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Human Gene Pool Has Been Permanently Harmed
By Aspartame Mitochondrial Sperm Damage

Decades of Multinational Aspartame Exposure; Epidemiology at work

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Dr. James Bowen And Stephen Fox
Exclusive To Rense

Fertility specialists around the world are now aware that since the advent of aspartame for human consumption that human and only human sperm quality is precipitously falling. Animal's sperm quality has not been so affected even though the human has been given the "worst of everything" including aspartame and preservatives which animals get little of, if any.  A preservative by definition has to kill everything of a microscopic nature that moves, reproduces or has a metabolism; otherwise it couldn't "preserve" things. 

The chemical sensitivity engendered by NutraSweet makes the damage from toxins like preservatives, perfumes, etc. millions of times worse, i.e. the Persian Gulf Syndrome. The other factors known to damage sperm quality in humans are tobacco smoking and heavy metal poisoning. 

The major sperm damaging agents in tobacco smoking just happen to be the same as a couple of the major toxins from NutraSweet - methyl alcohol and formaldehyde.  A pat up-front reason that aspartame was kept off the market for forty years after it was developed as a chemical warfare agent in “Operation Paper Clip" was that it was a patent chelating agent of toxic heavy metals, and if a Nutra-sweetened drink was ever poured into a metal or ceramic container before consumption it would chelate the toxic heavy metals from the container and, in chelated form, they would be directly absorbed by the body. Aluminum is an example. 

The human body will not absorb dietary aluminum but if chelated it slips right into the body. Billions of aluminum cans of Nutra Sweetened pop are now being consumed annually and the establishment is peremptorily destroying any scientist who tries to even measure the amount of chelated aluminum coming out of the can into the human body or speak out about it. 

Little surprise that human spermatozoa are on the wane.  85% of human spermatozoa now produced are genetically damaged.  They are sluggish, lack motility and are fragmented, damaged DNA which scientists attribute to chemical and free radicals; and the exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the many appliances with which humans surround themselves.  This poor quality of spermatozoa not only yields male infertility but does not bode well for the progeny of such sperm which makes procedures such as in vitro fertilization of questionable value because the only protective factor that was tended to, thus far, lessens damage to progeny is the sperm race to the first sperm to get to the ovum and fertilize it. 

The rest of this article  will dwell largely on how the genetically damaged sperm are damaged in their fertility and ability to win the race to the egg and fertilize it, and will include as illustrations other relevant medical problems and medical science related to aspartame and its congeners.  

(Just an aside  - don't use sucralose or Splenda it's a biochemical analog of DDT that isn't even legal to allow into the environment and could hardly be conceived to be any less damaging to fertility than aspartame. Sugar - sucrose is the safest sweetener, and if you think you must have low calorie sweetener, saccharin or Stevia would be the safest although no calorie reduced sweeteners are truly safe because all non-nutritive sweeteners must be neuroexcitotoxins.   They must stimulate and damage those specialized nerve cells in the tongue to report sugar in the food when none is there. Anything that so severely damages normal neurologic functioning really doesn't belong in your diet...  "Just Like Sugar" is safe because it's made organically. 

Now that aspartame has chemically hyper sensitized a large part of our population, even saccharin and Stevia can and do sometimes cause severe problems, so the only truly safe course is to stay away from all artificial sweeteners.

If something sounds "too good to be true," it not only is not true but as in the case, NutraSweet, is a cover for very dangerous lies. "High tech" does not carry any guarantee whatsoever of safety, and the time has come that your health demands that you seek out organically grown, preservative-free and additive-free food to protect your body.

By the way, "natural flavorings" on a food ingredient label merely means that it is not natural and they are not going to tell you what the name of the chemical or additive is! The end result is that dumb animals who cannot read labels have healthy sperm while "smart"  human beings have rapidly declining sperm quality and their offspring are now experiencing childhood brain cancers and leukemia as well as testicular cancers in their youth (just to mention a few of the exemplary damages to the progeny of damaged sperm).

