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Forged The Trump-Russia Dossier

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


Quote of the Year - “To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country.”
-          Eric Holder (@EricHolder) June 30, 2017

That shameless hypocritical tweet is proof of Shakespeare’s observation that “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek” (from The Merchant of Venice)

Holder-Lynch loyalists at DOJ and the FBI have rallied to the traitorous battle cry, waving the pocketbook constitution like a demented Khizr “Kaiser” Khan. What utter fools to pervert justice and think they won’t be caught in lie after lie! This “trahison de clerks”, or treason of bureaucrats and lawyers, led to the grotesque forgery known as the Trump-Russia Dossier.
To the shock and dismay of those crooked bureaucrats, the credibility of the Trump-Russia Dossier is collapsing now that the House Intelligence Committee has disclosed that veteran Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Genesoke Ohr was in secret contact with the report’s British author Christopher Steele. It’s also surfaced that his colleague-wife Nellie Hauke Ohr, a CIA analyst, worked for months prior to the presidential election on salary at Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm hired for the faked report on Trump’s alleged Russian connections, a hit job paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), although the source of funding was likely a secret slush fund in the Clinton Foundation.
Here, the relationships between the members of the dossier team are laid out in chronological order (despite numerous missing links due to their bureaucratic secrecy). The conspirators are  frequently referred to as spies, operatives, agents and traitors due to willful violation of their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution, as required of management-level personnel at the CIA, FBI and DOJ. Of course, these treacherous government bureaucrats did not act on their own but are minions of the Democratic Party leadership and its organized-crime benefactors.
Moscow Mules
The Ohrs’ relationship with the retired MI-6 spy Christopher Steele, the supposed author of the Russia Dossier, began at least than three years ago, long before Trump contemplated a presidential bid and in all likelihood much earlier during the FIFA soccer investigation.
In his role as Assistant Deputy Director at DOJ, Bruce Ohr met Steele in Russia in mid-May 2013 at the third St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The Korean-American Ohr presented a paper titled “Criminal Matters and Allegations of Crimes in International Arbitration”, a choice of topic timed to undermine Russian counter-claims in the Magnitsky affair. In hindsight it’s ironic that his lecture synopsis included an apt description of the yet to-be drafted Russia Dossier: “a party (in a dispute) may introduce false testimony or forged documents.”
At the time of that annual conference sponsored by the Russian Federation’s Justice Ministry, the Kremlin was locked in a controversy over U.S. congressional retaliation for the 2009 prison death of Russian-Jewish accountant Sergei Magnitsky. As auditor for Hermitage Capital, co-owned by British-American financier Bill Browder, Magnitsky was investigating dozens of Russian tycoons allied with President Vladimir Putin as to their links with organized crime figures. Who paid for this monumental survey remains unclear, although a likely conduit of funding was the MI-6 team in Moscow, which had been led until his retirement by agent Chris Steel.
Federal attorney Bruce Ohr was then chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, which had a keen interest in shady “businessmen” who were moving their capital holdings into American financial institutions and the U.S. real-estate market with the intent of money laundering. Surveillance of transnational drug-trafficking was also part of his role as head of DOJ’s international drug-trafficking investigations. (His cyber-surveillance network would later focus, outside of its authority, on the activities of Trump adviser Carter Page in Russia and Croatia.)
Agent Steele was in attendance at St. Petersburg due to the fact that a Russian Interior Ministry official had filed a lawsuit in London against Hermitage Capital. This Russian attempt at legal judo in a British court was prompting the UK Foreign Office to patch up diplomatic relations with Moscow and depoliticize crime issues. With the Magnitsky affair gradually simmering down, the next target for Anglo-American intelligence cooperation was the upcoming Moscow and St. Petersburg event-planning visit, scheduled for just a month later, by Miss Universe impresario Donald Trump.
Under the Church Committee rules, U.S. intelligence agencies are banned from spying on American citizens abroad, and therefore the private-eye surveillance by Steele, a Briton, was negotiated to keep watch for possible Russian mafia involvement in the high-profile beauty contest. As it turned out, Miss Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2013, meaning Ohr had wasted a lot of American taxpayer money on a wild goose chase. That dated information from 2013 was recycled three years later into the Russia Dossier.
