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The Lynch-pin in Zionist Control of America

By Jim Kirwan


Feinstein Is their star-crossed ace to Keep us Enslaved

To their blatant public and criminal-control over the population

Introducing Amerika to Zionista ever-expanding Stasi-Power,

Over America & its People! (3)

Arch-Zionist Joe Biden wants this twisted-Dyke installed

On the US Supreme Court

Will people actually do anything about this?

Because If we fail to act now

It’s OVER!

USI’s party-line immediately after the attacks on 911 consisted of preaching to the public about how barbarians in the caves of Afghanistan planned to destroy America by bringing down the nation financially. The box cutter-band that was never found would be successful if we did not “DO SOMETHING MORE” TO PROTECT THE HOMELAND, than had been in-place before 911.

No mention of the supposed 19 Saudi’s who the Zionista’s named as the assassin’s, which never explained why we immediately attacked Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia?

Bin Laden was originally from Saudi Arabia, and Bush senior had been in bed with the bin Laden family since the nomadic-Arabs came out of the desert when oil was discovered there. But none of that was explored.

When Americans began to question what really happened on 911, Bush the lesser huddled with his in-house criminals and stonewalled the questions. Instead of answers Americans were given a massive criminal blending of 22 separate agencies of the feral government that he renamed ­HOMELAND SECURITY.

This was the Cheney-Bush answer to what happened on 911. The term was borrowed from the Nazi’s of the 1930’s, but it also came directly from the Zionista-playbook, as the perfect way to continue to intimidate while permanently imbedding an operative fascist-state control over all our lives: right in the heart of public communication & transportation. DHS became the most visible take-over of American life that would keep the terror alive.

Since their attack on 911 had come from the air, Homeland Security would be used to finish destroying air-travel, while they continued to trumpet the dangers they had succeeded in placing directly into the lives of every American ­ forever.

BTW, there has never been a real attack against America on American soil since 911 ­ which makes every dime spent on DHS not just a monetary fraud, but actually a criminal fraud in itself, because since 911 was and Israeli-Amerikan crime ­ that makes DHS is part of the treason that came with all of 911.

Has anyone even bothered to ask why DHS still exists - when there has never been even a remotely-real attempt to use aircraft against this country since 2001? No ­ Hell NO: Not even after that bitch shown at the top of the page began buying all those billions of rounds of ammunition, tanks, drones and heavy weaponry to use against American citizens, in the Free-Fire-Zones that she & Nero have designed to kill millions while they finish taking over the country…

Of course not, that’s why DC still keeps pushing bin Laden and the mythical-terrorists as if any of that was ever real—because it wasn’t! Just more treason, more Amerikan-traitors pushing lies by the train-load with every political speech they make: And the cowards in this place just stand there, or videotape whatever they see, while doing absolutely nothing to physically change any of this.

Has the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assembled “Top Secret” Assassination Squads in every major American city?

If so, do these squads now employ the use of special Lapua .338 Magnum bolt action sniper rifles with silencers and are they part of a sophisticated plan featuring the use of ”decapitation lists” to assassinate top politicians, legislators, police, judiciary, and any dissident or Patriot on their MIAC type lists?

Is DHS now morphing into a new Bolshevik style Cheka, preparing to deploy mass murder and “Red Terror” in America? Now tell me this, who are the real American Terrorists?” (1)

There’s also this continuing serial-crime that’s still going on…

It now seems increasingly clear that unless the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is stopped cold and disbanded by an outraged and awakening American public, we will all soon become the New Palestinians, and America will be transformed into Gaza II, the world’s largest open air prison camp.

DHS appears to be morphing into a new Bolshevik style Cheka. Is there a secret plan to institute Red Terror in America and mass-murder Americans?

And all this is being done to supposedly protect Americans from Terrorists hiding under almost every rock?” (2)

Janet Napolitano ­ the next traitor on the Supreme Court?

Yep, finally there’s “incoming” over at Homeland Security, the New American Gestapo.

And it’s long overdue.

These folks have been out of control spying on and harassing law abiding Americans ever since the NeoCons created this “New American Gestapo”.

And DHS is one of the most grotesque USG agencies ever conceived, certainly a “house of horrors”.

Their illegitimate step child the TSA has been sexually molesting and harassing air travelers and needlessly destroying the domestic and international travel business.

And as if this wasn’t enough, it has been reported that serious sexual harassment has also occurred deep in the inner bowels of DHS. And this is not surprising considering how the TSA has been trained to sexually grope air passengers.

According to the claims of a recent major lawsuit (1) top DHS Management has sexually harassed male staff and temporarily moved their offices into the men’s lavatory.” (3)

This is just the tiniest tip of the treasons associated with the crimes that 911 created for the global-enemies of the old United States. In days gone by Americans would have taken axe handles to these cretins, or taken their rifles to Washington to end this farce but those days are long gone now ­ we have become nothing but spoiled children that refuse to ever question anything that these barbarians demand of us all.

I don’t know anything for certain, but there is a growing feeling in the guts of many people that these crimes cannot and will not be tolerated much longer - because these bastards really have gone too far to be able to survive their own obscenities much longer…

1) DHS Secret Assassination Squads?

2) Turning America into Gaza

3) Big Flak for Big Sis and Homeland Security



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