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Immunity Due To TB Inoculation Points Directly
To Coronavirus BioEngineering - Part 27

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

After beating the drum about the bioengineering of COVID-19 spliced with bovine tuberculosis (b-TB) and HIV, I am relieve to see several scientific studies are now being pursued on the relationship of early childhood BCG inoculation (against tuberculosis) to adulthood immunity against coronavirus infection during this worldwide pandemic. The key role of anti-TB immunization to preventing SARS-COV2 infection was raised as early as March by Dutch science journalist Jop de Vrieze in his "Can a century-old TB vaccine steel the immune system against the new coronavirus?", published in March by Science magazine.

Why hasn't this clear-cut medical fact been promoted by the CDC, Anthony Fauci's NIH or Britain's National Health Service? What do these venerable institutions have to hide from the public? The reason, of course, as this series has proven beyond a shadow of doubt, is that there's been an official cover-up by Obama administration officials and the British military establishment of their lead role in funding, sponsoring, creating and deploying the biological weapon of COVID-19, which is modified with gene sequences from HIV and bovine tuberculosis (b-TB). The spread of coronavirus is not a natural disease but is mass murder by bioterrorism to promote the globalist insider agenda against populism, national interest and sovereign democracy.

Spanish, French, German and Dutch research groups have been preparing clinical trials using genetically-modified BCG vaccines. Meanwhile, BCG vaccine is in phase 3 trials in health-care workers in Australia and Netherlands. While hospitals conducting clinical trials have to tiptoe gingerly around the presence of TB antigens in COVID, I am under no such constraints.

Demographic confirmation of the TB-COVID linkage comes from a comparative study of 22 countries in their childhood inoculation policy on the anti-TB BCG (bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine) as compared with the local rate of COVID-19 infection. The researchers include Luis E. Escobar, Alvaro Molina-Cruz, and and Carolina Barillas-Mury with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and the paper is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science on July 9, 2020 , posted at I The findings, which disclose a higher infection rate in richer countries, is obviously "uncomfortable" but acceptable and maybe even insufficient for NIAID director Anthony Fauci, a leading culprit in the synthesis of COVID-19.

Crossing the Rubicon

Even with the increasing attention focused on the relationship between TB and COVID, researchers have yet to "cross the Rubicon" of disclosing how bovine tuberculosis genes were bioengineered into SARS-COV1 (Hong Kong SARS) to synthesize COVID-19. The Barillas-Mury paper stops short of that admission by stressing that BCG stimulates "cellular immunity" against many infectious diseases. While this is a step in the right direction, cellular immunity falls short of admission that a TB section was spliced into COVID to overcome the antibody defense of the human immune system. As explained earlier in this series, the TB gene-sequence captures and subverts the antibodies dispatched by the white blood corpuscles and reassigning these as antigens hostile to the host. In the confusion, the immune system releases a cytokine storm, basically an SOS, which can shut down the heart and other internal organs resulting in sudden death.

The hesitancy to go all the way and expose COVID as a biowarfare agent is due to the lead author's employment at Anthony Fauci's NIAID National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). Virginia Polytechnic University also participated that survey, Despite the reticence to blow the scandal wide open, the relationship of TB to COVID is nevertheless becoming a hot topic, too hot to handle. That famous (re)discovery o HIV sequences in COVID by Indian researchers in New Delhi was also suppressed by Indian government authorities under globalist pressure. A lot, perhaps the majority of biolab researchers and science administrators are by now aware that COVID is a biosynthesized weapon of mass destruction, so things are starting to get interesting.

Another factor in the delay of further exposure of the biowarfare origin of COVID-19 is the disruptive rioting and mainstream media support for Black Lives Matter, which is aimed at shielding Barack Obama and his criminal cronies and Wakanda henchmen from public blame for his administration's role in the bioengineering of COVID-19 along with their bioterrorist release against the French-led CISM World Military Games at Wuhan in October, more than two months prior to the Huanan seafood market attack.

The creation of SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) gets to the heart of the Illuminati-Salafist-Jesuit globalist Deep State nexus, which involves the Rothschilds, George Soros, the Clinton-Lansky mafia, the Emirate of Qatar, and their minor functionaries like the Mitt Romney wing of the Mormons recruited by the Oxford Movement. From the Arab Spring to the European Summer of Illegal Immigration and now the Black Lives Matter-Antifa terrorist operation, these events are scheduled. So is the series of biological warfare operations included Hong Kong SARS, West African Ebola, Brazil's Zika outbreak and now COVID-19. Yes, without a shadow of doubt, it's all connected and so it's high time to crush the head of the Black Mamba viper.

