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How CoV BioWar by Japan-UK-Israel
hit The World Military Games - Part 12

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Warfare by synthetic biology has begun the decimation of the armed forces of half the participant nations at the CISM World Military Games held in Wuhan in late October. The stealthy biological weapon COVID-19 infects the human body of young soldiers without showing any of the usual symptoms of influenza while burrowing into their host cells to replicate by the millions. Then the newly created viruses repeat the attack with every new generation to replicate over and over again, until the fifth generation overwhelms the last defenses of the human immune system, as the exhausted victim dies in horrific pain. War can hardly attain greater casual cruelty as in the mass killing off of targeted military personnel and civilians worldwide.

This series has retraced the invention of COVID-19 used in this heinous assault against the US-led postwar system to demented virologists serving the interests of the "old" imperial powers Japan and the UK, which are aiming to restore the prewar system based on colonial mercantilism. The analysis was based on the research-lab origins of this hybrid virus, which contains the stripped-down core of SARS, an object of research in the former Crown Colony of Hong Kong then still dominated by British-trained scientists. HIV proteins were later attached to the coronavirus by a Japanese microbiologist at the veterinary school at University of Wisconsin at Madison in cooperation with the late director of the National Microbiology Laboratory in Manitoba, which has close link with Porton Down and DSTL in the UK. A strand of M.tuberculosis was also attached to complete the COVID-19 design so that it could replicate through several generations to "strip-mine" the host cells, eventually hollowing out the infected human over as many as 5 generations (5G) ending in death.

Delivery of Death

Here in Part 11, I examine the research background of the bioweapon's delivery system based on an aquatic host organism, which is a gene-modified (GM) Tilapia developed in the State of Israel, the third research component for the assault to end the American Century. Israel, like Japan and the UK, is not a member of the CISM world games, which is the sporting body aligned with four of the Security Council powers.

Due to the technical complexity of this bio-weapon, there is a geopolitical strategic motivation for the attack against the elite special forces and military-intelligence officers who participated in the Naval Pentathalon and Army Triathlon held at two lakes in the Wuhan region. The tactical objective was to "decapitate" the military intelligence professionals of the postwar powers, along with regional players including Iran and the affected NATO member-states. The objective is, therefore, a classic re-division of the world between the major powers, which due to the ambitions behind this sneak attack could require a worldwide genocide while risking World War III, which the other side intends to win.

Telltale casualties

No national leader dares disclose the coronavirus impact on their elite military units and intelligence agencies. Yet there are telling signs of a deep crisis for the military commands of the major powers. After an open border policy with China, the Russian military suddenly blocked Chinese entry along the boundary with Siberia. The US government has ordered quarantine centers initially at the Camp Pendleton Marines base (they being among the participants in the Naval Pentathalon event) and at March Air Base (which provides military travel across the Pacific). China's PLA has suffered thousands of casualties by infection, most of them during emergency duty in Wuhan, and other cases with probable earlier origins during the October CISM world games.

The most telling sign of the contagion's starting point at the World Military Games is the multiple deaths in Qom, Iran, which is the spiritual center for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who comprise the majority of navy pentathalon and army triathlon athletes. South Korea has seen three distinct outbreaks, including a scattered pattern of civilians employed in China; military personnel linked with the Wuhan games; and the Shincheonji sect whose members were possibly involved in the aquaculture sector in Wuhan during the perpetration of the infected Tilapia operation. To their shock, the assailants have also seen casualties to their nationals in Japan, Britain and Israel. By the end of the day, no country will be spared this plague.

Mist on the Lakes

As discussed in this series, a swarm of fruit-eating Okinawan giant bats were driven away from southern Japan toward the Yangtze River along the 31st Parallel; and these COV-infected carriers gorged in the abandoned fruit orchards in Hubei Province and cast virus-tainted droppings on the Yangtze River, making all fish there dangerous to eat. This bat-conveyed virus stratagem failed, however, due to an unseasonal autumn heatwave and drought, which was triggered by atmospheric radioactivity from the hypersonic missile tests in Russia and China since early summer. Superweapons bring on super self-destruction, whether hypersonics or synthetic biologicals. One of the maxims of military preparedness is not to destroy your own country and allied nations.

Once the CISM military games schedule was announced, Plan B could swing into action. As discussed earlier in this series, the delivery system was originally bat to fish in order to infest the biologically rich waters of the Yangtze basin, thereby transmitting COVID-19 to a human population dependent on piscine protein. The ecological geography and aquaculture of the Wuhan region was, of course, the foundation for this large-area biowarfare attack. Water by itself is not capable of transmitting infectious diseases to the local population, protected by multi-level purification systems plus the Chinese tradition of boiling water to suppress pathogens. Salads, sushi and other raw foods are forbidden as vectors for disease under traditional dietary rules, and the violations were introduced by foolish westerners, Japanese and educated but unaware overseas Chinese, careless fools all.

