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Just Imagine!

By Jim Kirwan


There’s an unexplored reason for why

Oklahoma City was targeted.

This can be explained once you know that there were three more

Unexploded bombs found in the rubble.

The intent was to hit the government offices and obliterate the entire building just to trigger the current war

Between the government then and the people!

That was well before 911, but their plot failed,

Everything got blamed on Timothy McVeigh and the nation

Went right back to sleep again!

Yesterday I sent out part of an article from Chris Hedges, in which he says in part: Reforms will come and only come, thru the building of mass movements and alternative centers of power that will overthrow: Let me repeat that word for Homeland Security ­ “Overthrow” the corporate state.”

I have never agreed with this idea of late, because of the built-in governmental subversion in all organized efforts. But then the Oklahoma Militia gave me a better idea.

Given that we no longer have the State National Guards, which the public still needs, to call when real help is needed because of governmental overreach and the very real threat of rogue military attacks upon the unarmed public.

Friends have asked me for literally years now ­ why doesn’t the Militia begin contacting the farmer’s ranchers and those city groups that are being attacked by the government militarily? Or for that matter, why don’t those people who need help call the Militia when the situation begins to make itself known? That could be a type of 911 for the real problems that are infecting whole communities of people throughout the nation?

In my mind, this sounds like the perfect public answer to the out-of-control rogue thugs that are being used by the private corporations to crush the public at every turn? We need our own force to confront force with calm and determined force of arms that are dedicated to protecting the people of this land.

The rogue private-corporations are blatantly using brute force, assassination, torture, blackmail and murder to illegally coerce the public into doing whatever the corporations want the public to do.

But until now the public hasn’t had a real force on their side. That was the purpose of the State National Guards. But LBJ took their weapons and their gear into Vietnam and virtually destroyed their independence from the federal government. Then Bush Jr. finished that by taking all of their equipment and their manpower as well to fight for him in Iraq. At that time the governors of the states refused to interfere—I know because I wrote to the National Governor’s Association and demanded that they resist that presidential order. Of course it was denied because the governor’s back as far as 2003 had already gone over to the dark side. That crime left the American public unprotected.

This situation is precisely why the Militia is an actual and legal alternative to the State National Guards, nationwide. It’s in the constitution, which is another of those “rights” that Barry claims he has the right to nullify, because of all his paper wars that are aimed at murdering 95% of the current population.

Simply put the people need to get to know their local militia members and vice-versa: So that when real problems or attacks materialize, then real solutions are available to defuse these obscene problems before they turn into all out war.

Just Imagine That!


The Nightmare Deepens


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