Notably the birther issue arises again due to the multiple British links to development and deployment of COVID-19 against targeted nations just as the London is preparing the restoration of the British Empire, which is possible only with the downfall of the American Republic. It turns out that Barack Obama was at birth a British subject when Kenya was still under colonial rule. Only after his third birthday did Kenya become a Republic with its own president, and still over the following year Jomo Kenyatta had to share the status of head of state with Queen Elizabeth II. None of his British Empire roots were disclosed during the birther controversy over the highly irregular and obviously forged birth certificate supposedly filed in Waikiki, Hawaii. Loyal to the Royals is the only explanation for his administration's collusion in the synthesis of COVID-19 in Canada and the UK, with the aim of toppling the American Republic and putting an end to sovereign popular democracy.

Biowar on ethnic Europeans and Asians

COVID-19 has had its greatest impact on the affluent societies of Western Europe and the United States. Meanwhile, the developing countries, with exception of Brazil and Ecuador, were spared the worst outcomes. In other words, if the outbreaks in China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia or Greater ASEAN, then it becomes clear that the wealthier Caucasian and Asian nations were the target for the COVID biowarfare extermination program.

The objective of this biowar is, simply put, genocide of Caucasian and Asian racial groups and elimination of their high civilizations perpetrated by a racist barbaric alliance of Muslim extremists, Voodoo practitioners and Yazidi worshipers of Satan, all these rogues and vandals being the assets of the Lord of Wakanda, Barack Hussein Obama, the most vile traitor in American history. Under customary patrilineal descent of his Muslim family, Obama was born in the British Empire's colony of Kenya, 3 years before its independence. This explains why this American President did the unacceptable curtsy to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at her throne. He is a worse traitor than Benedict Arnold, the latter never having funded, produce or release a weapon of mass destruction like COVID-19 against the American people.

A Supreme Court, cleared out of Deep State lackeys, needs to summon the highest ranked traitor in U.S. history to render a verdict, based on the Biological Weapons Convention with sentencing in accordance with the gallows decision at the Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes Trial. BLM is nothing but the bodyguard of this worse-case traitor and should serve hard-labor prison sentences until their national loyalty is determined with a shade of doubt. There can be no lenience for acts of treason now that more than 100,000 American citizens have been mass-murder by the biological weapon COVID-19. Perhaps, you now comprehend why Tony Fauci and company are so desperately trying to continue the cover-up of COV origins and deployment.

The Subliminal Shock

Now let's move on from research labs into the daily life of normal people, whose only connection with biowarfare is as its victims. What does this all mean for those who can recall the shock of BCG inoculation versus the COV-vulnerable who never experienced that childhood trauma? The ratio of non-immunized people in different U.S. states and in foreign countries helps to explain the vast differences in infection rates, the seemingly arbitrary pattern of COVID outbreaks, and consequent severity of lockdown measures in different states and regions.

Can you remember the worst morning of your primary school years, waiting your turn in a room of other children screaming like banshees and blubbering in tears? Probably not right away, because the Hypocampus region of your brain has locked down the memory to prevent that trauma from impairing your ability to cope with life's pressure. The Hippocampus, which assigns memories into categories, puts the BCG inoculation into a psychological bottle with the label "The Bad Genie aka Bogeyman". The BCG is your primal fear, against which every other trauma is compared, it's that bad.

Getting stamped is a Freudian suppressed trauma, which can explain why some people have a fascination for tattoos and body piercing, and others are addicted to inserting hypodermics into their arms, a means to master the primal fear and sublimation of intense pain into subtle art. Is there a scar on your deltoid muscle, the lump of muscle at the top of your left arm? Now do you remember? Ouch! (Actually that's an understatement since there is no way to express this uncontrollable level of fear and loathing. Probably every anti-vaxxer got punctured by those needles.)

I can write about this trauma drama with cool recollection because I was the only nerd in class with any interest in science, or perhaps because my nerves were steeled by helping with the clean-ups inside my family's mortuary, being sort of like that brat Pugsley in the Addams Family.

Floridians as Covidians

Here in Florida, along with neighboring Alabama and further across the Sun Belt in Texas and Arizona, one might wonder why these otherwise healthiest states with lots of sunshine and therefore vitamin D, and citrus fruits packing vit C, and outdoors activity promoting general good health, now have the highest rates of coronavirus infection as compared with dreary Ohio or gloomy Maryland.

