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Imagination & Limitations

By Jim Kirwan


Imagination is the universal passport to life itself.

There are no boundaries that imagination cannot conquer!

In these times we need to remember that and live!

LIMITATIONS” on the other hand have been ignored by all the wrong people—and we’ve let them get away with this for so long that we let them push us right to the edge of oblivion—without a whisper!

A Case in Point: “…to the tune of a trillion dollars or more a year, our national treasure has been squandered on the maintenance of a war state, the garrisoning of the planet, and the eternal upgrading of “homeland security.” Think about it: so far in the twenty-first century, the U.S. is the only nation to invade a country not on its border. In fact, it invaded two such countries, launching failed wars in which, when all the costs are in, trillions of dollars will have gone down the drain and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, as well as thousands of Americans, will have died. This country has also led the way in creating the rules of the road for global drone assassination campaigns (no small thing now that up to 87 countries are into drone technology); it has turned significant parts of the planet into free-fire zones and, whenever it seemed convenient, obliterated the idea that other countries have something called “national sovereignty”; it has built up its Special Operations forces, tens of thousands of highly trained troops that constitute a secret military within the U.S. military, which are now operational in more than 100 countries and sent into action whenever the White House desires, again with little regard for the sovereignty of other states; it has launched the first set of cyber wars in history (against Iran and its nuclear program), has specialized in kidnapping terror suspects off city streets and in rural backlands globally, and has a near-monopolistic grip on the world arms trade (a 78% market share according to the latest figures available); its military expenditures are greater than the next 13 nations combined; and it continues to build military bases across the planet in a historically unprecedented way.

In the twenty-first century, the power to make war has gravitated ever more decisively into the White House, where the president has a private air force of drones, and two private armies of his own -- those special operations types and CIA paramilitaries -- to order into battle just about anywhere on the planet. Meanwhile, the real power center in Washington has increasingly come to be located in the national security state (and the allied corporate “complexes” linked to it by that famed “revolving door” somewhere in the nation’s capital). That state within a state has gone through boom times even as many Americans busted. It has experienced a multi-billion-dollar construction bonanza, including the raising of elaborate new headquarters, scores of building complexes, massive storage facilities, and the like, while the private housing market went to hell. With its share of that trillion-dollar national security budget, its many agencies and outfits have been bolstered even as the general economy descended into a seemingly permanent slump.

As everyone is now aware, the security state’s intelligence wing has embedded eyes and ears almost everywhere, online and off, here and around the world. The NSA, the CIA, and other agencies are scooping up just about every imaginable form of human communication, no matter where or in what form it takes place. In the process, American intelligence has “weaponized” the Internet and functionally banished the idea of privacy to some other planet.

Meanwhile, the “Defense” Department has grown ever larger as Washington morphed into a war capital for an unending planetary conflict originally labeled the Global War on Terror. In these years, the “all-volunteer” military has been transformed into something like a foreign legion, another 1% separated from the rest of society. At the same time, the American way of war has been turned into a profit center for a range of warrior corporations and rent-a-gun outfits that enter combat zones with the military, building bases, delivering the mail, and providing food and guard services, among other things.

Domestically, the U.S. has grown more militarized as “security” concerns have been woven into every form of travel, terror fears and alerts have become part and parcel of daily life, and everything around us has up-armored. Police forces across the land, heavily invested in highly militarized SWAT teams, have donned more military-style uniforms, and acquired armored cars, tanks, MRAPS, drones, helicopters, drone submarines, and other military-style weaponry (often surplus equipment donated by the Pentagon). Even campus cops have up-armored.” (1)

It’s as if there is no top or bottom to anything anymore. There are no rules, no laws of any kind. No limitations at all on how much of our monopoly-money they can spend and spend and spend on everything in the quoted excerpt above. No one asked us if we wanted or needed that level of massive over-kill in every area of what used to be our lives—yet we get all the bills to pay for everything they continue to do: That includes turning those of us who pay taxes, fines, penalties and late-fees in to the same people that have announced that we are all “ENEMIES OF THE STATE”!

The most amazing thing is that so many have forgotten

So much!

Taxation without Representation is Tyranny.

Committing TREASON, especially in a “time of war” is punishable by Death.

When you sell out your country to a foreign power

That too is TREASON,

Also punishable by DEATH!

There is however a very real and interesting-comparison between how many people there are in America and how much Obama spent on his DEATHCARE computer, that was designed to kill millions of Americans.

