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J. Edgar Hoover's Forgotten Connections

By Jim Kirwan


In all of the recent scandal's swirling around Pizzagate and the private jet taking prominent politicians to isolated private sex-clubs on foreign islands, somehow the world seems to have forgotten the behavior of J. Edgar Hoover the illustrious leader of the FBI, who was eyeball deep in his own fantasy world of cross-dressing and other then criminal actions ­ way back before such things became the quiet obscenities that they are now.

In the film:parts of his activities are recounted beginning at 054 minutes 17secs

Papa Hemingway In Cuba


I remember when this story broke, at the time it happened, and the fact that it was very quickly quashed ­ so as not to inconvenience the American public with the truth about the twisted freak that was the original head of the FBI, who had files on everyone, at that time, who was anyone in this country.

This is one of America's dirty little secrets,that somehow has always managed to escape publicity, despite the level of his”power'.

Perhaps now that everyone who was in power wants to shut down everything to do with snuff-films, child pornography and sexual deviants around the world ­ maybe the time is ripe to finally go back and open the eyes of all those in American politics ­ who still want to pretend that “law-enforcement' in America was always as pure as the driven snow, that today, has become just another form of deadly sludge, in this attack upon us all that's killing the whole damned planet ­ watch the last portion of this film.

Then ask yourself “why has Alex Jones has just decided to drop his coverage of Pizza-Gate”

    just when the story is about to set fire to all the old lies that protected so many thousands of the actual perpetrators ­ Before and after that building was built in DC - as a monument to J. Edgar Hoover, the Queen of the FBI?

One very knowledgeable reader mention this to me today:

Jones has always been a consummate fraud. He is a Zionist agent and jew gatekeeper as we know.

His attorney is the jewess attorney who reps Holly Bronfman. His cowardice on PizzaGate and his presentation that Trump would die yesterday in the 'biggest news event since the death of Jesus Christ' are beyond nauseating.

He is a wizard at stealing other peoples' information. Also, his presenting Roger Stone as having been poisoned with Polonium 210 (like Litvinenko) was hilarious. Stone was supposedly dosed with it 'but not enough to kill him.' Uh, where is the printed medical diagnosis? It is astonishing bullshit and it will never quit. Wait for the photo of him and Trump at a news conference.

k - I suggest that the time for “waiting” was declared to be formally over with the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45tth president of this place.

But since everything is now supposedly up to us now, as opposed to the corporate-outlaws around the planet ­ “the time for waiting is dead and gone”.

Hemingway once said:

“The only value we have from life are the risks we are willing to take”


'A man alone ain't got no chance'

Why not think about it and then demand those long overdue answers

that could have ended all of this decades ago?



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