Orbis London
As part of Five Eyes intelligence cooperation between Anglo-Saxon countries, the DOJ/FBI cooperates with the UK Ministry of Justice (MOJ) during investigations within the Commonwealth and the EU, much like the fictional partnership of the CIA’s Felix Leiter and James Bond. Not much earlier, in 2006, Steele served as head of the MI-6 Russia desk. On his retirement from government service in 2009, he co-founded a for-hire investigative firm called Orbis Business Intelligence, which produced a series of 100 reports on the Ukraine-Russia crisis, which erupted in 2014, on contract with the U.S. State Department. In other words, the main author of the Trump-Russia Dossier had a lucrative contract under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before her presidential campaign.
There is a strong possibility that Bruce Ohr met Steele as early as 2010. The FBI, which in international operations is synonymous with DOJ, traveled to London for a briefing by Orbis on the Sepp Blatter corruption scandal at FIFA. The Feds were interested in the role of organized crime in match-fixing as related to worldwide online gambling. The score-rigging was allegedly arranged by a Singaporean syndicate and Malaysian-Macanese gambling boss Paul Phua, who was later entrapped by a joint CIA-DOJ/FBI sting operation at the Las Vegas Sands. As chief of the DOJ international organized crime bureau, Bruce Ohr likely attended the London briefing, where he would have been first introduced to veteran spy Christopher Steele.
Married to the CIA
Before proceeding, mention must be given to Nellie Hauke Ohr’s role as a CIA analyst. Bruce Ohr shares his “room with a view” at the Robert F. Kennedy Building, the DOJ headquarters, with his wife Nellie, which indicates that the married couple are part of a high-level inter-agency intelligence team.
Ohr’s office is on the executive 4th floor, just four doors down from the suite of then Deputy Director Sally Quillian Yates, and since late April her replacement Rod Rosenstein. A virtual unknown to the press and public, the low-visibility Ohr served as the assistant to Rosenstein, following the latter’s transfer from the Maryland DOJ office, showing the newcomer the ropes and keeping watch on him on behalf of Yates, Loretta Lynch, Holder and, ultimately, Barack Obama and the Clintons. Ohr, in short, is a partisan watchdog for the Democratic establishment, who’s shown absolutely no respect for the Constitution.
The role of the Ohrs in joint operations and surveillance reveals how the CIA (whose charter forbids spying inside the borders) has operated a secret system of control over domestic law enforcement and, through it, the judicial branch. There are only five stories inside the RFK Building, the topmost housing the draconian tribunal known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). Since these are the same ilk of insiders behind the series of unjustifiable wars, the 911 sabotage and assassination of the Kennedys, the building’s name is a warning to anyone who dares contemplate a challenge to the hidden alliance of organized crime, politicians and federal agents. The elimination of this cabal cannot be done piecemeal; they all must be knocked in a single sweep, as discussed below.
The Ohrs are two operatives inside the very heart of a system of perpetual treason, far more dangerous to the principles of American democracy that the Rosenbergs who got the electric chair for much-lesser crimes. After examining their role in producing the dossier, this essay will go up the leadership ladder to identify their superiors.
Out of Africa
Espionage is a family tradition for Nellie Ohr, much as his maternal lineage has been for Barack Obama among the CIA’s Dunham clan of Honolulu. Her mother Kathleen Armstrong Hauke was a Cold War liberal and promoter of racial integration in Atlanta, where she wrote biographies of pioneering leftist black journalist Ted Poston. Later in the late 1980s, Kathleen taught English in Nairobi, Kenya (two decades after Ann Dunham met her paramour Barack Obama Sr. in Kenya while on CIA assignment) Race-mixing was not solely an individual choice in that era, not when the CIA actively promoted interracial marriages in competition against the Soviet Union’s propaganda of racial equality. The American South and Africa were two battlegrounds where mixed-blood youths, like Barack Obama Jr., were groomed as leaders by either side of the Cold War.
The 2004 obituary of Kathleen Hauke mentioned that her daughter Nellie was a resident of McLean, Virginia the (township of the Langley neighborhood location of CIA headquarters). Fluent in the Russian language and Russophile, Nellie Hauke Ohr recently applied for a ham radio license, probably to maintain communications (external to hack-vulnerable cyberspace) with her anti-Putin contacts in Russia funded by the CIA and Soros. This apparently is in anticipation of Trump’s cut-off of US funding for those clandestine subversive operations.
Shortwave radio hearkens back to the late Cold War era, when Nellie would have monitored Russian signals for the CIA. Since that Stone Age for telecommunications, Nellie Ohr became part of the CIA cyber-intelligence program known as Open Source Works (OSW), discussed below, which explains her intelligence role inside Fusion GPS, the private investigation group that hired Orbis and Christopher Steele to draft the Trump-Russia Dossier.
