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Inbred Ignorance in The Death Cult


By Jim Kirwan


There are many things now which the invasion from the 5th Century brings with it, almost unnoticed. Their first 'battle-cry' was: “MONEY MONEY MONEY”, as they poured across the borders into Western Europe. But since then the world has had time to evaluate just what these 'migrants' are and where this will end up, if we allow this war-crime to continue.

The image above depicts seven men, one woman & three young children. The barefoot-woman is holding a child in front of her, another on her back and a daughter walking by her side. So what we see here are seven men with one female sex-slave, accompanied by a few children, yet they are not carrying any provisions, just themselves while they trudge through this winter scene, in a country that they are obviously foreigner's in. None of these individuals look as if they have missed any meals and yet they have come into a strange-land, in a world they are totally unfamiliar with, while seeking benefits that they will not work for or pay for: Most of these people are involved with the Koran and its absolute teachings, that worship 'Death' absolute destruction and the total takeover of all the other religions of the world—because in their world all other religions' must be destroyed and its followers must be gang-raped or beheaded, unless they convert. This amounts to a deluge of death and corruption of everything that has been built, between the Fifth and the Twenty-first Centuries.

Of course they spit upon everything that the West has brought to the world, including the invention of the printing press, which marked the introduction of “The Age of Reason”. Without which they would never have had their sacred “Koran” to inflict upon the rest of us: But the fact of the creation of the printed word, has totally escaped these savages—completely.

The followers of Muhammad, have no use for anything that comes from the West, they say: But that supposedly includes the multiple-thousands of Toyota Trucks and all the weapons that have been created in all those centuries that separate the Twenty-First Century from the Fifth. They try to destroy the historical record, wherever they find any evidence of it: Yet they can't fly the planes or use the most deadly weapons that could change the outcomes of their supposed fights to absorb all the lands they conquer, in the name of the Islamic Caliphate that still does not exist.

There are no borders for their supposed 'Caliphate' except those areas which are measured by their Toyota Trucks that are constantly being chased from one desecration to the next leaving only total destruction in their scorched earth policies, paid for by the West that is still financing, arming and paying for them to even EXIST.

They are not farmers, they cannot supply themselves with their own food or water—yet they are about to let that damn in Iraq,, which they have seized to collapse, because they don't know that 'they' need it: Having totally overlooked the water-supply for a third of the nation they want to conquer, in this case, that dream will vanish if they don't maintain the damn that's about to collapse: Yet they have never understood technology or its connection to the ability of any nation to have a functioning society. And always they steadfastly remain ignorant of all that is needed for anyone to even exist in the world of today

They steal whatever they think they need, like cellphones, computers, etc.,but they are powerless to maintain the cell-towers, or the infrastructure at any level: Because they are primitive, inbred thieves with an IQ level that is well below room temperature for most of them. Many cannot read, yet they are convinced that if they just take over the countries where millions of people once lived—they too will be able to have the same kinds of success that those formerly settled nations once enjoyed, just because they decided to invade anywhere they choose to go: Believing that no one can, or will ever be able to stop them.

But today they were stopped after 10 months of massive devastation

in Palmyra, now it's on to Raqqa.

The truth is all they will end up doing, is bringing about utter-poverty total destruction and starvation to every place they decide to invade—and once they've destroyed every city or town they attack, it will be too late to 'fix' all the damage they've done. In the end these savages will be very surprised to learn that nothing in 'the West' works by itself—because everything must be maintained by constant and knowledgeable maintenance. Screaming about Allah or Mohammad will change absolutely nothing about their daily existence except perhaps to make everything worse.

How much of our lives have already been lost? The world must come together to wipe Sharia Law & Islamic forces off the face of the earth or die: That is the only choice. Do you even know how many American cities have already gone over to the Muslims? Look it up on Google!

Remember Brussels: Arming yourself against the source of Islamic terrorism

Brussels Today Is Your Tomorrow ­ 4min 56sec VIDEO

Trump Responding:



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