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Illegal Refugees Must Be Forced To Leave

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - I heard that German politicians are saying that it is 'impossible' to send back or deport the 'migrants.'  There are too many and they 'refuse' to go back.

So, German politicians are hoping that they will go back on their own when civil war is over in their countries.  Yeah, right.  I can just see the black Africans heading back to Somalia, Liberia, etc.  They are going NOWHERE.  Austria is offering to pay the illegals to leave Austria.  So, the taxpayers get hit again.

Thus far, 60% of babies born in the US are black Muslim illegals.  So, they go nowhere. Europe's whites will have to find a country that will take them in. In two or three years the population will be black and the small white population will be paying all the taxes that keep the lazy illegals on welfare.

There needs to be a white country that will take white Europeans.  Maybe Greenland or parts of northern Canada i.e.   Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  

Time has arrived to leave Europe.  I fear that if Trump does not get in, and immigration runs rampant in America, we will have to find a place for whites to live as well.

Germany has made a deal with one hotel chain to rent 10,000 hotel rooms in just that one chain for illegals. at 50 euros a night.  They have deals being made with many more hotel chains to save rooms for the illegal Muslims.  No rooms however are saved for German homeless.  Not one room even though the money is coming from a fund set up for homeless Germans.  Dam shame.

I wonder how Austria is doing with funding illegals to go home.  Any takers?

If we do not send the illegals back soon we will be in the same situation as Europe.  They refuse to go back.  So, the thing to do is stop any payments to illegals who refuse to leave.  Once we have a majority population of illegals America is done. Waiting another year for Obama to leave might be too late. If Cruz or Hillary get in, the border will remain open.

Germany expects at least 4 MILLION MORE BLACK MUSLIMS this spring. The first thing they do is breed their women so that they get anchor babies. So, we need a law on the books to make sure anchor babies are not citizens. If the parents arrived illegally, then any babies born of the illegal entrants are not citizens.  

Send them back!




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