What a tangled web they weave! The Ohr-Steele encounter in St. Petersburg turned out to be the very seed from which sprang the Trump-Russia Dossier, in a handshake between the DOJ/FBI and MI-6. Just a month later, in June 2013, Donald Trump arrived with his advance team to make the arrangements for the Miss Universe pageant, scheduled for November 2013 at the Crocus hall in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk.
Plausible Deniability of Authorship
Fusion GPS, the private investigation firm led by three former Wall Street Journal reporters, was hired by two different clients to go after Trump:
-          First, in late 2015, the Washington Free Beacon, owned by conservative financier and LGBT supporter Paul Singer commissioned a probe of Trump to bolster the candidacy of Marco Rubio (who has since been outed with allegations of his gay nightlife), but this early stab at Trump did not involve Russia;
-          Next in mid-2016, the Seattle law firm Perkins Coie, representing the Hillary Clinton Foundation and Democratic National Committee, hired Fusion GPS to probe the Russian relationships of Trump and his associates with the aim of discrediting and defeating his presidential campaign.
By the Democratic National Convention, rigged against rival Bernie Sanders to guarantee the nomination of Hillary Clinton, her campaign team had foreknowledge of the Russian preference for Donald Trump, and the source of that information was obviously the CIA-DOJ team, which included the Ohrs. Besides intelligence gathering from Russian sources, Open Source Works also had the technical capability to launch cyber attacks against the DNC, leaving behind bread crumbs from a faked Russian hack. This illicit political invervention also had support in London, Moscow and Kiev, due to the DOJ-FBI and State Department contracts with Steele’s Orbis Intelligence group. In reality, there probably was next to nothing in direct Russian involvement. One of the supposed Russian-sponsored “fake news” centers turned out to be a USAID-Soros dominated region in Macedonia. On closer inspection, the entire Russian election interference is turning out to be an false-flag creation out of Langley and the RFK building.
An Agency Cut-out
Fusion GPS, therefore, was hired as a “cut out”, spy terminology for a neutral go-between created to shield the actual perpetrators in an exchange of stolen information. A psychological operation aimed at political intervention at this level required the direct involvement of and authorization from CIA director John Brennan and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and this was to interfere in the elections in favor of their former colleague at State, Hillary Clinton, and not a matter of national security. Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper should have been aware of these illicit activities and was responsible for shutting down political subversion, meaning that he, too, bears some degree of responsibility for the bureaucratic assault on democracy.
Fabricating the Dossier
Christopher Steele provided some of the intelligence for the dossier, but much of the material strongly appears to be based on CIA and NSA intercepts of phone calls and emails, along with human intelligence from informants. There is also an equally strong possibility that many, perhaps most, of the claims in the dossier are fabrications, lies. Nellie Hauke Ohr and her husband at DOJ reviewed and copied from classified files for the dossier in blatant violation of intelligence regulations. The method of direct translation, for example, “Russian regime” without the article “the”, indicates the CIA protocol followed by Nellie Ohr in radio intercepts. The tiny lapse shows that source is not Moscow but Langley, Virginia.
The notes from CIA and DOJ/FBI classified files, which Nellie Ohr compiled during her several months, during summer and autumn 2016, on the payroll of Fusion GPS while in Washington D.C.. Those materials were then “laundered” through Orbis for plausible deniability at the CIA. Fusion GPS paid the London-based firm more than $160,000, meaning the total budget for consultants, services, travel and communication was probably about a half-million dollars from the original source of funding (prior to DNC-Hillary, which was probably provided by a slush fund at the Clinton Foundation. To the heisted CIA material and forged information, Christopher Steele added his recollections from Donald Trump’s Miss Universe visits in 2013, supplemented by whatever hearsay picked up immediately after the contest. Examination of the dossier is similar to the findings from a forensic autopsy on Frankenstein’s monster: A lot of body parts that don’t fit together, laced together and patched with putty.
Open Source Works
Nellie Ohr’s inchoate and disorganized editing, in contrast to the minimal standards at any daily newspaper, reveals the sloppiness that’s the norm at her post inside the CIA bureau known as Open Source Works, which itself is highly classified and anything but open.
