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Human Beings Often Don't Know Their Potential

By Ted Twietmeyer


If you have watched any of the Olympics or remember similar events, you witnessed incredible physical feats that defy explanation.

But do we realize our full potential in life and use our abilities and talents to the fullest? Probably not for most people. Lord Pye often stated a great observation in his talks: Human beings are the ONLY creatures on our planet that cannot survive without some form of shelter. Think about it all the animals and mammals in the wild have built-in protection to live out in the elements, but we do not!

Not only does this simple fact set us apart from all wildlife on this planet, but there is much more. As adept, smart and agile as monkeys and Chimpanzees are they cannot dive from a diving board, twist, rotate and then hit the water while barely making a splash all in one motion. They cannot run the four minute mile, throw a javelin, shot-put or run a steeple chase like human beings can.

Beyond physical abilities we have many more capabilities. There are science, mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, electronics and numerous other areas human beings excel at like no other creature on Earth. We are truly amazing beings when you stop to think about it. When you learn just a few medical facts, for example that there are 100 million photo-receptors in each eye. Each eye performs a 100:1 data reduction in real-time inside the retina, sending these signals through 1 million nerves to the brain.

This powerful biological image processing perfectly rotates a moving image in the brain to keep it upright at all times whenever we tilt our head, yet it is still far better than HD. When was the last time you saw a 100 megapixel stereoscopic camera? Did you know that where the optic nerve attaches to the retina it forms a blind spot? Yet instead of seeing a hole in our vision, our incredible brain fills in the hole so seamlessly we don't even know it is there.

Did you know each eye switches automatically to black and white vision at night by using rod photo-receptors? Just those facts alone clearly indicate truly incredible biological design and engineering which took place back in the ancient past. This and our other stellar human abilities did not evolve from a puddle of primordial slime. Most of us only use about 10% of our brain capacity. Imagine what we can accomplish by using 20%, 50%, or 100% ?

Most stars on television and in film are only there for one reason: they learned about their abilities at some point in their lives and began to use them. Same holds true for world-renowned physicists, scientists, inventors, engineers and many others. If all these people never developed their abilities and used them to the fullest, they would never have become world renowned. This same potential is in ALL of us, not just a select few.

Often people don't realize their other talents or full potential until later in life. Case in point: The late actor Leonard Nimoy. While an acting star of world renown, later in life he became a very successful businessman. There are countless other people like him around our planet who find out later in life they have other abilities.

Life can end or suddenly be shortened by disease with little or no notice. It makes sense that every day of our lives that we make the very best of our built-in talents and use our abilities to help family and friends - and all those around us to discover their abilities, too.

EVERYONE has talent no matter who they are, but many people live out their entire lives without ever learning what their talents are and never use them. Many people live in poor or terrible conditions, if only they will discover their talents and put their potential to work for them.

Ted Twietmeyer


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