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The Horror is a 136 page in-depth look into the book which motivates
pre-Medieval savages to rape and murder all unbelievers.  

Contact the author at: and deposit
$4.95 USD into PayPal Account:

He will personally contact you and email you the pdf which may very
well save your life and those of your loved ones.

The pdf was available for free for a long time, however, since the author is trying to live off less than half of what a Somali 'refugee' is paid for coming to Canada, he is in dire need of funds.  $4.95 is not too much to ask for this incredibly detailed, interesting, and even entertaining look into a book of horrors: The Koran by Allah & Muhammad.

Also available is a 49 page essay which includes a two page bibliography of some of the most important, esoteric books on the planet.  A HANDBOOK FOR THE RIGHTEOUS, or How to Beat the Unrighteous at Their Own Game.  This marvelous pdf teaches you in typical Down the Rabbit Hole fashion, everything you need to know about the legal net that has you entwined in a fraud that is every bit as devious as the banking scam which has you on your knees paying usury on loans which, in a National Socialist nation would be free.

This Handbook for the Righteous teaches you how to handle your own affairs in courts of law without having to hire shysters; lawyers; those creatures who were called, 'vermin' in the original founding charter for the Massachusetts Colony. They managed to keep those legal beagles out for 30 years!  That gave the colonists three decades to get things going before legalities slowed their progress.

Learn what are you rights by learning who you really are.  You will be very surprised when you learn the Truth.  $50 CDN.  Paypal:
  Please notify the author at: and he will personally contact you. 
He is available to answer questions via email.