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Human Emotions

By Jim Kirwan


Are the Unmeasured Human Safeguard for Life itself.

Science has been smashing Emotion in the name of Science for Centuries

That's only been the case because people have not valued Emotions.

This began when we tried to strip emotions from 'the law'.

In an attempt to define the difference between “Justice” & “LAW” many mistakes were frequently made. The 'Rules of Law” tend to be determined by 'raw-power'- the legality of which can vary widely. In an effort to mitigate the strictures imposed by the cold dictates of 'the law”:

Human-Emotions were once considered to be the “ literal and necessary-adjustment required” to strike the natural-balance needed between Justice & the Law.

As 'Justice' became “Just-Us” in this place, we have outlawed human-emotions from everything to do with every “law”, which this broken society considers to be “legal”. In brief, human-emotions cannot ever be allowed to enter into any “court of law” or even into any legal proceedings, in the USA. Yet no man, woman or child can genuinely live their lives, without a deep awareness of the full range of emotions that are part of every life on any level.

And now that we no longer have any real laws; it's interesting that we still do NOT allow our emotions to enter into any major decision that any of us might consider to be serious. The latest challenge currently facing humanity is trying to deal with human-emotions in a still different way, mainly by omitting them, especially when it comes to the authenticity of Artificial Intelligence.

When Science & Art worked together each field had an advantage that was gained by having a fully human spectrum to examine each subject, about whatever questions came up. 'Art' had dominated before 'Science' appeared on the global scene, but once they began to work together, major breakthroughs became far more possible than had ever been touched on before.

That's because where Science begins with clear methodologies, that depend strictly on provable facts before each 'next-step' can progress: Art uses intuition and insight to move “inventions” forward in creative leaps that can sometimes bring real innovations, despite the fact that to be successful both art & science are needed 'to succeed.'

In today's world 'art' has been destroyed and science alone now supposedly rules the current world of invention and creativity—all of which is now owned and operated by the military, the sold-out university research programers and the defense departments of the planet. The giant leaps of innovation created by the Tesla's of the old world have mostly vanished.

In this “rush to succeed” human-experience and human emotions have been banned from the decision making, in the most recent breakthroughs regarding A.I.

Some of all of this comes up, somewhat, in this fascinating interview that delves into some of the most interesting

questions regarding the new technology, but with few of the real challenges.

Challenges that still are in need of basic answers;

Such as “who decides what to include and what to exclude

from everything to do with the true extent of real control over A.I.

Jeff Rense & RomanYampolsky - The Progression of Artificial Intelligence

21min, 25sec VIDEO

What makes all of this both so interesting and potentially so dangerous is the fact that with these 'new inventions' and the robotics they continue to produce—how will all our lives be forever changed: The real question is, will 'what's coming' be for the better or just for more power, more profits and quite possibly far more war?


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