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Hypocrisy & Stolen Powers


By Jim Kirwan


The current cauldron of lies and deceptions compounded by the theft of international law, political affiliations and treason's all round, not to mention global duplicity and the total lack of responsibility for any and all activity; wherever that takes place on the planet—has brought us to this global impasse.

All of this has been going on behind the scenes throughout the world.

RT News - December 09, 2015 (17:00 MSK) 

The first 17 minutes describes the current global situation 

Yet this has already affected every nation and every person, regardless of where you live or what you might think you might still believe in now.

Double-Speak and Political-lies were just the global-kindergarten of the multiple-level prisons that most of us are still living in today—but with the real challenges that are finally being unearthed inside the fake presidential campaign in the long dead Amerika: For the first time in over fifty years Americans are being exposed to the realities that matter, both in front of the public as well as behind and beyond all the scenes that we've bought into for over half a century...

The depth of the hypocrisy of the West is behind all the totally mixed signals that are still swirling around Syria, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia that are supposedly trying to live under international rules of law in this law-less place.

The enemies of civilization are represented by all the various Black Flags of fake religion and pretended government sponsorship, wherever today's battles actually occur. The Nations of Darkness are represented by U.S. Inc. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, and other less familiar forces which are still trying to make themselves heard, like the broken state of Ukraine.

In the middle of this are the unrepresented mercenary-forces that stand for nothing and who are for-sale to the highest bidder: The UN, NATO and all the international organizations that supposedly exist to help humanity but who in the end only join in the plundering, the rape and murder of millions of helpless victims worldwide. These creatures are best represented by the long-dead corpse of Libya that so many nations in the West, once cheered so loudly over: While Libya's deposed leader was sodomized in the streets of what was once the most successful and wealthiest nation in all of Africa.

The Nations of Darkness have moved-on now, trying to forget the scorched earth remains of what was once a civilized nation: Except that “Libya” has never quite died, because that former nation is exactly what the current Darkness seeks to turn the entire planet into—a Global-Libya-Forever—where all the women have either been enslaved, raped or murdered: And all men have either been turned into eunuchs or murdered on the spot before that Ancient Death Machine that's making a comeback from its 1,400 years of desecration and global slaughter...

The Greatest Murder Machine in History

And a new chapter one for this colossal enemy of all mankind is being written, as we speak, inside the European Union that still refuses to report the truth behind their wonderful new policies of openness to every refugee or Muslim warrior that comes to their already overcrowded 'states'. The problem of course is how to tell who is who, until it's too late: The current number of rapes should be telling the world about what's really going on, but those figures are too-negative for the PC Europeans to mention, so the problem will deepen until the streets run red with the blood of victims and perpetrators alike.

In the U.S. the edge of this massive-problem has been exposed by Trump and others to a lawless nation where no one is allowed to speak of anything unpleasant: If they do not wish to go to jail, or worse. But now that the truth is finally beginning to come out, only the truly ignorant will choose to remain in the dark: Because this global-alteration is here and it's about to get a thousand times worse unless the victims begin to defend themselves, while they learn how to deal with this global insurrection against the entire human race...

The first casualties in this war to the death should be all those fake politicians and their fake but lawless countries that have tried to keep the truth of this obscenity a global-secret forever...

The paintings of Hieronymus Bosch mystified the civilized world, because his work attempted to depicted some of the results from that ancient slaughter of the human race. Which world would you rather live in now, this one or his?


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