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The Impotence of FEAR

 By Jim Kirwan


& The Resurgence of Anger

History tells us that it takes humanity one hundred years to make any real changes in the way any people live, anywhere in the world.


Our plight that began at the end of WWI, with the rearrangement of the global maps, was intended to introduce the arrival of the Synagogue of Satan which began way back there with the Synagogue of Zion that was supposed to alter the globe, in favor of the pure evil that launched itself. But that birthing process required the implementation of WWII, in order for the aftermath to ordain the illegal State of Israel.

After the way had been prepared, by two illegal-world-wars, the birth of Israel was overseen and recognized by David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948. On that day Harry S. Truman became responsible for the illegal creation of the fake-state of Israel, by endorsing America's illegal recognition of the state of Israel, which was later adopted by the false-association of the United Nations which crowned this treachery and opened the door for the Synagogue of Evil to attack the planet.

Most people who knew the Middle East at first hand opposed the partition plan, adopted by the United Nations on November 29, 1947. Patently unfair, it awarded 56 percent of Palestine to its 650,000 Jewish inhabitants, and 44 percent to its 1,300,000 Muslim and Christian Arab inhabitants.

Partition was adopted only after ruthless arm-twisting by the US government and by 26 pro-Zionist US senators who, in telegrams to a number of UN member states, warned that US goodwill in rebuilding their World War II-devastated economies might depend on a favorable vote for partition.

In a Nov. 10, 1945 meeting with American diplomats brought in from their posts in the Middle East to urge Truman not to heed Zionist urgings, Truman had bluntly explained his motivation:

"I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism: I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents."”

Truman Adviser Recalls May 14, 1948 US Decision to Recognize Israel

Bear in mind the axiom that determines just how long it actually takes before any real changes in our lives can make their way into the universe, that would be the magic hundred years. So far it's only been 68 years, but Israel and the Empire are impatient, so they created and ran the presidency of Bush and then Barack Hussein Obama: The default-man who would bring REAL CHANGE to the United States, ASAP.


But not to worry, the laws of the universe could be overlooked, because The Synagogue of Evil could not wait to finish their slaughter of the races which to them were offensive to the superiority of everything Zionist, so they decided to disregard everything except their obsession with dominating the planet on their own terms.


The start date was supposed to be the beginning of the New Millennium with the theft of the presidency by Jeb Bush, the Florida Governor, for his brother George W. Bush when the two of them rushed the Supreme Court and gave us their illegal INTERVENTION. That in turn gave the nation its second Bush president ­ and Israel their real opportunity to begin their onslaught against the planet.

But remember at that point the 'CHANGES' being sought for the planet were officially only 52 years old ­ when any real change can't happen for at least a hundred years: But “half that time” ought to be enough for the Synagogue of Evil to get whatever they wanted because of their very special status among all the nations of the planet.

So by the time Bush reached the end of six years, the Synagogue began grooming his replacement, Barack Hussein Obama, the pretender to end all pretenders to the throne of the Oval Office. His motto was “CHANGE”, which he promised in his blackness that disguised his Muslim education in Indonesia, and the fact that he was not a legally born American, as his father was not an American, which disqualified him to even run for anything. His education as a Muslim early on stuck and his teen age years as a homosexual prostitute, a drug dealer, and a user in Hawaii was ignored. His fake education and his fake birth certificate were all part of it, but all of that was shoved under the rug as just more race-hatred toward 'a brilliant black man'. The fact that he was homosexual and is married to a man who wears women's clothes was just more 'sour-grapes' to those who saw a savior in the Muslim-Communist who ended up living in the Tarnished House for the last seven years—whenever he wasn't playing golf for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the public's tab.

Now Obama's ridiculous reign is finally coming to an end, yet the Synagogue has still not managed to discard all the global traditions which they have hated since the dawn of time.

BTW the reason for the recent outbreak of the deeply rooted Muslim hatred for the rest of the world, (this is reality is the third global Jihad) which came about because more wars were needed to bring down the West and to destroy Western Civilization ­ the Zionist-First-Worlders will deal with the unending wave of illegal immigrants and mercenaries, once the West and Europe have finally finished killing themselves off, over the petulant and idiotic “laws” of Satan and Israel ­ yet no one seems willing to even attempt to understand “THE REAL CHANGE” that Obamanation has managed to bring into this dying world.

'Meanwhile 'Other-Changes' have already happened.

The first of these 'changes' is that the THREAT OF GLOBAL- FEAR itself is openly dying in place after place around the planet.

To understand this, all you need to look at is just how quickly the world has shrugged off the last few false-flag attacks. But this goes far beyond that. The people who have shrugged this off were able to do so by carefully examining the mainstream media's videos. When they took the time they saw the blatant contradictions between the videos and the storylines, that were filled with lies about the supposed occurrence of the alleged crimes. Instead of running away horrified by the supposed death toll in Florida, the TARGETED public spun those events to their own advantage, using the fake-threat of weapons to arm themselves with 30,000 MORE AR-15'S and the alarm was raised by the supposed targets to:


Proving beyond doubt that “FEAR” has finally lost its power over us.

That was a major victory for us all: The proof of this victory came when the FBI completely walked away from the supposed shooters apartment leaving it open to the public to wander around and pick through “the evidence” which the FBI didn't even bother collecting ­ because the whole thing was just another false-flag—except that this one was stopped dead in it's tracks in the first 72 hours of its supposed existence.

For the 2nd Mass Shooting in a Row, Media Allowed to Trample Evidence at Shooter’s Home

As people, we have both Fear & Anger as part of the human-survival network: In critical times when lives are threatened, one or both of these responses are automatically triggered. When the danger passes and the threat is recognized or terminated, we return to normal life.

But using the global-hunger of the maniacal creatures that have decided to murder the world: These monsters have tried to create the conditions in which FEAR must never be allowed to go away: At least not in their minds. But in reality they've left our 'PANIC BUTTONS ON' for far too long, and now those circuits have all been burned out.

What is finally beginning to happen, as it should, is that serious Anger and deeply determined Resistance is finally rising to the fore,

Because in reality


Just think about this,

Then ask yourself why the Hell

Have we waited so long to finally get seriously angry!

Age & Outrage Are Waiting

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