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Huge Coverup Of Govt Officials And
Attempted Murders In Maine

From Charlotte Iserbyt
Exclusive To

Sent To State Senator Elise Vitelli...

Why did I never get a response from you who supposedly represents me? Your office told me a couple of days after  my son's and my testimony in opposition to nomination of former Portland Police Sauschuck as Maine's  Commissioner of Public Safety that you were on vacation or something and would get back to me.   I called again and left a message, but no response.

My son who barely escaped death in second murder attempt, arranged by former Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck, testified at that hearing and wasn't allowed to play the audio tape (click on link below  US and Maine Constitutions Dead in Maine) for the committee which contains patrolman saying during first unsuccessful attempt "if he had moved, I would have popped him (Sam) in the head."  This audio was given to Sam by mistake by DA's office.  He responded "you have fascist rules" and the Chairwoman threw him, a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of Gulf War I,  out of the building.

Is this America?  What happened to the Maine and US Constitutions?

Please click on following link  for proof of Police Commissioner of Public Safety involvement in two attempted murders of my son and my testimony against approval of Sauschuck.  Be sure to click on audio link under bloody jeans to hear plan to kill my son.

U.S. & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine

Light on Conspiracies Ole Dammegard's (Prague Peace Prize) website in Europe which carried the following:

https://lightonconspiracies. com/charlotte-thomson-iserbyt- testimony-in-opposition-to- nomination-of-former-portland- police-chief-michael- sauschuck-to-be-maines- commissioner-of-public-safety- and-criminal-justice/
I am disgusted that no one cares about State of Maine being run by criminals (people involved in murder attempts, cases being sealed, eye witness testimony being discarded (never used).)  Are you not interested in what I am talking about?
You are meant to represent me.  Do you?   If not me, who?  Even if you think it's OK for Maine Government to plan murders of innocent people, you still have an obligation as my elected official, to talk to me. 

If I don't have a face to face meeting with you, I will work to see that you are never re-elected to represent people in our district.
Please call me immediately.
Thank you.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt 519 River Road, Dresden, Maine 04342 207-737-4730

Former Senior Policy Advisor U.S. Department of Education
http://www.americandeception. com

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