Therefore a host fish species with red blood cells, a sugar-rich diet and proven gene-modification (GM) for shutdown of its immune system is required to serve as a delivery system for the CoV bioweapon. While an infected Tilapia as a living equivalent of a submarine releases infected feces into the water, it also attacks the human targets by releasing virus-carry bubbles through its mouth and gills at or near the waterline, releasing infectious aerosols. This type of virus transmission is especially effective against swimmers, rowers and bystanders along a lake shore.

The primary targeted subgroups at the World Military Games are the intelligence officers and special forces who scout behind enemy lines and launch deep-penetration attacks against communication and command centers and other high-priority targets. These special forces commandos were gathered at the Army Triathlon at Liangzi Lake south of the Wuchang downtown and the Navy Pentathalon at Naval Engineering University campus by Lake Mulan on the northeast of Wuhan.

Both lakes are large and have multiple bays and inlets. There are no orchards around either lake, nullifying the possibility of bat-borne virus delivery. That left infected Tilapia as the only carrier option, its viral load amplified by injections of viruses in a sugary liquid medium and feeding them soy pellets soaked in a virus-containing solution. These super-infected fish were then released near the target sites on those two lakes. This operation therefore required control over one of the local aquaculture operations the crews, equipment and vehicles to deliver the killer fish to targeted site.

Weaponized fish made in Israel

At this point, there are few if any grounds for doubt that a Japanese-led biowar operation, so reminiscent of Unit 731, was involved in the infiltration of secret agents into the extensive Japanese and South Korea partnered fish farms in the Yangtze aquaculture sector, not only as buyers of fish but also suppliers of equipment and pharmaceuticals to prevent infection in the dense populations of farmed fish. This type of piscine delivery requires gene modification of the carrier species.

The research for bio-engineering bigger and fatter Tilapia was pioneered in Israel, to adapt these small perch-resembling fish indigenous to the Jordan River, Middle Eastern desert oases and the Nile riverine system. Traditionally known as St. Peter's fish, Tilapia is a common name in the marketing of its three subgroups, Oreochromis, Sarotheron and Tilapia. Most of the farmed fish on the world market are Nile Tilapia or Tilapia niloticus, partly due to the undesirable tendency of the chromis types to escape into river systems as an unwelcome invasive species. The most valuable type are the Red Tilapia, which resembles a salt-water red snapper.

Tilapia has oddly become an effective means for sending innocent souls to St. Peter. The Israeli experiments in biological warfare were inadvertently disclosed in a research paper published at mBio, April 2016, by Eran Bacharach et al. Following on an infectious outbreak that killed off millions of Tilapia in kibbutz fish ponds in 2009, Israeli microbiologists launched a massive research program on related piscine diseases. These research projects eventually converged onto a novel orthomixovirus, which has similarities with coronaviruses, meaning this project was the likely starting point for R&D in Tilapia as a delivery system for the CoV bioweapon.

That team of 16 microbiologists were with Tel Aviv University, the Mailman School at Columbia U; the New York Genome Center, Edinburgh University and St. George's U, Grenada, a former British colony. The NY genome project is affiliated with 12 institutes including Rockefeller University, a leading force in biological warfare and population reduction; the Icahn school at Mount Sinai, home base for Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, an ally of the notorious Yoshihiro Kawaoka; the New York Stem Cell Foundation; the Einstein College of Medicine, and others involved in Frankenstein research.

Mulan Lake as primary target

The target lake is named after the fictional character in a song composed for the Xianbei Mongol court of the Wei Northern Dynasty, about a Xiongnu or Hun woman serves in her tribal cavalry corps under the Five Barbarian Alliance of pastoral tribes that ruled the north during the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, a topic I studied in Nanjing, the former southern capital of the agrarian Han Chinese people. As I have previously written about, the Disney travesty is based on a 1930s propaganda film by the Kuomingtang government aimed at military recruitment of Han women, an absurd modern myth ignorant of the facts of ancient and authentic Chinese history.

The lesson here is that it's difficult to get things right about any society, especially one as complex as China, without intensive study and field research, which has not been done by the fools who've loudly blamed a new inexperienced virology lab in Wuhan for creating COVID-19, a wild-eyed claim for propaganda motives much like the Mulan movies. I deal with hard facts not cheap fiction, to wherever those pointers may lead, in this case, to Mulan Lake.

The Navy Engineering Campus' Mulan Tianchi-hu (Mulan Heaven Lake) which was the venue tor the naval pentathlon (lifesaving, utility swimming, obstacle race, seamanship race and amphibious cross-country race). The aquatic environment of that lake, plus its symbolic name, makes it an ideal target for viral bio-terrorism. Specific targeting is the primary element, however, because the aquatic pentathlon, with 46 participant nations, is a contest between their elite special forces, for example the U.S. Navy Seals, Russia's combined naval Spetznaz-V-Alpha Group, the Italian Operational Raider Group (Grupo Operativa Incursori), the French Commando Marine, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, the Iranian naval commandos and Revolutionary Guards naval Sepah unit, and so on.

