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How Jeff Connects With The Network
To Do The Programs - New Fully Mobile
Technology Changes Everything

By Jeff Rense
July 2019

After doing the program via an ISDN phone line for 25 years, we were notified that the phone companies
across the US are phasing out supporting ISDN because it is 'old tech'.

So, we were immediately forced to come up with another way to get my voice to the network in PA.
Here is what the solution looks like...

I bought a new iPad Pro, center, which has the all-important USB-C port. We next signed the iPad up for
a Verizon unlimited data program because of its superior fiber optic system.

Then, after a lot of research, we bought an AudioBox One USB-C Audio Interface...the little blue box
on the left above...and in the next photo below.

Here is the link to the AudioBox One...

I then connected my 1946 RCA 44 BX mic to the Audio Box One which then connects to the iPad USB-C port.
The 44 BX is truly a wonderful piece of broadcast history to work with.

We found a brilliant broadcast app called Luci Live Lite. I include a photo below of what Luci looks like
on the iPad screen. It is a complete little 'studio' and the slides in the photo actually work. is the home site. Here it is in the Apple App Store... app/luci-live-lite/id591059507

All I need to do to connect to the network in PA is touch the round white mic 'button' in the top center
of the iPad screen ... and the iPad with the Luci Live Lite app connects instantly via Verizon to the network
Comrex BRIC 2 back in PA. Once we are connected, the network sends the guest's voice back to the
AudioBox One and then to the ear buds that are connected to it. The two way audio is then fully up and
running and the program can begin.

It was a bit of a struggle to figure out this system and which equipment to purchase. We now have a state
of the art little system that can be taken and used anywhere that a Verizon cell internet connection can be made
...which is just about everywhere now. Happy listening!