J. Daley and his legendary political machine.

Hell it’s no wonder that so many people have trouble believing what those of us who remember how real freedoms once worked, who are outraged, and who are now demanding that this police-state be crushed. Because to those in their late thirties now, what the rest of us are still saying about slavery and the death of our freedoms appears to be completely crazy ­ yet all of that has come again to the fore, because everything since LBJ ‘took-over’ has brought nothing but more lies, blackmail, blatant-tortures and evermore treason.

In 1967 I was 28 years old and “mad as hell” but the public chose to remain asleep rather than take these outlaws to the gallows which is where the ugliness of their life-long criminal lives should have ended.

But instead we began then, what will be ended this year, by the unending delays that will cost billions of lives, many of them innocent

Some of my readers think I’m nuts: Because for them, I’ve been saying the same thing over and over and “nothing ever happens” that I’ve written about in this column ­ I can understand that but I don’t agree. The difference is that political goal-posts keep moving (and we allow it), to keep what’s actually happening, from the public glare of spotlights that should have been directly focused on our lives and our problems for the last 37 years.

By the time the public got to 1973 and the first meeting of the Tri-Lateral Commission, our wages nationally had been frozen. Since that auspicious meeting of the 300 most preposterous troglodytes (held in SERCRET of course) ­ the working public’s been going backward ever since ­ but that too was a critical part of “the plan”. From then on our literal-chains began to show to those with eyes; what life in the future would look like, if we did not react and immediately end this colossal charade…

It took this ignorant and backward place almost until the illegally-elected alien Barack Obama moved into the Oval Office to realize that the United States has been making War upon the World since long before Chicago in 1968 ­ and yet too many still refuse to believe that this traitor is a major war-criminal and Communist in the style of Stalin, who has always hated America and Americans since long before he entered politics. The proof of that is that he hasn’t been either impeached or lynched ­ yet.

Aside from the crap that still passes for “politics” in Amerika, the people of this place have still not been able to grasp the truth of what is about to happen to us ­ which will make what’s happening to the EU and Ukraine, look like a walk-in-the-park: Because we’re still focused on keeping our toys and ‘surviving’ all of that which we will not understand overseas.

Try this on and give yourself some perspective.

For every day of the past five years the public has failed to say anything about what continues to transpire around the world. That’s every minute of every hour of every day, of every week and every month in every one of those five years that have been very carefully driving the entire planet backwards, in every category of life that matters to anyone who’s trying to live productively. For those who are still in doubt: Sophie’s guest spells out what’s been going on throughout the rest of the planet for most of the last 20 years…

All of this has been happening in public now. When they began, they used to try to hide whatever they decided to do to us—but now everything is out in the open for all to see: Because the global

Shadow-Government, no longer fears the public ­ for the most part.

That’s why we’re staring at the next few months during which every conceivable kind of globally ending event, has, in one way or another been promised to happen to us all.”

It’s Show-Time folks” and this time it’s our lives that will be dissected tortured and destroyed for the main-course in the starvation and the slaughter, that will begin: Unless we collectively come together to end this impossibly ugly collapse that’s coming our way—despite the fact that none of this ever needed to happen if we had chosen to face these bastards down when these parasites first began to kill their hosts which is the 95% of the world they’ve been living off for millennia.

The creatures that live here have not bothered to look into where the money comes from, or what their pathetic lives are built on ­ because they don’t give a damn and won’t until the police state smashes into their homes and begins to arrest them for nothing-at-all. Only then will the somnambulant even begin to stir ­ just a bit ­ but by then it will be far too late to salvage most of them from the horror that they’ll be living in, because they would not look at what was coming straight at them ­ because they’ve convinced themselves that “This could never happen to them ­ not here, not ever ­ because they’re Americans and they ‘know’ they are “Exceptional”. And that’s just another lie among the millions that have brought us all to this hideous crossroads…



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