Not only does Aspartame toxicity in addition to all its many other congeners (minor chemical constituents, especially ones that gives a distinctive character to a wine or liquor or is responsible for some of its physiological effects) produce the same tissue damages that electromagnetic radiation does.

However, the U.S. government, under prompting of the utilities industry, set up the U.S. electrical grid on a sixty cycle per second system which exposes us  in the U.S. to about 16 times as much electromagnetic radiation than is produced by the far safer fifty cycles per second system as are used in most developed countries. That is just the basic math of the emissions of EMR as the cycle rate of AC conducted electricity is increased. This additive EMR effect, of course, makes aspartame toxicity even more severe in the U.S.A., but, as I will elaborate, Aspartame is bad for everyone everywhere!

My previous article on DORway ("Aspartame is Genocide") describes the several well identified and distinct tasks that human spermatozoa have to excel at if they are to have any chance to win the race to the egg and fertilize it.  ( data are now on because the site was hacked because of its factual info on aspartame.  Dave Rietz started the web site, and later died from aspartame.) 

The remarkable increase in spermatic dysfunction since the release of Aspartame for human consumption should come as no surprise in light of the known toxicities of Aspartame, it's components  and its congeners (congeners  = all the problematic compounds, reactions and problems that aspartame afflicts on the human organism from the time it is produced and on worlds ad infinitum). 

As mentioned above, Aspartame damages spermatozoa through many toxic mechanisms.   I will further elaborate on two that are common to the most aspartame epidemics:   DNA damage especially Mt DNA (Mitochondrial DNA), causing a resulting persistent spermatic mitochondrial dysfunction and immunologic damage with hypersensitivity/ autoimmunity from formaldehyde induced adjuvency /antigenicity, which results in the production of anti-sperm antibodies.

Anti-sperm antibodies are a fairly common fertility problem ever precious to and in the absence of Aspartame because the spermatozoa are anti-genetically distinct from the male who produces them. The spermatozoa is a haploid having only half of each pair of chromosomes from the male progenitor which then are, in the case of each chromosome, either from the father or mother on a random basis.  Thus, the antigens produced are different and distinct from those of the progenitor.

Anything that calls this genetic difference to the attention of the immune system is likely to endanger the production of anti-sperm antibodies. One example is vasectomy, which often endangers anti-sperm antibodies because the sperm are impacted in the male genital system. Wives often become sensitized to their husbands' sperm and the couple thereby rendered infertile. Aspartame's well-known tendency to produce autoimmunity and hypersensitivity could only anticipate such an immune attack on the spermatozoa and afterwards in the female. The production of denatured protein by the endogenous "nascent"  formaldehyde from the obligatory  metabolism of methanol makes the aspartame derived nascent formaldehyde far more potent an adjuvant  than the exogenous, such as is commonly used as an adjuvant in vaccines to make them rapidly and patently immunosensitizing.    Because the generation of nascent formaldehyde occurs in the cell and inside the mitochondrion, the individual subcellular structures such as the mitochondria are likely to become discrete targets of the ensuing immune holocaust.

Anti-nuclear antibodies, ANA, as in Lupus erythematosus, etc., were one of the first to be recognized, and discussed previously in my articles.   Anti-mitochondrial antibody hepatitis appeared on the medical scene with the advent of NutraSweet. Fatty degeneration of the liver was renamed "steatohepatitis." Cirrhosis of the liver long noted to follow is typically an anti-mitochondrial antibody phenomenon.

This does not bode well for the 3% of our young people who now have steatohepatitis, thanks to Aspartame. The mitochondria suffer more extensive damage from the methanol/formaldehyde/formic acid/formate toxic axis than other structures because the mitochondria are the minute "furnaces" in the cell that  much like a furnace in a house, function to protect the cell from the processes of combustion which otherwise would destroy the cell. The mitochondria within their own confines carry out two intensely dangerous steps in the metabolic oxidation process essential to the production of cellular energy which would and do destroy the cell if they escape the confines  of the mitochondria and which if not have properly because of mitochondrial damage or metabolic insult result in the production of dangerous super oxide free radicals that damage the mitochondria, the DNA, and the cell.

