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How Black Africans From Ebola Center DRC Are Being
Placed All Over America By The Trump Administration

By Gary Holland
Exclusive to Rense News

As I have stated over the past several appearances on the Rense Program, the hordes of Third World black African migrant invaders that have been suddenly appearing at the Mexican border and given immediate asylum (and forever cost-free lives in America) were brought effortlessly into the US via Mexico under the protection of the UN Refugee Resettlement Program. I have been doing much research over the past couple weeks and have came across what I believe to be virtually iron-clad supporting evidence of my statements.

As some of you saw on a recent Rense video post, a Dutch journalist tried to interview some of the Africans who were transported to and then dropped off at a San Antonio, TX bus station. Remember, many of these Africans were flashing ROLLS of US $100 bills.

Critical Differences In How Africans Are Handled At The Border

In his article, the Dutch reporter confirms the US Border Patrol does not - and I repeat does NOT - drop off these African invaders at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) center...which is the way ALL illegals are dealt with. Instead, these African blacks, unvetted for disease and NOT checked for Ebola, are bypassing ICE and are immediately taken to various Greyhound bus stations in Texas.

This one piece of information proves, without doubt, these sub-Saharan black Africans are part of the UN-Trump US Govt (VOLUNTARY) Refugee Resettlement Program. A second piece of evidence is the fact these invaders, flown across the Atlantic in US airliners, were given rolls of $100 bills. These rolls of cash are 'carryover money' to last until these African illegals begin receiving their lifetime EBT and SSI benefits...and housing, food, medical, dental, education, social services, spending money, car loans, you name it. ALL done while American Citizens are ignored and abused by the Trump regime and left to rot, homeless, in America's streets. What honest American citizen can support such betrayal?

It Is All A Set-Up To Destroy America...Including Pre-Purchase Bus Tickets!

A third piece of evidence from the Dutch reporter's article confirms that their bus tickets were PRE-PURCHASED before they even arrived at the bus station. I have read various articles that confirm virtually everything presented in the article. I will now lay out a scenario I believe to be as close to reality of the Who, How and Why these African walking bio-weapons are arriving at the US-Mexican border and being given instant, automatic asylum.

This scenario begins with NGOs (Catholic, Jewish and non-religious independent for-profit orgs) contracted through the UN Refugee Resettlement Program, picking up blacks right off the streets of DR Congo and putting them immediately on US jetliners...after promising them everything in their wildest dreams will be waiting for them in America when they arrive.

These Invaders from the DRC are considered extremely High Risk by health authorities. How do they get to the border? The Trump US Department of State - which actually runs the US side of the UN Refugee Resettlement Program - flies these black Africans, and possibly Ebola with its 30-day symptom-free incubation, to an international airport in Mexico that is close to the US border. They are then bused to the border and staged for their hassle-free entry into America and subsequent seeding in US cities from coast-to-coast. All this is being overseen by Trump's US Department of State. Yes, the Trump US Government is fully working toward the destruction of America from the inside out.

Implementing The Invasion - Easy As Pie

Once the African invaders have arrived in Mexico, they are provided quick transportation up to the US border where they are given rolls of cash and told to walk across and claim Asylum. The State Department diverts these extreme high risk Africans to Mexico, and then brings them on in to conceal the fact that the Trump US Government is aiding and abetting the invasion every step of the way...and to hide how much money the NGO resettlement businesses are making on the backs of US citizen taxpayers. Again, these high risk, disease-infested black Africans are given a complete bypass of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) altogether, thereby exposing the entire US population to deadly diseases like Ebola. Bringing them up through Mexico also gives cover and plausible deniability to the Trump State Department. Remember, these blacks do not have to go through the more difficult Border Patrol-ICE route. It is essentially a VIP Service for Stone Age, Third World warriors in the planned takedown and destruction of the American way of life.

Once across the border and in the US, these invaders meet up with a US State Department liaison and are given even more tens of thousands in rolls of $100 bills AND their pre-printed and pre-purchased bus tickets to a predetermined target location in an unsuspecting, un-notified town or city in the US. The State Department liaison will also make sure they all receive detailed instructions on who they are to contact when they arrive at their target city or town.

Important - they are also threatened not to talk to ANYONE about how they got here to the US and across the border and into their target cities and towns under threat of being immediately deported back to the (often Ebola) hellholes from which they came.

In conclusion, the above proves beyond any doubt that the UN Refugee Resettlement Program and US Government are 100% responsible for the black African migrant invader crisis at our US border and now in many of our nation's towns and cities. Americans MUST wake up to the FACT that our own Trump US Government is responsible for the full Third World invasion of America...clearly to fulfill the white ethnic cleansing agenda ordered directly by the Globalist Elite and World Zionism.