In the Gutenberg era, open source referred to media in print, publications, as in “Three Days of the Condor”, which cast Robert Redford as a CIA analyst assigned to reading spy novels in search of leaks of classified information. The category of Open Source has vastly expanded in the Cyber-Age due to the explosive growth of electronic information and data, for example, Facebook pages, blogs and websites, but also any data accessible to hackers, including back accounts, wire transfers, medical records, email accounts, and GPS locations attached to smartphone photos.
Private and even classified communications can be made Open Source by illegal interception or hacking and decryption, followed by disclosure through Wikileaks and Wikipedia, thereby scrubbed and transformed into “public information”, which can used to blackmail or silence targeted individuals. Open Source is now the major enterprise of the CIA in its effort to intimidate world leaders, corporate executives, military officers and media personalities. The Trump-Russia Dossier is an end-product of illicit CIA privacy violations, enhanced by selective editing and outright fabrication to incriminate the victim, in this case the President of the United States. The Frank Church amendments need to be upgraded to deal with terror by fake media, so that the offending bureaucrats and their political patrons can be locked away without access to cyberspace.
Follow the Money
Former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile complained in her new book about being treated by Hillary insiders like a slave and denied a workable budget. Despite the penny-pinching to pay staff and expenses, the DNC and Hillary campaign generously forked over up to a half-million dollars for the Trump-Russia fabrication.
The financial bursar for both entities was Dennis Cheng, the secretive mandarin in the shadows, who previously served as chief development officer (fundraising treasurer) of the Clinton Foundation, and also as finance director for Hillary’s Senate race in New York State. Obviously, the non-for-profit Clinton Foundation, against U.S. Treasury regulations for nonprofits, was illegally used a political slush fund and for black operations behind the Trump-Russia Dossier. The DOJ and Treasury Department has never once challenged the fraudulent bookkeeping by Cheng and his staff.
Next to nothing has been disclosed by and about Cheng, except that his alma mater was Swathmore, which has hardly any trace of him except at a debate club and his enthusiasm for “The West Wing” television drama series. What’s interesting about Dennis Cheng and Bruce Genesoke Ohr is their avoidance of any mention of ethnicity, even though Cheng is Chinese and Ohr a Korean. Oddly, since his Harvard years when Asian-American identity politics was popular among students, Ohr has listed his ethnic origin as “American”, which is a nationality not an ethnicity.
Both of these dubious characters have compelling reasons to avoid the “Asian” label, since the Democratic Party relies so heavily on large unreported donations of cash from the urban Chinese and Korean business communities, suspect Asia-based businessmen and major crime groups. This tradition since the end of the Chinese Exclusion era is a feudal tribute legacy, by which Asian “leaders” (triad or organized crime figures) pay protection money (aka bribery) to Democrat politicians to enable illegal immigration of underpaid laborers, exemption from minimum wage laws and mandatory benefits for employees, unhealthy tenant crowding of buildings, and police neglect of the illicit trade in contraband, including methamphetamines, heroin and more recently synthetic opioids.
Asians, of course, are not alone in groveling before the powers that be, since most immigrants have had to pay their dues to Tammany Hall and dirty cops, from the Irish to the current wave of Arabs. Despite their strong academic performance, East Asians are perpetually under the Democratic Party heel due to the substandard status of the small-business economy. That is changing, for all the wrong reasons, with the pay-for residency by super-wealthy “businessmen” from East Asia, many of them wanted for economic crimes at home, including illicit capital flight. The United States is a sanctuary for Asian fraudsters and gangsters, which is why Dennis Cheng never drops the names of donors to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary campaign and DNC.
DOJ/FBI Collusion with Drug Lords

Asian-style corruption also factors in at the DOJ and FBI, which has tolerated drug trafficking through Asian communities in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and, the transshipment center to Europe, Boston. This past decade’s rise of opium poppy production in northern Laos by Vietnamese-run international gangs has gone completely unreported at the DEA, which is under the authority of Bruce Ohr’s International Organized Crime Drug office. The DOJ has also ignored nearly the entire CIA-run Afghan drug importation, at least since the Eric Holder years. Cocaine, of course, is being targeted by the DEA/DOJ, but that elite-status drug was never in style with the millennial generation, which prefers depressants like heroin mixed with synthetic opioids, on the path to Nirvana.
Ohr’s bailiwick of organized crime also had a major role in enabling Eric Holder’s murderous Fast and Furious gun-walking program, which supplied semi-automatic weapons to the Mexican drug-trafficking mafia at sales points along the border. Here’s one case in point.
