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Identity Protection Is Criminal

By Jim Kirwan

Identity has been critically important throughout history

But in the cowardly USA, it’s not allowed to be seen.

Americans are not allowed to keep their identities secret,

So WHY are criminals allowed to remain anonymous?

The MEDIA world-wide is involved in the commission of every crime they report: Whenever they block out the faces of the victims or the perpetrators of whichever crime they are supposedly covering.

This World is not Disneyland.

When cops or troops, beat and torture people, their faces all need to be shown, enlarged even, to identify those who have put themselves at risk by doing the crimes they routinely commit. This practice would not be global if the media-world-wide were not at least complicit with the crimes this cowardly act succeeds in covering up. This is what came with “the boob tube” because before that people demanded to see who it was that had done whatever!

In the case of every execution all the faces need to be shown because that is what happened. The way the media portrays the events, they supposedly cover, makes everything look like shots of dead manikins with no faces. No one can ever care about that image.

This is not and has never been “good journalism” this is fake journalism and it’s part of the corporate coverup of those who own the media. This practice is meant to disguise the people who commit the torture, rape and murder and then escape notice by the public because their faces are not shown.

When Goya chose to show the victims of the Spanish Inquisition, in the 1500’s that at least got the attention of the entire world and eventually ended that obscenity ­ at least in practice: The policy of the Catholic Church which ordered the creation of the Inquisition did not however chose to end this practice until 1968!

By the way the faces of all those priests today, that have

Been found guilty of child abuse and more, must also be clearly shown to the public for who they are as well!

All the armed and dangerous people need to have their faces printed with the stories of their crimes in full. In the case of cops, their official badges and ID cards should also be used to taint their organizations, as well as the individuals. If there is no clear shot of these criminals during the commission of their crimes, that’s one thing: But when there is film then it MUST be used and carefully documented, for future reference if nothing else.

All this PC garbage needs to be outlawed when it comes to any crime whether that involves “white-collar-crime, the slaughter of other people or the beheading of anyone. To “report” these crimes without showing the faces of the dead or the killers in this way is to aide in the commission of the crime itself. The coverage of Bosnia and Ukraine both reflect these tendencies.

Media is meant for adults to read and contemplate, it’s not part of a movie or an entertainment that needs to conform to some ridiculously fake public standard—in every case whenever any serious crime is committed: “Privacy” cannot ever be a factor of any kind when the issue is part of a major crime or the death of any individual. That’s why it’s called “NEWS”. Faceless bodies are of no concern to anyone with a brain, just as faceless cops or public officials totally excuse the perpetrators of any taint that real pictures always carry with them.

Any news editor who orders the blocking-out of personal identity of any criminal, government official or military person during the commission of a crime must be summarily fired for collusion with the perpetrators of these crimes.

This filthy government has tried to outlaw the taking of pictures of their brain-dead thugs while they do what they do illegally every day: while routinely breaking every law we had: To cooperate by blocking their faces is to be complicit with whatever crime has been committed: That’s a naked fact which must be terminated because this “practice” is at least as criminal as were the original crimes themselves—in an adult world!

And for “anyone” who is “upset by any of the words above” I have a message for YOU. If you can’t accept the facts of life as they happen in this world each and every minute of every day: Then feel free to stick your head in someone else’s sandbox but stay the hell out of the real world because you’re not qualified to live here!

No one cares about your “oh-so-delicate-sensibilities” any longer; or the possible slurring of any company business or government agency that “might be harmed” because we’re living in the concentration camps which you and those companies helped to create with your “I don’t want to know” excuses for not watching anything that matters!

And for any of those fake politicians out there who might want to debate this topic in public, I’m available…


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