I popped the question to a big tall burly mechanic with a long beard, typical toxic male type, and his brow knitted and his eyes glazed over after I explained "the nurse swabbed your upper arm and poked it with a needle, either that or it was like a flower frog your mother pinned rose stems down in a vase."

With a far-off look in his glazed eyes, he uttered, "It was something that had six points." Even for a kid who's grow up to be a big tough fellow, the childhood shock is a subliminal presence, even though the six-point stamp of his generation was less painful that the earlier 4 fatter tipped needles, and needless to say, better than the medieval torture with a single needle jabbed innumerable times into your convulsing arm screaming to be released in the tight grip of the school nurse Miss Jabberwocky.

"One, two! One, two! And through and through, the vorpal blade went snicker-snack!" That was anti-vaxxer Lewis Carroll's revenge against the Jabberwock in "Alice in Wonderland".

The ancient Chinese discovered the efficacy of deliberate infection of healthy individuals back in the 10th century, but it was not until 1898 that Edward Jenner tested the smallpox vaccine on his patients. Since Lewis Carroll published Alice in Wonderland in 1865, vaccination by then was well-established although often with questionable results due to sanitary conditions and needle sharing.

The BCG vaccine, which uses attenuated or stretched live bacteria was introduced in 1921 with a checkered history of success and failure. The original version used bovine TB from infected cattle, the mycobacterium Bovis, which this series traced to the Kawaoka-Splitter-Plummer cooperation, prior to the U.S. ban on Gain of Function research, which targeted the secret research to develop biological weapons at the veterinary lab at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

When my turn came up in first grade, I took it silently with feigned bravado, which elicited a smirk from the nurse, who wrote me off as a stoic denier pretending to be tough. I had a glimmer that some sort of tiny creatures were crawling through the tunnels entering under my skin and that scratching or washing them would only arouse their ire. For me it was nearly a religious ordeal, like the crown of thorns with some hidden message in the pain, that being a Catholic school where we were heavily indoctrinated at every morning mass. Other kids ripped away their bandages and ran screaming into the schoolyard to scratch at the wound, resulting in thick red keloid scars, while most were permanently engraved with an indented scar, where their haunted memories burrowed to escape the brain synapses, lying hidden for a lifetime.

As it turned out. the BCG inoculation was a holy medallion that proves effective against leprosy, some types of ulcers and cancer, and specifically protected me from a sinful coronavirus during the 2003 Hong Kong contagion and again during this global pandemic. It was just a medical procedure yet something deeply psychological, and uncannily bordering on a religious experience, in preparation for the valleys of death ahead of me then.

So back to the garage, then my next standard question to bearded gentleman was: "Were you born and raised in Florida?"

His reply was "Uh, no, I was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania."

"That's a gloomy place with crappy winter weather and indoors steam heat, ideal conditions to come down with TB. BCG inoculation is why you're immune to COV, and probably never suffered much flu."

In contrast to the introspective mechanic, I know a native Floridian, my dentist in fact, who responded to the question about the childhood inoculation with a totally blank expression without any hint of pain or dread. So she's vulnerable. To the locals my advice has been to ignore the lockdown skeptics and err on the side of caution with mask and avoidance behavior. That's because the Sun Belt never suffered a wave of tuberculosis, which explains the high COVID infection rates. In comparison, most of Latin America, Brazil and Ecuador had an on-and-off TB vaccine policy, meaning different age-groups are differently affected. Now with TB inoculation in focus, all the contradictory reports are starting to make sense. Everything depends on the BCG policy during early childhood, or more cynically this problem began at the University of Bristol with funding from DHS and NIH. It never should have happend.

The bad news for adults is that the BCG inoculation is normally given only in early childhood when interference from other infectious diseases has yet to afflict the immune system. Another negative factor in warmer climates is immune reactions to other types of mycobacteria in the environment, which reduces the impact of inoculation, often down to zero. The Sun Belt does not seem so sunny anymore.

Medical authorities incriminated by TB denial

After a half-year of global pandemic, the now grudgingly recognized efficacy of childhood BCG inoculation is the strongest proof yet of gene-splicing of coronavirua for biological warfare purposes with a tuberculosis strand. The blackout at NIH, WHO and CDC of the TB gene presence in COVID-19 implicates the entire global pharmaceutical and medical sector as being under the censorial control of the biological warfare establishment, which is both a violation of ethics of the Hippocratic Code and a war crime under the Biological Weapons Convention of the mid-1970s (discussed in Part 17).

