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The House Of Just-US

By Jim Kirwan


Now that we know there is nothing left of the Organic Constitution, as described in the two previous articles: They dealt with Article One of the Constitution which gave us the Congress and Article Two that gave us the Executive, as the President. Article Three brings us to:


The Judicial Power of the United States shall be invested in one Supreme Court.”


Before the public discovered the reality of what has been done to us, as if we still had a Republic or a nation, most thought that there is still a functioning Department of Justice, headed by The U.S. Attorney General. Attorney’s General are currently appointed by the sitting president for the US and by the governor’s of each of the fake-states that have ceased to be sovereign original-states. The US A.G. serves at the resident’s pleasure, rather than serving the public or defending the organic-Constitution that’s been dead a very long time.

This place has become a private-for-profit corporation that serves only BUSINESS. The United States has nothing whatever to do with being a “government” but it has everything to do with the business of business, which, when applied to a government means that their “job” is to continue to “PRETEND to be a government and steal as much as they can, from everyone they can, and not get caught in the ‘act” of doing just that.

Since Article One that created the Congress morphed into a Board of Directors for the private corporation: This core-principle cannot be publicly denied—yet!

Article Two rearranged the Office of the Presidency to go from the supposed-leader of a nation to a common CEO of a global-power that’s using ‘the resident of the Oval Office’ as a puppet to deepen global-involvements both at home and abroad: To inflate the coffers of the New World Order while hastening the end of the fictitious people, PERSONS, who are now slaves because they claimed to be United States Citizens, without realizing that that actually means that ‘we’ are now enemies of the quasi-legal-state located only, inside the ten-square mile area, within the City of Columbia which is in the District of Criminals, also known as “D.C.”.

This government unofficially signaled this ‘change’ by referring to former citizens as “CONSUMERS” because citizens had “rights” whereas ‘consumers’ have no-rights at all.

The reason that the privately held Corporatocracy needs to have a “supreme court” is solely because the public “thinks” that the document this bunch of Outlaws are using, is actually the organic Constitution and not the totally-fraudulent look-alike which it absolutely is!

Since the Organic-Constitution has an Article Three, Section 2, the illegal stand-in imposters can’t just forget about having a Supreme Court. As the original Supreme Court was responsible for “the administration of the laws” ­ the Corporation could not directly say that since there are no longer any “laws”, the court is no longer needed”! Therefore, the imposter government had to create their version of the former Supreme Court to interpret all their re-written-Legalese for a doubting public, while pretending to be the descendants of the organic Supreme Court, which they are not.

The artificially-created “court” has the same number of justices and they meet in a building of the same name, but this fabrication has nothing to do with the Organic version of the Constitution or its’ “Supreme Court”.

On top of everything else “America” could hardly be seen around the world as the champion of global-justice; if we no longer had a Supreme Court to deal with the validity of the Laws and the principles of Justice inside the United States. The United States OF America had a Supreme Court so if the imposter government wanted anyone to believe that they are the real authority which “derives its “just-powers” from the consent of the governed”, then the Outlaw’s had to keep up the masquerade until they could drop all pretenses and finally tell the world that they really are just BARBARIANS!

These are creatures without countries or morals, who owe allegiance to no one and who only exist to steal, torture, maim and murder as many victims as possible for the maximum profit which their direct actions will bring to each of them. Now as they seek to own everything that the USA once thought they stood for, but in reality that promise was not kept by either the Constitution or those who came after it:

The only question remaining is, “What will we ‘DO’ about this?”

At 12min 58sec into the video: “The Department of Justice was created in 1870, Why? Because there was no Article 3 Judiciary needed some semblance of “law”. But this says “Department of Justice; but what, under what does the Department of Justice fall? The Executive. The Executive Branch. It’s a department under the Executive branch.

Who’s in control of the legal system? The president, the Dictator ~ that was in 1870. And ultimately who is the top law enforcement officer in their system? …In 1871 a new private municipal-corporation was created under the Organic Act. And this new private municipal-corporation had a charter. A document of incorporation. And that was called “the Constitution Of the United States Of America.” It’s a private corporate-charter. And in their constitution, the one they created on February 21st, by the way about three weeks ago, didn’t they read “a Constitution: into the record? Here’s what they do. Every twenty years, like every corporation, but every twenty years they have to read-in their corporate-charter to renew it. And they’ve been doing it every twenty years since 1871.