In his July 2001 testimony to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, Ohr whitewashed the possibility of organized crime penetration of casinos on Indian reservations. The sole case he mentioned was the attempts by a Chicago mob group and then the Pittsburg mafia to run the casino at the Rincon reservation in San Diego County. He mentioned this as an “isolated incident of organized crime attempting to infiltrate Indian gaming,” This is laughable, were it not for the irreversible destructive effects of criminal operations on the cultural and ethical values of Indian tribal society.
What Ohr completely failed to mention is how Indian casinos along the U.S.-Mexico border were becoming money-laundering centers for the Mexican mafia, lucrative enough for the Caesar’s team of Drexel Lambert junk-bond dealer to build a Harrah’s casino resort at Rincon reservation. Caesar’s Entertainment Group spectacularly collapsed two years ago, amid angry charges by institutional investors of fraud, financial crimes on a much greater scale than small-time gangster scams.
It is common knowledge in the surrounding region of Southern California that the Rincon Airfield on the reservation is used by the top bosses of the Mexican mob to fly in contraband and money for laundering, as well as to socialize with the local distributors and Democratic Party politicians in need of campaign funding. Treaty law mean that local police cannot do anything about these enclaves, which are sanctuaries for human smuggling and drug trafficking. Scratch the surface of the California paradise to sniff hell on earth.
Borderline reservations, including the vast Tohono O’odham, which straddles the Arizona and Mexico, is a major center of drug trafficking, illegal immigration by gang-linked “coyote” human smugglers, and which now hosts three major casinos. The politically correct attitudes toward ethnic minorities, here again, has enabled massive expansion of the organized crime, which is ultimately detrimental to the minority groups to achieve genuine economic development and security from violence. The DOJ/FBI, run by front-men for crime, is big part of the problem and not the solution.
Infernal Affairs
The roles of Cheng and Ohr remind me of a pre-production conversation in Hong Kong with Felix Chong, the scriptwriter for “Infernal Affairs”, the original movie before the Scorsese-DiCaprio remake “The Departed”. I asked him how he ever thought up the unlikely story of lifelong infiltration of the police department by organized crime families (Hong Kong triads). His answer was simple: It happens in real life.
That exactly is why and how the DOJ/FBI and CIA are enabling Chinese triads, the Taiwanese mob, Vietnamese mafia, Japanese yakuza and Korean gangsters to run heroin smuggling, prostitution rings and counterfeits products unimpeded into the United States. The fix is in with the Democratic Party, and the bad guys every hour of every day are winning the battle against the industrial economy and ethical principles of the USA. Nancy Reagan got it half-right: “Just say no”, with a pair of cuffs.
The Buck Stops
Just how high up does the sponsorship of the Trump-Russia Dossier go?
Certainly, due to their management-level positions inside the Justice Department, Bruce and Nellie Ohr did not act on their own volition, not when hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars were spent for the clandestine international effort to libel Trump and wage psychological warfare though the mainstream media.
There are only 6 degrees of separation between the Ohrs and President Barack Obama: Bruce and Nellie Ohr - DOJ Deputy Director Sally Quillian Yates ­ Attorneys General Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder ­ Director of National Intelligence James Clapper ­ White Chief of Staff Denis McDonough ­ and President Barack Obama.
Obama had to have known all along, even if the funding came from another (former) president, Bill Clinton. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch insists that her tete-a-tete with Bill Clinton inside a private jet on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on 28 June 2016 did not touch on the following topics: Benghazi, Hillary’s email server and Brexit. The Attorney General’s list of denials, however, did not include the clandestine project being hatched inside her department, the Trump-Russia Dossier.
One question that now remains: Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions being paralyzed by Democrat “kompromat” (the Russian term for compromising material used for blackmail)? If so, he get out of the line of fire and return to civilian life immediately.
The near-total breadth and width of untrustworthy lawyers at DOJ/FBI means that the Trump administration has only one recourse: appoint a special crisis team from the military Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) to take over control of the RFK Building in a crisis intervention on grounds of constitution principles. The CIA has long outlived any usefulness it might once have had, and should be shut down. Far more dangerous than any terrorist threat, the culprits behind the current fake news coup against the presidency should all be retired to a 5-star Caribbean resort like the one called Guantanamo. Orange is the new blue. Shackle them.
Yoichi Shimatsu has served as a forensic journalist investigating high crimes of state, including the Tokyo subway gassing. During his decade as an editor at The Japan Times, he commissioned investigative articles from Chicago reformer and journalist Sherman Skolnick on the Clinton’s Whitewater scandal, their Mena import business and the Vince Foster assassination.