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Illegals Bringing Disease To
School - Our Kids At Serious Risk

By Patricia Doyle PhD

In one of the articles that I wrote at the height of the illegal immigration crisis, I stated that within a few months, these illegal immigrant children would be sitting in classrooms next to American children and could possibly expose our children to illnesses for which Americans have no immunity. Well, that day has arrived.

A new and unidentified respiratory illness has come to Missouri and it is sickening hundreds of kids, and it’s causing trouble throughout the entire state.

At St. Louis Children’s Mercy Hospital has seen more than 300 cases of enterovirus 68 since mid-August. A doctor there says it is. The children have difficulty breathing. Ten to 15 percent of the children are needing intensive care.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital reports that it has seen more than a 100 children with similar symptoms in the past week. St. Louis Children’s hospital, just like Children’s Mercy, is full and is not able to admit anymore patients.

Despite the emerging pandemic, Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, an infectious disease specialist at Children’s Mercy, said samples it sent to the CDC were almost all enterovirus 68, but the CDC refuses implicate the virus as a cause for this latest outbreak. Of course, we would not want to implicate the CDC for turning a blind eye to this emerging crisis. Despite the fact that all of the samples sent to the CDC tested positive for enterovirus 68, the CDC says there is insufficient statistical data to draw any conclusion.

Dr. Jackson says good hand washing, covering your cough and not sending your child to school if he or she appears sick can help control the spread. In other words, there’s no anti-viral medicine for enterovirus 68 and no vaccine. Subsequently, washing their hands is your children’s only defense.
Mysterious Illness Sweeping Through Border Towns

Officials from the CDC have confirmed that they are investigating a mystery illness that has been rapidly emerging in towns and military bases housing these undocumented immigrants. The CDC has outbreak specialists in place who are currently attempting to identify whether the causative agent is bacterial or viral. These illnesses are appearing in communities near where the government housed scores of illegal immigrants in detention centers.

As I predicted late last spring, these outbreaks are among the first of a long line outbreaks we were going to see as a result of unscreened illegal aliens.

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