` History Determined The Endgame We Created
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History Determined
The Endgame We Created

By JIm Kirwan


This is the history that we allowed to be created. This is what we have never really escaped from. To end this, the public needs to clearly understand what brought us all to this point. In this 22 minute video, the entire nightmare of today is made crystal clear. (1)

Add to this the ‘new generation’ who have totally ignored every warning sign, every possible danger

The reason that people might appear to think that this insanity can really happen now becomes clearer when you listen to what our young have become, according to Michael Moore:

I’m not as depressed as you are because all the polls show: The next generation coming up ­ they don’t agree with any of this nonsense. They don’t want to own guns; they’re not selling any guns to young people. They’re not bigots they’re not haters. Eighty-one percent of young adults support gay-marriage ­ they support legalization ­ less religion ­ I mean Bill it’s gonna get better.”

The “young people” in Amerika have no experience of life or reality. In their world there are only parties, shopping opportunities, games and cell phones, sex and drugs and the only thing that matters to them is their next experience which makes them feel alive. There is nothing in their lives that has any meaning beyond their own immediate desires—so of course they see no need to defend themselves from an outlaw government. The current regime has done its job well!

It is only the rest of us that still think about a future of any kind that will have difficulties. The truth is that no nation can survive once an open-season is declared by the young and the mindless that are only going along for the ride. That is why we are where we are as a nation that has lost its next generation to the depravity of total self-absorbsion.” (2)

If left unchecked, this will kill us and it’s already begun.

Obfuscation of DHS’ Original Charter

Incredibly, DHS says that other agencies can deal with what once was the omnipresent and all-encompassing threat of terrorism that was initially used to justify DHS’s creation, powers and huge budget. The report went on to say that

There are enough agencies pursuing the terrorist adversary to allow DHS to build a new analytic foundation that emphasizes data, analytic questions, and customer groups that are not the focus for other agencies…”

Subsequently, the real purpose behind the creation of this domestic East German Stasi secret police was to monitor and control the American population. Unfortunately, DHS has shared its high tech toys with most local police departments and Sheriff’s Departments and has, as a result, co-opted their local function. In other words, the federalization of local police forces, in violation of the 10th Amendment, is well underway. The early returns on this process are in and the results are extremely ugly. (3)

If we begin with the actual history of this “country’ (footnote one) and follow the path we created in the wider world: Then everything we are becomes Crystal Clear, even to the most casual observer…



1) Let Your Life be a Friction to Stop the Machine ­ 22 min video


2) Endgame in Virtual Reality


3) DHS Training Local Police to Enforce Martial Law






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