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Holding The World Hostage

By Jim Kirwan

Currently “collective-punishment” is being employed by USRAEL which is literally holding the world hostage, to global-hostilities, that have no basis for any existence in any reality at all.

Gaza & Palestine

Yesterday a supposed agreement was signed to end hostilities in Gaza that is supposed to address the lifting of the decade’s long siege in Gaza. That’s a total lie because it involves Abbas, the US puppet who was appointed to speak for the US, not for the people of Gaza. Hamas, the overwhelmingly elected leadership for Palestine, was overridden again, in favor of Abbas and the total-disarmament of Palestine (that part of the recently reached agreement that cannot fly and was not mentioned) ­ which will not happen given the long and bloody history of Israel; which has all been one long illegal humanitarian genocide, committed against the entire community of nations worldwide.

For decades Israel has been slaughtering Palestinians wholesale. Whole families have been wiped out, entire villages and cities have been leveled and turned into rubble. Millions of people have been slaughtered by Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians.

Israel has tortured, imprisoned and starved the population. The IDF has targeted hospitals, emergency workers, air raid shelters and whole buildings, instead of just specific apartments within whole blocks of dwellings. The Red Cross and the Red Crescent along with UN facilities and schools are always targeted. Every form of illegal weapons of war have been used on Gaza, routinely. The fishermen have been denied their right to fish and people on the beaches have been slaughtered at random, for no reason at all, except to prove to the world that Israel can do anything it wants. Israel routinely cuts off electricity, jobs, water, sanitation yet the world does nothing to sanction either Israel or USI.

To expect the Palestinians to “DISARM” is to blame the victims of these crimes, for trying to defend themselves against the enemies of the world ­ to somehow achieve “peace without consequences” for 67 years of torture, genocide and death on a scale that makes what either the Nazi’s or Stalinist Russian’s did, pale by comparison.

South Africa’s “truth commissions” (confessions without consequences) did not work in South Africa: Because the same people that caused Apartheid there are still running South Africa today. Apparently this is what Israel wants to defer to in Palestine? But that cannot happen in Gaza today because the truth must act upon the crimes committed against Palestine… and Israel must pay for everything they’ve done for decades, otherwise any lip-service to “peace” goes far beyond that farce, adding obscenity to insult that can never be tolerated by any nation again.

No mention has yet been made of rebuilding the destruction, rebuilding the clean water resources, the hospitals, emergency services, the governmental agencies dually elected, or restoring the right to fish or farm or earn a living to the prisoners who have been prisoners of these global-criminals for 67 years—without any official trial. The children imprisoned, tortured and murdered, whole families are extinguished from the grand-parents all the way down to and including new born infants- after all of them were labeled as terrorists: None of this can be tolerated, much less can Israel “make peace” with their belligerent and hateful actions against an entire people for longer than the supposed country of Israel has existed.

Ukraine’s Failure to meet Porky’s Deadlines

The world chose to overlook the fact that Porky promised to exterminate the entire population of Eastern Ukraine by the end of the last week? That was supposed to mark the conclusion of his war upon the Eastern Regions of Ukraine, which cynically was never his to exterminate in the first place. Why no mention of his FAILURE?

Questions are being asked: ‘Who really owns Porky’? Is it the NAZI’s, or USRAEL? Can Ukraine be of any real value to the EU or to anyone else without Crimea or the Eastern breakaway regions? And how long can the bankrupt lying place that calls itself Ukraine survive before the entire cluster fck implodes into total chaos?

One thing is becoming crystal clear:

The Enemy in all global conflicts is the “External Management”

Of the lives of people everywhere!

Constantly revolving mandates around the world are at the core of all the damaged, the threatened and the dead that have resulted from the global-lawlessness which has covered everything now: So much for the so-called “political-side”.

Practically speaking winter is coming. And winter cannot be “bought off” it must be dealt with by everyone in Europe.


This “Wild, Wild West Mentality

Has invaded the world!

The gunslingers needed to activate this determination will not be cheap. And they will only darken and confuse every conflict where they have been enlisted to “perform” ­ especially as the money continues to “Run Out”!

Basic Economics” will no longer be ignored, because it simply cannot be ignored: Regardless of all the screwed up politics, because without any viable governments, every nation-state will fail. Of course most of us know that this has always been the point; which is also why all these empty political dictates, everywhere, amount to nothing but more and more naked lies for the world to ponder.

When states fail to protect their people, global tyranny “happens”. Genghis Khan - Biography - Warrior, Military Leader ...

Apparently today, no country except sometimes Russia and a few others can or will dare to take YES for an answer.

Ukraine without Crimea is not something that USRAEL will tolerate. But Crimea is now Russian and as such Russia is directly involved in everything that happens to the failed State of Ukraine, because Russia has always been where she is today when it comes to Ukraine—even before Kiev began to play with fire on the global scale.

Whenever a “state” cannot keep its promises to its own people, or to the wider world outside their borders: Or fails to protect its own people from certain death—then that “state” can no longer be considered real.

This fact is not being discussed anywhere on the planet today, because with very few exceptions this “condition” has come to be the case around the world as the Outlaws struggle to finish killing the remaining nations of the earth.

Just look at Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, or Ukraine: There is no government in those places that can protect their people from the global traitors that have decided to steal the world: Yet almost no one chooses to even mention that behemoth that stands in the middle of every press conference which is held anywhere on the planet ­ because that continuing crime is at the core of every problem that the world has today!

The criminals have been clearly identified: All that remains is for the global population to act upon the facts. Here’s the core of it!

By any standard neither NATO, the UN nor the EU can ever be considered to even be partial players on the global stage, because none of these “fake-forces” have ever met the bare minimums required to “be a state”.

Yet these creatures that are not humans, insist on entering every conflict, controlling everything from all military actions to the control of the money of the peoples being fought over, not to mention that none of those ‘organizations’ have ever shown any respect for any of the people they have turned into refugees, captured, terrorized, tortured or murdered, anywhere on the planet wherever these “forces” decide to intervene!

All of this happens because the UN, NATO and the EU, as well as USI and Israel are just conquering corporate forces which are used to deny real states the right to control their own futures. These outlaw-entities are used to control the resources of other people everywhere. They are in business to seek and maintain control over other people’s money, over other people’s lands and traditions and over all those who resist the global-élites. Of course they do all this illegally and without permission.

That’s because these illegal organizations are in the business of denying all people anywhere the right to defend themselves from capture, torture, slavery or death—which is an undeniable right for anyone who is still alive…

Consequently there can’t generally be any real trust at the core of the world as it’s been structured today. Of course there are exceptions but this problem is at the core of all the fake-arguments, all the bullshit and all the lies!

Ukraine What’s Next

What has to happen now is

The World has to Fall Out of Love with Violence”

And we have to resist the further temptation

To commit global suicide by

Nuclear Confrontation ­ Everywhere that Hydra

Raises its ugly head!


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