The Emperor spent $678 million just to build the computer to run DEATHCARE in America: There are 315 million people here. If Barry had not spent our money on that failed computer, for DEATHCARE, he could have (and should have) given every person in the United States at least two-million dollars!

We should DEMAND our money back and actually get that check for $2 million dollars: Delivered to each and every one of us! That would eliminate one very large LIMITATION that was designed to kill off at least half the country!

Dirty Harry vs. Barry Obama

There’s another totally criminal thing that most people have never even noticed, but it’s been going on full force for the last 13 years.

When asked; most think that people deserve to have a second chance in life, especially if whatever caused them to end up in prison, was something minor in nature. But all that has changed now. No matter how insignificant any misdeed might be, if you were arrested for anything you will never be forgiven for that error. You will are a FELON, a CRIMINAL - regardless of how the rest of your life was or is being lived.

According to the current-practices of this government—if you make a single mistake in the entire length of your life—you can never ever escape from your “RECORD”. Because in America there can never be a second-chance for anything ever-again. This is why all your private-records must be made Public! All of that: Despite the fact that this place was supposedly founded to offer people from around the world a second-chance, to have a real and productive life.


We’re a police state now and we’re terrified of our own shadows!

Millions of people have failed to notice the Police-state in action. That’s because so many believe that they have nothing to fear because they have “done-nothing wrong” ­ yet!

However if you were to read any of the tens of thousands of pages plus, in many of the new laws, beginning with the USA Patriot Acts one & two and going right on up to Obamacare: You might be very surprised about just how many laws you have routinely broken each and every week over the last 13 years.

I don’t know of any person that I have ever known who has not made even one mistake throughout their lifetime—do you? Is that even possible? Of course not! Mistakes are part of life; it’s how we learn about living and growing. For any “STATE”, especially this one, to track every single movement by every person on earth is not just obscene, it’s hideous!

Who’s Watching the Watchers!

Does anyone track how many mistakes the official-authorities make ­ each and every day? Who monitors the thugs in ski-masks? Every police-state that has ever tried to establish this type of trogledian spying and monitoring of its people, has failed and failed massively - going all the way back through history, because such practices are unnatural and run counter to all of human-life or experience.

America is now a ZERO-tolerance open-air police-state, where mistakes are not allowed unless you’re part of the elite. If you’re a traitor, or a real-political-criminal you can commit any crime, slaughter or torture millions for illicit profits, steal whole nations and you will never even be considered for arrest—that’s the definition of living in a Police-State if you’re filthy-rich! If you’re not in that category you can and will be arrested for anything, at any time, whether you did anything wrong or not. Is this is how Americans have chosen to live? Really?

A Bit of History

The maneuverings going on in the world today can easily be traced directly back to Machiavelli and the social and political-practices he outlined for the world in 1513. Since that time there have been very few written or codified-laws designed to help people to protect themselves from criminal-governments, in any time-period. The Magna Carta was such a document.

On June 15, 1215, in a field at Runnymede, King John affixed his seal to Magna Carta. Confronted by 40 rebellious barons, he consented to their demands in order to avert civil war. Just 10 weeks later, Pope Innocent III nullified the agreement, and England plunged into internal war.

Although Magna Carta failed to resolve the conflict between King John and his barons, it was reissued several times after his death. On display at the National Archives, courtesy of David M. Rubenstein, is one of four surviving originals of the 1297 Magna Carta. This version was entered into the official Statute Rolls of England.” (2)

After the establishment of the rights of man, in the Magna Carta, the next major work affecting the rights and the ways of humanity was “The Prince” in 1513, which demonstrates exactly how the dark side has always lived and breathed.

Then came the Constitution: Of all the government documents ever designed to help people to govern themselves, the original U.S. Constitution stands alone. It’s simple, clear and unambiguous and it’s as dead as the Bill of Rights…

That original document has been changed, altered and twisted on occasion, but the original intent behind that original document is still monumental. Every “president” since Kennedy has taken a swing at tearing out parts of it: But Bush II and Barry together with their owners want nothing more than to burn the whole damned U.S. Constitution! And that’s clearly a fact that far too many Americans seem totally unable to face!

We have a huge number of problems directly in front of us now. We can focus on what’s been lost or we can fight for what’s left—the choice is up to each one of us to make. Think about it while you’re sending Barry and his government your Bill to him, for Two Million Dollars—due & payable immediately!

It’s time to get CREATIVE America, because “that Future” which every failed president promised us - is leaving us all behind!

1) Up-Armoring America

2) Featured Documents: The Magna Carta



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