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If Hillary Wins...

By Jim Kirwan


In the current shadows of this evil, there is 'a truth' that will have to be faced
by not just the American public, but by the population of the planet.


Hillary's War Record and the stats that back that up: From her beginnings in Arkansas to Waco, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Haiti (three-times) and Iraq: Then Libya, ending with Syria - all of which was directed by Zionist Jews.

What will Hillary do, if voted into the presidency with that kind of record?


'If Hillary Wins' she will push forward the total disintegration of families and the disarmament of America, that Agenda 2030 now demands.


'If Hillary Wins' she will stack the Supreme Court with LGBTQ robots that will end all relations between the sexes forever ­ not just in every government application, but throughout the entire society.


'If Hillary Wins' she will eliminate all U.S. Borders: Undocumented Aliens and outlaws will flood the North American Continent.


'If Hillary Wins' martial law will be enacted and FEMA Camps will end America!


'If Hillary Wins” she will have done so through voting machine fraud, dead-people and Soros' ownership of voting machines in key states: Along with Media Collusion, the narrative of which has been rigged to favor Clinton at all costs.

'If Hillary Wins' she will use the time from November 8, 2016 until January 20, 2017. the Inauguration - to secure total domination over America.

All that Hillary needs to do is 'Win the Election'!

From that point on the real Shadow Government will take over America and the world.

If Hillary Wins”

'The world will be thrown back

to the time before the wheel was invented.'




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