The first of these is to break down fat into radicals that can be safely and completely broken down for energy by processes such as the one called beta oxidation.  The second is to harmonize and perform the safe oxidation of these and other substrates via agencies such as the citric and cycle which yields manageable forms of energy such as that buffered with phosphate in ATP that the rest of the cell can then safely utilize (a bit like your stove safely burning gas to cook your food to make it safe and digestible). When the mitochondrion or its DNA is damaged, the cell is functionally impaired and endangered by the metabolic processes and the production of free radicals. If the mitochondria break down and release their enzymes and substrates into the cell it is doomed, just as a house would be doomed if the gas from the stove were allowed to leak into the house and then ignited by a defective stove. If the mitochondrial DNA function is impaired or the mitochondria damaged by free radicals  the result is a vicious circle and the production of even more  super oxide  free radicals.  Since on a per mass basis, the mitochondria produce at least five times as much nascent formaldehyde than the cyta al  of the cell, the formaldehyde and formate damage is far more concentrated in the mitochondria. This correlates with the epidemic of mitochondrial related degenerative diseases that are epidemic from aspartame use such as cardiomyopathy, cirrhosis of the liver, premature graying, diabetes, etc.

The Net DNA is located within the mitochondria where large amounts of nascent formaldehyde are formed while the nuclear DNA is inside the nucleus where no methanol is metabolized to formaldehyde. The mitochondrial DNA, moreover, lacks the protective and repair mechanisms afforded the nuclear DNA. The only repair processes for mt DNA cross linked by formaldehyde or fragmented by formate are excisional; simply deleting entire segments that have damaged areas.  This makes the net damage to mitochondrial DNA thousands of times greater than that to nuclear DNA from aspartame poisoning and it makes mt DNA damage highly cumulative.

Ultimately, virtually the whole aging process with all of its associated changes, results from cumulative damage to mt DNA. It is also passed on to subsequent generations of sperm and ova in a random distribution through the maternal line which explains why some pregnancy losses are due to "blighted ova" or "blighted" embryos, and why various children of mothers who carry large loads of damaged mt DNA are blighted in a random manner some having pervasive developmental disorders such as autism while others may have myopathies or obesity/ energy deficient syndromes, premature graying, progeria, etc. NutraSweet is a cumulative poison in every sense of the word.

Regarding the immunologic damage: another - the accumulation of Aspartame congeners bound to tissue components another. Other by processes that yield cumulative damage are the ongoing destruction of tissues that are not replaceable such as the neurons and the production of physical barriers   to regeneration such as the Alzheimer's plague (dealt with in numerous articles)  and the progression of steatohepatitis to cryptic cirrhosis because of scarring and inflammation around the hepatic ducts in these young people which leaves no place for properly hepatocytes to regenerate and function properly leading to a vicious circle of more chemical damages and more inflammation and scarring and more tissue disruption ... . Another example of cumulative toxicity from Aspartame which can be only made worse  by ingesting preservatives, food additives, agricultural chemicals and exposure to perfumes and environmental chemicals.

The spermatozoa produced by the aspartame consumer inherit on a random basis from their progenitor varying amounts of damaged mitochondria which in turn have their DNA damaged in different segments and to varying extents making the sperm damage that results quite pleomorphic in manifestation.

A spermatozoon receives only about twenty mitochondria as compared to about 100,000 in the ovum which leads to great randomness of expression, rather lessening the averaging effect. So if  as is now common, only 15% leave vigorous motility. The greatly excessive numbers of spermatozoa may allow for a few to make a good attempt at fertilization; thus, is probably why aging fathers seem to pass on only their merits and not their defects to their offspring as is quite the converse for the female. So far as the individual spermatozoa  is concerned there is no margin for error. If only a few of the twenty mitochondria are defective, the spermatozoa will have little chance of spontaneously fertilizing an ovum. The spermatic mitochondria exists only to provide the energy to wag the tail, propel the sperm and energize it to enter the ovum. At that point, if not already destroyed  in the "go for broke" effort, they are destroyed by the ovum, not being allowed to contribute anything to the net DNA content of the embryo. [Who says it's a man's world?]

