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The Inconvenient Truth

By Jim Kirwan


On the morning of August 19, 1953, a crowd of demonstrators operating at the direction of pro-Shah organizers with ties to the CIA made its way from the bazaars of southern Tehran to the center of the city. Joined by military and police forces equipped with tanks, they sacked offices and newspapers aligned with Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq and his advisers, as well as the communist Tudeh Party and others opposed to the monarch. By early afternoon, clashes with Mosaddeq supporters were taking place, the fiercest occurring in front of the prime minister's home. Reportedly 200 people were killed in that battle before Mosaddeq escaped over his own roof, only to surrender the following day. At 5:25 p.m., retired General Fazlollah Zahedi, arriving at the radio station on a tank, declared to the nation that with the Shah's blessing he was now the legal prime minister and that his forces were largely in control of the city.
Although official U.S. reports and published accounts described Mosaddeq's overthrow and the shah's restoration to power as inspired and carried out by Iranians, this was far from the full story. Memoirs of key CIA and British intelligence operatives and historical reconstructions of events have long established that a joint U.S.-British covert operation took place in mid-August, which had a crucial impact. Yet, there has continued to be a controversy over who was responsible for the overthrow of the popularly elected Mosaddeq, thanks to accounts by, among others, former Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Zahedi's son, who later became a fixture in the Shah's regime. Those versions of events virtually ignored the possibility that any outside actors played a part, claiming instead that the movement to reinstate the Shah was genuine and nationwide in scope.,,,”

Mohammad Mosaddeq and
the 1953 Coup in Iran
I have no idea where Trump was in 1953 ­ but one thing is crystal clear ­ neither he nor most of the American public has any basic knowledge of the truth behind the real history in Iran ­ which is what is behind what's going on with his policy statements today.
Beyond the history from 1953, the current fairy-tale is bizarre and totally reflects the basic lies that that have been kept alive because of how drastically different the world would have been if we were capable of handling the truth about Iran and American-policies - under GWH Bush and Ronald Reagan.
Trump's government has named Iran as the most criminal force in the world today ­ yet Iran has not attacked any other nation for over 300 years ­ unless you believe the outlaw state that's still not a nation, because they refuse to define their actual borders, which they call Israel.
In 1979. the captured State of Iran rose up and overran the American Embassy in Tehran: Their exiled religious leader returned from Paris to oversee events inside Iran ­ their goal was to release the American hostages, immediately after they had proven what the CIA had done to capture Iran and installed Savac (the supposedly Iranian Secret Police) ­ but this did not happen.
Instead George H.W. Bush who was Reagan's chosen VP in the 1980 election teamed up with Reagan: When they agreed, behind the scenes, with the incoming Iranian leadership to hold the American Hostages for 444 days, so that Reagan could use this as part of “his cause” to get elected. The entire plan was created by GWH Bush when he was head of CIA and Ronnie to supply Iran with military weapons, in exchange for the American Hostages. This filthy-treason was then expanded from that point into Reagan's Death Squad Operations in Central & South America where drugs were smuggled into the US, in another wholesale weapons exchange, that eventually spilled over into the Clinton years as well.
Meanwhile, none of these crimes made it into the public's awareness ­ because all of it was kept secret by Bush, the head of CIA & Ronnie, the president elect and then president: Much like Trump, who is now following the same pack of lies in lock-step with the Auskenazi Jews to start another war, for Israel.
We have this situation now because the American public chose to remain in the dark about all of these publicly committed treason's then ­ but Trump is supposed to be “different”.
He's different alright ­ Trump has sold out America to the Askenazi Jews in Israel and the United States, and “we” are still waiting for him to “say it isn't so”, like the children we have always been: This issue must be stopped dead in its tracks. Trump needs to publicly renounce any and all affiliations with the Askenazi criminals he has just appointed.
Trump is the Swamp 16 min video
Selective memory has been massively assisted by the new normal, which is to never mention anything that might in any way 'disturb' anyone who does not wish to be disturbed by reality anywhere in the world today ­ which is itself an insult to humanity on every topic that passes for “NEWS” today.
This is particularly criminal when it comes to showing, or failing to show, the results of everyday events, anywhere they happen now.
Global-censorship has replaced “news” everywhere today ­ and as long as 'people' let this continue to happen we will all very soon be enslaved ­ wherever people everywhere refuse to defend themselves.
Either we come together and fight this fight, or we'll die alone.



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