And everybody’s thinking that they’re just being “patriots’ but no they’re not: They’re just taking care of business. So they renewed this private corporate-charter, and all us idiots out there: They’re rah-rahing. But we're actually complete morons because we’re actually participating in our own slavery. This was not the article-6 Constitution that says “This Constitution, the one that was written in 1780-89, it was the constitution that was assembled and put together in 1871. It was not this constitution that they speak of in Article 6 of the constitution, the Original Constitution: It’s “a constitution” that resembles this constitution… The one they have now is “living” because they can change it up and do whatever they want, and very soon they will ~ and then you’re going to see a whole new constitution all together: Which they’ve been working on since 1964. So that’s the time-line.” (Regarding the system and the constitution). Closes at 16min 06 sec. (1)

The Attorney Generals are the ones who actually run the Department of Justice, both individual and state-ops like State of Illinois, State of Wisconsin and all that so that at the highest level the Attorney General that actually oversees the Department of Justice… “The History of the Illinois Attorney General”… This is written by Shawn W. Denny former Counsel to the Attorney General… This my friends, if this doesn’t change your attitude about what you believe, nothing will. “The powers understood to generally belong to the Attorney General and common-law have been summarized as follows: It’s about halfway through… “To prosecute all actions necessary for the protection and defense of the property and revenues of the Crown.”

Who is the Attorney General working for? The Crown Temple. ‘The Crown’ and now let me explain ~ representation of the Crown is translated in our system to representation of, you know, “the people.” So you know the folks that are out there saying “We the People”, they’re not, they’re US citizens thus making them sub-stratus-humanoids called “persons”, just ‘fictional-characterizations’ : They are not ‘the people’!

The People’ are those in D.C. protecting the property of the Crown. That’s the Crown-Temple. Their job has nothing to do with you; it has nothing to do with your freedom. It has nothing to do with anything you ever thought of, it’s outside of politics, it’s All About Property! And whose property are you, as a person, as a US Citizen? You are the Crown’s property. This is one giant slave-plantation and we have never been told the truth!” Closes at 19min 06sec. (1)

Now that you know what the Department of Just-Us really is, it should not be surprising that the courts today are set up as Maritime Law Courts, military courts really, that masque what’s really going on throughout the system that has nothing to do with either Justice or the now totally defunct “system” that serves only the commercial purposes of the State for the Crown—both of which are only involved in this charade because of their need for money and both legal and illegal monetary gain, for both the Crown and the bogus-private corporation that was created to steal this country and NOT to protect either the nation or any of its real flesh and blood people…

Is it any wonder that government refuses to even discuss what their thugs do to the public every hour of every day throughout every successive year so long as they have been able and willing to keep up this farce that this country is anything besides being the criminal-organization that it has always been. When and IF these facts ever sink-in: maybe then this nation can get up off its knees and start taking back the freedoms we have yet to get, from those that should never have been born!

There is a very simple solution to this problem

For every individual

Willing to Risk more, to save their lives.

In the deck there’s a card called Hostage ~ Release. This is a situation that too many Americans find themselves in today. But the solution is actually very simple. In the card there is a line-of pure-fire, just below the knees of the character.

This line of fire symbolizes “the invisible means of support” that’s necessary to keep determined people alive.

In “HOSTAGE” the figure is holding him or herself captive: By refusing to accept whatever “truth” in their lives, they have totally refused to accept, to this point. The secret to these two views of the same figure lies in the fact that all the ‘hostage’ needs to do is to accept the truth that he or she already knows and recognizes. Just by admitting that fact alone, to oneself - that expression is all it takes to free the figure from his or her artificial bondage!

And that’s what constitutes any individual’s complete RELEASE!

Basically what this card above is saying

Is that once you verbalize the truth of what has happened to us

Then we can begin to fight these bastards

For the Criminals they have always been ­ in public

And on the record!

Tell everyone you know, and let’s get to it!

  1. Season of Treason ­ FULL



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