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The Ideal Nuclear Reactor
Purring Along After 40 Yrs

By Ted Twietmeyer


So what is so special about this reactor? It has operated for 40 years in the dark cold of deep space and will continue to function many more years. In 2025 it will still have most the fuel it left Earth with. There are no control rods or people staring at meters on a huge wall. It takes CARE OF ITSELF without the aid of today's computers.

THIS is what great engineering is all about.

Illustration above shows the simplicity of the design. “Si Ge UNICOUPLE” are silicon germanium devices that convert heat from the nuclear reaction into electricity.

Above is the internal structure of the Voyager reactor. Today we have been hearing about the use of Thorium spheres in a “new reactor design” which inherently cannot go into thermal runaway. In the illustration above, we see a similar structure which very effectively keeps the fuel spheres from one another.

Consider how long this device has proven itself by reliably operating without moving parts to generator electricity ­ for the past 40 years.

Why can't this system be scaled up to safely power homes?

Ted Twietmeyer


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