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The Illusion Of America

By Jim Kirwan


The 'CHAOS' that so many have been seeking is finally here

Soro's is just one of many.

Russia & China Seeking to Dominate Gold Trade

Nation after nation around the planet is beginning to fall into the collateral abyss that goes hand in hand with the the encroaching chaos worldwide: All that is except the USA. Meanwhile the deaf, dumb and blind Amerikans pretend to deny the fact of their 'bleeding-to-death” in-public; while the U.S. pretends again that 'everything is still alright'.

Almost every other nation is in some form of free-fall, but here personal-greed and pretended-power are still hard-at-work trying to stop the inevitable global-collapse. Europe, contrary to their continued 'pronouncements' is already in total chaos. Their people just don't have the arms to defend themselves, or to directly confront the issues ­ while Americans have the guns, but have lacked the testosterone to used them, until now. Part and parcel of America's “exceptionalism' this time, lies in the fact that the American public is armed to the teeth: And American's are going to take up their arms, which will be

well beyond just bloody”.

In Korea, the US fought against an armed and determined population ­ for fifteen years and lost. We dropped more bombs on Vietnam that were dropped in the whole of WWII and despite the fact that we had every technical advantage: we still lost. For the criminal USI to try and subdue the armed and dangerous American public, on their home territory, that's getting more and more angered by the minute, makes no sense at all ­ given the size of this nation, when compared to Vietnam, or Iraq ­ neither of which we were able to ever completely conquer. Three million Vietnamese dead, and that was just the beginning of the war upon the world for USI.

Vietnam Lost Films 4/6 - An Endless War [1968-1969]

42min video

The current predictions that are attempting to paint the survival of the false monetary systems as possible have failed: Once that's realized the poorer we will all be when the end of the charade finally arrives. Millions more will die from the weaknesses they've learned to embrace. The most vulnerable will suffer the most and they will die in much greater numbers than would be the case if 'the collapse' had happened today, as it was supposed to.

This was to have been the end of the U.S. Dollar's political dominance


The instability in the U.S. has been manipulated and has been artificially extending the dollar's collapse—to maximize every last cent that can be stolen before the end arrives. This is being done to allowed the owners to pass on the problems they've created to whatever comes next.

All of the predictions that were made for April19, 2016 have died. If that had been allowed to happen then the entire world would be seeing the collapse of the U.S. Dollar today!

The fact that it did not happen just proves that the entire monetary system is and has always been totally controlled ­ and that China is in this up to here eyes as well, which is why the intentions of the Chinese are also in doubt. What we need to watch for now are negative bets against the Dollar and the Yuan, in much the same way that mysterious-players bet against the airlines on September 10, 2011 as well.

Here we are on April 19, without a-run-on-the-banks, or Martial Law ­ we're not even seeing riots in the streets, because those 'in-charge' are still too afraid to risk any of that right now. Consequently all that Obama,Yellen and Biden, and the Congress, with those at the top; are still trying to hide the realities behind the Fake-selection-process taking place in New York City today.

The goal has been to divert attention from the impending collapse to everything that's being concealed in the U.S. today, by yet another set of rigged elections in New York City.

Given what the Chinese announced two weeks ago, the U.S. Dollar should have begun its collapse into nothingness today. The 'dollar' is still worthless and the world is still facing total collapse. By injecting false-hope in New York, that's being fed by meaningless candidates that will only serve to prolong and intensify the end when it does arrive:

The only change that this will hasten is a much deeper crash than it would be if it had happened right now. The cowards among us will be among the first to die, followed by the fake-leaders of USI, the FED and those in Congress that have all embraced High Treason. No existing 'institutions' or bureaucracies will be spared. Once this crumbling House of Cards begins its final collapse.


The chaos that we've been nurturing since the end of WWII will only deepen as this global-Tsunami envelopes the planet. In the U.S. this could smash every official institution that's supposedly involved in trying 'to control' that which cannot be stopped.

The truth is finally beginning to RISE from the decades of created chaos, that enslaved so many billions around the world—because their lies can no longer be hidden behind the shreds of their once-velvet gloves which kept people from seeing the blood-stained claws of tyranny that's brought us everything that's entrapped this world in global-nightmares.

'Amerika' today is just as dead as Europe is. The only way out is to take down the lying, thieving scum and just start over. People must revive their private dreams for a better and far more vibrant world; but that can't be done unless we first deal with the mega-criminality of the long dead past.

Hell even nature has begun to clean her house. We let the monster's start this, by playing around with the elements of our lives: But it's becoming clear that nature will finally have the last word—because too many of us have chosen not to defend ourselves, much less the planet. This current global imbalance cannot be denied much longer..


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