Is it any wonder that many  men are now showing rates  of sperm motility   as low as 15%?  The other 85% of spermatozoa already have so much damaged mt DNA that they can't even wiggle.

The poisonous sequence resulting of the metabolism of methanol does not end with the cross linking and plasticizing  of tissue components by formaldehyde. DNA and to an even greater extent RNA is damaged  by this cross linking  and is not able to replicate or take and give information  until repaired. The next toxic  step is the metabolism of formaldehyde to formic  acid which then reaches a buffered equilibrium with formate in the body.  Formate  [fire ant sting venom], is an even more potent mitochondrial DNA poison leading to fragmentation of the DNA and the mitochondria it is contained in and subsequently then the breakdown and loss of the cell. This "blister agent" poison is so severe a hypersensitization   agent that sensitized adult humans have died from the sting of a single fire ant only 1/8" long and weighing only a milligram or two; this is illustrative of the sensitization potential of Aspartame. The formic acid, as well as its toxic cousins, fluoride and cyanide, and its fellow chemical warfare agent, nitrogen mustard, are called "blister agents" because they kill the cells leaving only "blisters" of dead tissue. Fluoride  and cyanide share a common toxic mechanism with formate.  All three block the action of the enzyme, "cytochrome oxidase,” thus preventing the mitochondria from utilizing oxygen, a bit like carbon monoxide blocking the entrance and absorption of oxygen into the red cell, thus eventually suffocating the body. 

Incidentally, aspartame also blocks the entrance of oxygen into the red cell through three mechanisms.  One, endogenous carbon monoxide is formed  during  the metabolism of formate.   Secondly, the hemoglobin is denatured by meth hemoglobinemia, and thirdly the basic cyta chrome oxidase-like structure is also present in the "heme" of hemoglobin. 

Back to the mitochondria: since the action of the enzyme, cytochrome oxidase is blocked, only the very partial anaerobic metabolism of fats and carbohydrates is possible "glycolysis" breaks down the carbohydrates to lactic acid.  "Beta oxidation" breaks down the fats to keto acids and these  doses  are additive to the acidosis from the formic acid/formate. 

Not only is the sperm damaged due to the mt DNA damage permanent, persistent and cumulative because it is perpetuated in the DNA, but also because of the immunological hypersensitivities, the anti-sperm immunologic attack is likely to return at any time, because the chemical hypersensitivity engendered by aspartame will flare it up, on exposure to a large array of chemicals this creating yet another chronicity of life long duration.

How cruel, that the perfume the lady uses could perpetuate her infertility. Cosmetics commonly use over 400 chemicals that are carcinogens and over 2500 that are known toxins;  all of which are absorbed through the skin and upon inhalation. These toxins flare up the hyper immune reaction from aspartame.  What the aspartame experience so vividly portrays here is that the cosmetics industry probably wouldn't be any better if the government made a pretense of regulating it, as the FDA does for food additives, and that we simply do not live in the same world that we did before we were exposed to aspartame.  Not being able to rely on the government, nor corporate integrity, we must listen carefully to our bodies and carefully scrutinize what we put upon them or into them and the environment in which we place ourselves or find  ourselves.

An interesting example of how aspartame sensitivity can produce atypical and perpetuations of disease syndromes is presented in my previous article on Lyme Disease.   Another extremely informative article is "Emerging Facts About Aspartame" by Dr. J. Brua and Dr. A. Bal -  "Journal of the Diabetic Association of India," 1995 Vol. 35, No. 4.

The excellent net site, deals very graphically and factually with the Aspartame problem.  Mark Gold breaks it down into simple, straightforward scientific evidence.

Dr. Hyman Roberts released a comprehensive and factual textbook on the aspartame problem that my friends find both extremely helpful and interesting.  ("Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" - ") 

There is also "While Science Sleeps:  A Sweetener Kills",   by Dr. Woodrow Monte, and "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, www.russellblaylockmd,com

James Bowen, M.D.