The denial of bioengineering of COV-18 with genes of TB and HIV is the biggest scandal ever in the history of medicine, with nearly every biologist, pharmacologist and medical doctor complicit with the international cover-up of bio-weapons of mass destruction unleashed against the entire world population. For justice to be rendered against this high crime, which has rarely ever been matched in enormity, capital punishment should be meted out to officials in the Obama administration and their counterparts in the UK, Australia, Japan and Israel, every participant in the design, assembly, testing and deployment of COVID-19 against the 100 nations that participated at Ground Zero, the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan in October 2019, and before that the British citizens affected by the "flu" pandemics since 2017 amid the cull of COVID-infected badgers, and by now millions worldwide.

Accountability and legal liability are mandatory in a civilized world to set a stern example of unwavering ethical standards. Those who gave the orders and funded this ultimate evil project must be hanged by the neck in full view of witnesses and broadcast worldwide, to ensure the rule of law and not the reign of criminals for future generation. Nothing less is acceptable on moral principles and legal grounds, if truthfully in God we trust.

Summary of the comparative study on infected nations

Briefly, here are the salient points of the research paper of Barillas-Mury et al on comparative impacts of anti-TB BCG inoculation against TB and several other infectious diseases with a focus on COVID-19 infection rates by regions.

First, the authors state clearly that BCG immunization has only an on-average 50 percent impact on preventing tuberculous infection among those infected. The vaccine does have some efficacious effects on other diseases as discussed above. Their methodology was on per nation death statistics rather than highly variable test-kit results or hospitalizations, since death numbers are a more accurate indicator of local contagions. The death rate was compared with by-nation historical records on BCG vaccination policy.

Second, "As the prevalence of TB decreased, countries like France, Germany, and Spain stopped mass vaccination of children and moved to vaccinate only individuals at high risk. Other countries like Russia, Ukraine, and China have continued national BCG vaccination to date." (Note my interpretation here: This accounts for the higher COVID mortality rate among older people in Wuhan, plus those cases impacted patients whose origins are in the mountainous hinterlands of Hubei Province during the time of "barefoot doctors" without modern medicine due to the US-NATO-Japan ban and blockade of pharmaceuticals and hospital equipment to the PRC during the 1950s Taiwan Straits crisis and Cold War. This is also why COVID-19 had relatively little impact on the commercial and industrial metropolises of China.)

Third: The study found "a consistent link between BCG vaccination and COVID-19 mortality". "More broadly, countries with current BCG vaccination had lower deaths as compared to countries with lack of, or interrupted, BCG vaccination."

Fourth: "COVID-19 mortality in the states of New York, Illinois, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida (not vaccinated) was significantly higher than states from BCG-vaccinated countries (Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo in Brazil; Mexico State and Mexico City)). This is remarkable, considering that three states from Latin America have much higher population densities than the North American states analyzed, including New York"

Five: "In West Germany, those 22 years to 59 years old were vaccinated, while, in East Germany, those 45 years to 84 years old today received at least one dose of BCG. A comparison of these two regions revealed that the average COVID-19 mortality rate in western German states (40.5 per million) was 2.9-fold higher than in eastern states (14.2 per million). Similarly, the mean mortality in Western Europe was 9.92 times higher than in Eastern Europe, where countries, in general, have active universal BCG vaccination programs. "

Sixth: "Cellular immunity is very important to control infections by intra-cellular pathogens, such as M. tuberculosis, responsible for TB in humans. Gamma IFN (γ-IFN) is a key cytokine produced by CD4+ T cells that mediates macrophage activation and resistance to M. tuberculosis. Enhanced susceptibility to TB is seen in humans with mutations in the γ-IFN receptor (38) and in mice in which the γ-IFN gene has been disrupted. The BCG vaccine is thought to confer protection from TB by enhancing cellular immunity."

Seventh: "Most striking, COVID-19−related deaths are significantly higher in countries with higher quality of life, contradicting the expectation of lower rates of mortality in countries with improved health care systems. Because of the differences in latitude, one can envision that differences in climate, such as ambient temperature, between states in the United States and South America could be responsible for the lower mortality in southern countries. However, (when comparing relatively close temperatures in the Sun Belt with Latin America), there is preliminary evidence for lack of temperature dependence for the COVID-19 epidemic. The augmented COVID-19 mortality in developed countries when compared to developing countries remained consistent even after correcting for social confounding factors and age."

