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"I don't care, politically.
I'm doing what's right for the country."

President Donald Trump, January 9, 2018

By Ted Wilson

In the hours leading up to President Donald Trump's remarks from the Oval Office, Tuesday evening, Virginia Dare reader Witan suggested Trump add a video to his presentation.

"Look at that beautiful wall. You paid for it. You know where it's located? Israel. The Democrats, the media, Hollywood, and Wall Street globalists (all) support Israel's wall, to protect Jews from (the) mass immigration of diverse races.

"The only members of Congress who oppose anything Israel wants are the growing ranks of radical Muslims let into (our) country without your consent...

"Israel had a problem with illegal immigration. A small problem, compared to ours. Only 59,000 total immigrants, less than we're getting in a month. They took action. They built a wall, the best in the world. And they deported the illegals back to Africa.

"The Democrats, the media, and the globalists say that we're not allowed to do anything to stop mass immigration, and that it's not alright to be white. But that doesn't apply to the only country they really care about.

"Call your Congressmen and Senators. Ask them why you can't have a wall to protect your country, when they've used YOUR TAX DOLLARS dollars to pay for a wall around Israel."

Predictably, Democrats and media figures were in concert in advance of Trump's border address.

"He'll fill his speech with lies," one said.

"We're a nation of immigrants, and it's the central source of our strength," another declared.

NBC-TV's Mika Brzezinski editorialized that her network bypass the evening altogether, insisting it'd be an exercise in fabrication.

Though Trump would be credited for substance following his nine minutes of remarks, US media was largely derogatory in its appraisal.

"It was little more than a new rendition of a stump speech," Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said.

"A lot of dubious claims," NBC-TV's White House correspondent Hallie Jackson added.

Quickly television cameras switched to a wooden Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and Nancy Pelosi (D-California).

Between the two, they've sat in Congress for 68 cumulative years while never addressing the nation's immigration ills. Now, in 2018, with US newcomers voting almost exclusively for handouts promoted by Democrats, Schumer and Pelosi see no reason to curtail arrivals.

Was their makeup applied by a mortician?

"He's manufacturing a crisis," Pelosi insisted.

Schumer, author of 1986's maligned Diversity Lottery, which delivered terrorists Hesham Hadayet and Sayfullo Saipov, and millions of Third World immigrants to US shores, echoed Pelosi.

"A crisis manufactured," Schumer scowled, "appealing only to fear, not facts."

ABC-TV trotted out Immigration Editor John Cohen to follow Schumer and Pelosi.

"Native-born Americans are far more criminal than those crossing the southern border."

He lied.

Then analyst Justin Fishel repeated the lie.

So that's where we are: This will break one way or another, given time. We are on the cusp of continued runaway immigration, which will leave the United States a shadow of its former self, or Americans can force a stand.

Public opinion can be fickle. Your best move is voice your opinion to the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121, repeatedly, over the coming days.


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