Heavy attendance by officers of all branches and special forces enlisted men was expected to watch the naval pentathlon, the best-trained fighters of the world gathered at one spot, making Mulan Lake the perfect target for the Japanese-British-Israeli adversary. The virus was then spread through the indoors air at the new special-built Athletes Village in Wuhan. The fact that these athletic soldiers are young and physically fit accounts for their immune resistance over the next three months, before the infectious replication process began to take a serious toll on their internal organs, resulting in a spate of deaths that can be expected to increase over the coming month.

Releasing an insidious bio-agent is the most convenient way to equalize the strategic balance between the major powers and the much-reduced legendary great powers, the Royal Navy-Army, Imperial Japan and the ancient Kingdom of Israel. Ordinary civilians count time by the year, true warlords reckon by centuries, even millenniums.

Another factor for targeting the special-forces is the code of secrecy regarding their identities. No government is going to reveal their names or tally of casualties. This factor indicates that the operation planners were themselves former members of special forces units of the UK, Japan and Israel. That, in turn, puts Target Wuhan in the category of highest-level approval in the category of state sponsorship. This is a world war.

Of course, the watery environment of Lakes Mulan and Liangzi, and a month later the Huanan fish market was not only conducive for use of Tilapia as the spreader, but also the best medium for protecting the virus inside an adaptive and strong carrier. Therefore, the earliest site of bottle-to-fish and fish-to-human CoV infection was an aquaculture operation near the Yangtze River, operated by a Japanese or South Korean corporation with strong roots during Tokyo's half-century colonization era.

St. Peter's Fish versus Armies of Armageddon

In contrast to the adverse effects of intense heat on the Yangtze River, the heatwave had a conducive effect on lakes Mulan and Liangzi, raising their water temperatures to abnormal warmth, which was ideal for Tilapia, a warm-water species.

Who could have released these toxic fish into the two lakes? Following the massive outbreak in the Shincheonji congregation in Daegu, South Korea, due to the refusal of its programmed members to report to medical doctors, it turns out that the Book of Revelations-obsessed apocalyptic cult has a branch in Wuhan with 200 members, among these the probable suspects in "Operation St. Peter's Fish" against the "Armies of Armageddon" aka the Security Council powers minus Britain.

The cult leader Lee Man-hee believes himself to be the reincarnation of Jesus, who breaks open the Seven Seals of Apocalypse as described in Revelation 6. If your parents did not send you to a fire-and-brimstone Protestant Sunday school or your birth arrived too late for old-style Catholic training, both of which I endured through childhood due to upbringing by my father, one of the former, and my stepfather, with the latter, you're not up to speed with what's happening now.

"So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the Earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth." (Revelation 6:8)

Death and with Hell following will kill with the sword, hunger, disease, and wild beasts; those four judgments in Ezekiel 14:21. Although the pale rider and his three companions (and remember well famine) will wreak havoc during this time of Tribulation, Jesus holds the ultimate power and will throw them both into the Lake of Fire after the Battle of Armageddon. Which Jesus were the prophets referring to? There's only one that I know of, not some double in Daegu.

So now, isn't it interesting that death came stealthily in the lakes of Wuhan? If the Korean cult did not send their aquaculture team from Daegu to Wuhan, I'm getting on my horse and riding off into the sunset. The Bible actually had nothing to do with this COVID-19, even though its scary last chapter has been twisted by cynical atheist of Satanic bent to manipulate the "true believers" to a launch the global genocide.

The mass destruction of human lives starting to sweep the planet is a man-made epidemic under a misanthropic secularist post-human agenda being promoted by Anglophiles Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rothschild henchman Michael Bloomberg, a London elite out to restore the British Empire, the Unit 731 revivalist Shinzo Abe seeking to re-establish the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere; and Zionist warmongers out to genocide Arabs and Iranians to create Greater Israel, all these driven by indecent ambitions to reverse history with falsification.

So the battle is upon us, ordinary citizens who do not believe in these diabolical manifestations created by illusions of power and dreams of conquest, nor should we be diverted from the defense at the gates of human dignity by the genocidal Green Agenda of the AOC squad and the Greta Thunberg children's crusade. The enemies are real and intend to murder the lot of us, so to arms, friends.

We have families, communities, cities, nations, civilizations and a tradition to defend against those brain-dead neo-barbarians and their preposterous idols. If you're not read up on Augustine of Hippo's City of God, your philosophical foundations are lacking, erected on sand instead of being firmly set on solid rock. Another Dark Age is upon us, and the battle will be met by men in the spirit of Marcus Aurelius, King Arthur, Zhuge Liang and Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty, warriors who refused to surrender to the forces of darkness and whose light shines onto our hour of desperate battle.

Faith and Reason must be combined like shield and sword in this fight to the death. As the philosopher Augustine stressed, the City will fall when its time is done but the continuity of a grand cultural Tradition is to be defended at all cost by heroes for it to be passed on down through the ages, or in cowardly refusal failing that duty they will be forgotten as lost fools. The decision is yours to trust in outright lies or to take a stand whatever the consequences on the side of the truth.