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If Trump Nukes North Korea Who Will
Be Stuck With The Nuclear Refugees?

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - Perhaps I should say WHEN Trump nukes NK, who gets stuck taking in and supporting nuclear refugees?  

The US gets stuck taking in yet another race of refugees.  These refugees will be here for the long haul.  Once a nuclear war has taken place, much of the land will be unlivable for hundreds if not thousands of years.  One cannot just hose down the roads and rebuild.  Of course, it will be the US who opens their doors to NK and takes their population (those still alive).  The money for their medical care alone could bankrupt the US.  

Mr. Trump should realize that we must stop bombing countries.  Neither will moving entire populations to the US put Americans back to work.  In fact, it will bankrupt Middle Class Americans who are desperately trying to keep up with the ever increasing taxes and the cost of living.

We will also have far too much 'diversity'...too many people living in the US who traditionally do not get along.  Gang activity and gang criminality will be on the increase with Mexican gangs, new Korean gangs, Somali gangs and Muslim gangs.  People who have lived through a nuclear war will have physical, emotional and mental scars and won't be able to adjust to life in a new country.  American culture will be totally foreign to North Koreans.  Are Americans next going to be asked to learn Korean languages and adapt to their culture?

A big question is how well will Muslim and African cultures adapt to North Koreans?  The refugees that were brought here as a result of American wars are not coming to America to assimilate.  They are coming to replace America with their culture.   A hundred years ago, immigrants who came to America came here for freedom and to make a better life for their families.

They came here and wanted to be AMERICAN.  Now, however, we see Muslims coming to the US to take over and kill White Americans and to establish a caliphate under Sharia law because Americans have been bombing their countries i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria.   Africans come here for Welfare and the expense-free lives they will be given.

It would be a big mistake to use nuclear weapons on NK because the radiation will affect not only the Korean peninsula but also affect neighboring countries. Nuclear war in that region could cause mass refugees even some from Japan, China, Philippines and several islands...even the Hawaiian Islands.    

Combine the radiation from Fukushima and add to that radiation caused by nuclear bombs from the US and North and South Korea and we will have a nuclear apocalypse that could even make our West Coast of the US and Canada unlivable.  What country will take refugees from the US?  I guess none…especially if the US refugees are too White.

Mr. Trump better think long and hard on making war with North Korea.  He needs to at least pretend to remember his promises to the American people about 'America First'.   Forget about making war...and try to install maybe just a few of the monumental promises he made to Americans.  

He can start with the complete cessation of taking in any MORE Muslim 'refugees'.  He needs to start deporting the countless hordes of these Christian and America-hating fighting aged men.    He needs to start deporting the Muslims who will not assimilate(all of them) and stop taking Muslims and Africans who believe that rape is completely normal and who think crime is just fine.  It is past time for the refugees and illegals to leave the US and Canada.  SEND THEM HOME, MR. TRUMP.

It is time for Mr Trump to stop being part of the problem and come up with some REAL solutions.  Trump must keep his promises to the American people and stop bombing foreign countries.

If Mr Trump continues to be part, a big part, of the problem then he should resign from the Presidency.  If Mr. Trump really loves America as he claimed during the campaign then he must begin to keep his promises on immigration.  We didn't vote for 'Open borders are NOT ENOUGH'  Ivanka who wants the US to take in some of the hordes of African and muslim rapists destroying Germany.  No, Donald, your Bolshevik, Communist daughter should not influence you to take in a single Africans or Muslim.

You already betrayed us by agreeing to take in those 1250 Australian Muslim and African savage criminals and now, we have Germany wanting to ship some of its muslin monstrosities over HERE.   

Mr. Trump, if you start a nuclear war with North Korea do not expect the American people to take in the refugees that will result from such a war.  There is a limit to the amount of refugees Americans will put up with.

Many of our most productive citizens and taxpayers will leave America find another country to call home, and America will be a country filled with refugees of various ethnic groups and races and people who will never adapt to our culture or way of life.

In short, Western civilization could crumble with more refugees.   Here, again, America is taking in refugees that always have more children than they can support.  They also because of their primitive IQs, have short tempers and do not resolve their problems by thinking or reasoning but rather through rioting, burning and killing.   And, to repeat, the added burden of more un-assimilating refugees will cause many of the most productive Americans to move out of the US in an epic, terminal brain drain.

Donald Trump has shown that he does not have a grasp.  He doesn't even know why the Civil War was fought.  Mr Trump thinks it was fought to free the slaves.   This is totally untrue and ridiculous.  It was fought as a result of the North planning to put a tariff onto English goods coming into the US.  The South did a lot of business with England and felt that if the North put the tariff on English goods, then England would do the same to Southern (and US) goods.  They felt that it was a question of states'
rights.   Mr. Trump's lack of general understanding of American and World History does not inspire me to believe that he is making the right decisions when it comes to prudent choices in foreign affairs.   Mr. Trump has become a war hawk neocon and clearly does NOT have a clear understanding of the consequences of his actions when it comes to threatening to start wars around the globe.

He also does not have a clear understanding of the nuclear equation.   We have radiation from earlier open-air nuclear bomb testing and a dead Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.  He doesn't even know we still have radiation from 3 mile island, Chernobyl, and hundreds of leaking nuclear power plants like Indian Point.   Add to that radiation from a nuclear war and the Northern hemisphere will be hopelessly radioactive.  It is quite possible the radiation could be picked up by the Trade Winds and spread all around the globe.

Mr. Trump has shown that he is an incompetent President and should resign or be replaced immediately...even if that requires another 'election'...