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Imam And Asst, Shot To Death
Muslims Blame Trump, Ignore Orlando


By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - There had been an altercation at the Mosque PRIOR to the Imam and the assistant getting shot. There is NO proof that an American did the killing but the immigrant community is up in arms complaining that it was DonaldTrump's fault. What fools, what media manipulation.  No mention of Orlando, San Bernardino or any of the other Muslim atrocities perpetrated against Americans.  They don't count, apparently.  

The sketch of the shooter as seen on the website below shows a man of either MidEast ethnicity or as the media is claiming, Hispanic.  The crooked, corrupt, corporate owned, anti-Trump, agenda driven media will once again twist an unfortunate event into total propaganda.

Of course, Parkinson Hillary will go right along with it.   The Bangladesh community, many of them illegals, immediately took to the streets protesting.  They should remember what their lives were like back in Bangladesh and kiss the American ground for being here...many getting free rides on our tax dollars while Americans starve and lay in poverty and joblessness.

As I reported, there was an altercation at the Mosque prior to the shooting and it would not surprise me that the shooter was one of their own.

I guess it makes better press to blame Trump and score another for the wretched career criminal and felon, Hillary.  I wonder how many ISIS operatives happen to be in the Bangladesh community?  The shooter sketch is in the article. Please check it out for yourselves.

Here again, the Muslims are quick to blame Americans…nevermind that the evidence evidence and witness sketch shows the shooter to be either MidEastern or possibly Hispanic ethnicity.   How quickly the entire community blamed Donald Trump.  It almost seems that the PR smear was already planned and on the shelf.  

Maybe Americans believe Trump won't keep his promises of vetting the Muslims entering the US and not allowing them to do so until the vetting process proves they have no ties to ISIS or any other terrorist organizations.  Well, the Muslims believe Donald Trump and know he is going to keep his promises made to the American people.

Please go to the website URL below and check out the sketch of the shooter.  Does he look like an American who is a Trump supporter? Or does he appear to be Middle Eastern?  Check it out for yourselves.


Queens Imam And Assistant Shot To Death



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