Who is Dr. James Bowen?

For 28 years I've alerted the world that aspartame is a chemical poison for no reason except to save lives.  Chapters in 45 countries also work free. I've worked with the true experts on aspartame and in my eyes they are all extraordinary heroes who have given up much to save others.  Dr. Bowen is more than a hero.  His sister said he was a chemical genius at age 9.  He is a biochemist as well as a physician and surgeon. 

The first time I met him in Oregon, he drove me around to show me what aspartame had cost him.  He had drunk Diet Kool-Aid in the desert just after aspartame was approved in 1981 through the  political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld.  He said if he had seen the formula he never would have touched it.  After drinking a great deal of this drink, in short order, he developed ALS,  Lou Gehrig's , a horrible disease.  As he slurred his words from the free methyl alcohol in aspartame, he was put in a mental hospital because he was thought to be on alcohol or drugs. But off of aspartame, the slurring went away; he became normal again and found out what aspartame can do as it destroys the body.

As we drove around he pointed to a beautiful home with a fruit orchard.  It looked like paradise.  He said, "That was my home I lost to aspartame."  Further away he pointed out a clinic.  He said, "that is where I worked, in my clinic that I lost because I exposed aspartame.” Dr. Bowen could not be silenced as he tried to help people from all walks of life. They took away his license, only because he told the people the truth, that aspartame is poison.  Even without a job or a place to live he kept warning.  He wrote a letter to the FDA telling them they were mass poisoning the public.  The agent from the FDA was upset over the letter and he insisted she take 29 more cases of aspartame poisoning back to the FDA.

To read his letter: it is at the bottom of his note to New Mexico State
Senator Ortiz y Pino when New Mexico's legislature seriously considered
banning aspartame, an effort which was overwhelmed by all of the seditious corporate-serving lobbyists imaginable: senator_goyp_concerning_ aspartame.htm

Everywhere Dr. Bowen went, he alerted the public and nobody could quiet him.  So he was put in prison with no charges.  He has no criminal record because there were no charges.  It took him 3 years to get out.    A mole in the FDA gave him some of the original studies showing they knew how poisonous aspartame is.  He said someone broke in and stole all those records.

He almost died from the cancer aspartame gave him.  Using herbs at least cured that.  He sent me this handwritten article above even from his bedside to save more of the public.  His entire life, or what he has left of it, has been focused on preventing more victims of aspartame poisoning.

Don't leave it to somebody else.  Save a life.   Do your part to warn andplay it forward. You can see Dr. Bowen in "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" on YouTube. v=ZI7_8FDzuJE


In conclusion, take the time please to also read Dr. Bowen's excellent treatise from 2005, THE LETHAL SCIENCE OF SPLENDA, A POISONOUS CHLOROCARBON chlorocarbon.htm


"Splenda/sucralose is simply chlorinated sugar; a chlorocarbon. Common chlorocarbons include carbon tetrachloride, trichlorethelene and methylene chloride, all deadly. Chlorine is nature's Doberman attack dog, a highly excitable, ferocious atomic element employed as a biocide in bleach, disinfectants, insecticide, WWI poison gas and hydrochloric acid.

"Sucralose is a molecule of sugar chemically manipulated to surrender three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) and replace them with three chlorine atoms. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms. When turned into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the family of Chlorodane, Lindane and DDT.

"Unlike sodium chloride, chlorocarbons are never nutritionally compatible with our metabolic processes and are wholly incompatible with normal human metabolic functioning. When chlorine is chemically reacted into carbon-structured organic compounds to make chlorocarbons, the carbon and chlorine atoms bind to each other by mutually sharing electrons in their outer shells. This arrangement adversely affects human metabolism because our mitochondrial and cellular enzyme systems are designed to completely utilize organic molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and other compatible nutritional elements.

"By this process chlorocarbons such as sucralose deliver chlorine directly into our cells through normal metabolization. This makes them effective insecticides and preservatives. Preservatives must kill anything alive to prevent bacterial decomposition."