Biowarfare Blow-back

These comparative findings on the global spread of contagion expose another fact, which is that the bioweapon designers who developed COVID were not cognizant of the mass protection by prior BCG inoculations in targeted populations. This blind spot was inevitable for the U Wisconsin team in the USA, where BCG inoculations are determined by states and cities, not under a unified federal policy.

Britain delays immunization until children reach 12 years of age, too late for BCG to promote a counter-defense against the TB genes in COVID-19 or even cellular immunity. Thus Britain, in both its human and badger populations, was devastated by experimental release of COVID in Southwest England. Another biowar conspirator Japan has early age BCG inoculation and therefore a lesser mortality rate except for many foreigners and very elderly citizens.

The designers of COVID in Britain, Japan, Israel and the USA miscalculated in their introduction of TB genes into COVID to dismantled the human immune system. The weapons designers and their government patrons failed to consider that the BCG inoculation levels in targeted countries were far higher than in the US or age-delayed Britain, and thus COVID backfired on the Atlantic allies, massively hitting the USA and NATO nations of Europe while China escaped the worst-case scenario.

Recap of Lab Synthesis of COVID-19

For those of you who haven's kept up my series, here a recap of how COVID was created and mass-produced at "respectable" laboratories in the USA, Canada and Britain. (The Japanese role is a somewhat specialized topic, so to get the full picture, go to the article list on my writer's box on the left-hand side of

This series has traced in detail the secretive research cooperation on bovine TB by Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin veterinary school through his close colleague Gary Splitter with the late Frank Plummer at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Manitoba, Canada, with probable support from the University of Alberta's research team on tuberculosis in bison that has spread to the indigenous Plains Indians. The death of Dr. Plummer at Nairobi in February amid the Wuhan outbreak, following a lobotomy to insert electrodes into his brain in December, indicates an MI-6 assassination to maintain official secrecy related to the British biowar command involving the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, the Pirbright Institute, University of Bristol, and by extension thorough postwar Operation Matchbox, which sent captured German microbiologists to Winnipeg, Canada, the National Microbiology Laboratory.

Then following a breakthrough revelation, this series blew open the continuation of secretive bovine TB research done on English badgers at the University of Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK, following the 2013 U.S. ban on Gain of Function (GOF) research that increase the virulence of pathogens in a violation of the UN Treaty against Biological Weapons. The British research was funded with approval from Anthony Fauci of NIH ($800,000 grant) and a yet undisclosed larger amount from Jeh Johnson, the Obama-era director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). After taking control from the U.S. Army biowar program, the DHS now operates the notorious biological warfare zoonotic diseases and GMO laboratory on Plum Island, New York, a center of development of zoonotic diseases targeting humans and the cloning of bizarre chimera creatures.

These bad players are, indeed, the core of the UK-USA-Japan-Israel biological warfare program, which unleashed COVID-19 against the 100 member-nation French-initiated CISM World Military Games held at Wuhan in the last two weeks of October 2019, as detailed in this series. In this light, the media-manipulation campaign to blame insect-eating bats at the Institute of Virology, under a program funded by the USAID Protect program and EcoHealth Alliance, which was founded in Britain, was a red herring dragged across the trail to divert public attention from the actual sequence of COVID synthesis at the University of Wisconsin, the Canadian NML, and the final TB splicing done at the University of Bristol in Gloucestershire, southwest England near Oxford.

The ongoing therapeutic studies on BCG-promoted immunity against COVID-19 are, in this context, tending to confirm my suggestion that the role of the TB segment in English Badgers and human counterparts was aimed at the capability of tuberculosis to counterattack the human immune system's defenses, specifically by hijacking the antibodies dispatched by the phagophages, which are part of the white blood corpuscles' arsenal of defenses. The TB segment's counter-attack with a decoy strategy triggers the immune system to release a cytokine storm, which puts the patient into shock, often resulting in heart failure and organ shutdown.

The BCG antibodies, however, can target the TB strand, immobilizing it or even dismembering its components, which initiates the process of crippling and then breaking down the COVID-19 structure. This power counterattack is something more targeted and effective than a mere "enhanced cellular immunity." The antibodies that target TB strongly suggest their potential role as the sought-after "silver bullet" to track down COVID and stop it cold. This therapy has been delayed by Fauci's fellow criminals at NIH and CDC, resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. Punishment is overdue.