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Home To Take Thee

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

True friend, I hear your cries and know your soul-felt pain, but in self-pity dally not, for there you'll find no gain. In the noxious, stupefying depths of evil-imposed, heart-tearing misery I too have been, and the destructiveness of ubiquitous evil and its iniquitously spread unwanted sorrow I have seen.

However, you must now know, that was not the Godly scene. Our true life, and its worth, have been camouflaged by a deceitful screen. We were never meant to suffer so; on this wretched, exploitative path we were never meant to go.

Unknowingly trapped by fraudulent, deceitful hypocrites of Dark Hearts, who drain our energies with deceit at every single chance, we, True Beings, sought Love and Peace in what we thought was earthly, innocent dalliance and its romance.

We were fooled, and fooled well, abused in our trustfulness and in our naivety. But now come, forget the pain and tears! Discard these harrowing experiences; rejoice with me in levity, there is abundant reason, this you'll soon see.

You have reached this point, in your journey, of painful realization, from which you can now be free of the strangling, emotional traps in this doomed, evil abomination.

Here, take my hand, and let us now proceed towards the Promised Land. Let us journey in peace, in harmony and its serenity, and in True Love, as we contemplate the Harmony of the Truth of the True Beings that we truly are, belonging in the Glorious Realm above.

Let us accept that this cruel, evil world, and its incorrigible demons, will no longer
use us evilly as fodder, or as bait, but rather will be totally destroyed, and soon, for that is now their inescapable, justified fate.

Come, honest, true friend, take my hand, for you have suffered, far, far more than enough. From this point on, trust in Light and trust in Love True, and call, with me, Evil's bluff.
Only in that way can you be free from the vicious, ferociously turbulent, draining and poisonous emotional sea, which engulfs, and seeks to drown, with spurious desires and fraudulent dreams, all who are trapped in the despicable, duplicitous realms of counterfeit humanity.

But once you, like me, fully realise who you truly, truly be, a child of the True God, a particle of Light Pure from Eternity, you will wallow no longer in the Curse, or cry with pain, or wish nihilistically to drown in Evil-prescribed destructive self-pity.

You will rise, Phoenix-like, to be another priceless Pearl of Infinity, that was temporarily lost in the mire of this mockery, this fatuous, vacuous, useless, fraudulent,
soon-to-be transmuted, impurity.

Come, dear friend, smile! Know that indeed you will soon be safe, and you will be forever truly happy, for I have come, to greet you but with one solemn thought.
I have come, Home to take thee.

PS Evil, unscrupulous rats have stolen my books and sell them at . They are not the genuine books I wrote. They have been distorted.

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Here is the list of my books and this is the order I recommend you should read them:

1        My Experiences of Aliens and Other Realities -

2  Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Volume One 

3     Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Vol. Two 

4      What's Going On? - Making Sense Of The Madness - Vol 1 

5     Keys To Reality - Making Sense Of The Madness - Vol 2

6     Death Of An Evil God - Making Sense Of The Madness - Volume 3

7     The Kingdom Of Zion - Exposing The Worldwide Conspiracy Of Evil

8     One World - Exposing The New World Order

9     Psychiatry - The Struggle For Your Soul

10     Essential Gnostic Truths

11       Towards Divine Warriorship

12-17    Thoughts Of A Gnostic -   Volumes  1 - 6

18  To    28 Collection of My Verses and Poems based on Gnostic Thoughts,  Volumes: 0ne to Eleven


NOTE: At present the books are only available as e-books.

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I cannot guarantee they are my genuine books.

December 10, 2018