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Hogg-Tied To The Gunfire At Parkland School (Pt 5)

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

The evidence available thus far from the Valentine's day massacre has been mounting against the Hogg family as undercover accomplices and beneficiaries in the clandestine operation that killed 17 students and teachers. David Hogg has zero right to talk about "gun control" when his father works for the most murderous part of the assault-rifle industry, the killer-training program known as Cubic Simulation Systems, a nice name for Murder Inc. Version 2.

The Hoggs are lying hustlers and profiteers from the worst gun violence in the world from war-torn Iraq to downtown USA. Here it will be shown that the father, Kevin Hogg, and his employer belong on the most-wanted suspect list for the Parkland school gunshot deaths. American citizens have every to own guns to protect themselves from the lethal deceptions of the Hoggs. Mothers and fathers of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas students, do not let your children follow these Pied Pipers to their dishonor and destruction.

Media Clown Not A Pro

Right from the earliest interviews of student David Hogg, who majors in media and video production, many observers independently came to the conclusion that he's been reciting from a script drafted by higher-ups who ran the covert operation that killed 17 students and teachers. His video interviews of fellow students during the classroom siege were widely seen as a long-rehearsed stunt. His circle of theater students, laughing while others died, awkwardly suffer the snowflake narcissism of the selfie generation, which ironically ruined his only shot at journalistic glory.

Among many colleagues past and present who produce videos, along with my own media experience, the basic instinct in the craft is to capture the image and actions of the central figure in any given social drama, which in the Parkland assault was the main gunman of course. In a situation when an interview is inconvenient to say the least, then the next best thing is to capture his image. Despite the presence of hundreds of camera phones, and Hogg's video camera, why is there not a single, even blurry image of any of the alleged three shooters inside the school?

Sure there was a physical risk in taking such a photo but nothing close to the dangers, for example, of my reporting inside Taliban-controlled areas just before the start of the Afghan War, while bleeding profusely from a sandfly-transmitted infection. When people used to ask me how could I take on the risks of working behind enemy lines, I'd tell them there's more odds on being killed downtown, run over by a truck or hit with a stray bullet in a drug war. How hard is it to sneak a shot from the sidelines while a shooter is preoccupied with mowing down helpless victims in the hallway?

Somewhat like a sniper scope, the videocam can be positioned at some distance from the glass pane of a classroom door, allowing the zoom lens to close in on the target figure with surprising clarity and likely without being spotted. Camera versus gun is a classic confrontation in these modern times. In most cases, the video image wins the contest, although the slim odds for vice versa makes journalism the world's riskiest profession. I would have paid to be there inside Parkland school to score the "money shot".

As a rookie journalist, David Hogg failed the test with an F-minus for not making the minimal effort required of him. Cowering on the floor is not how the job gets done. In that situation, speaking with a pretty young girl about gun control is also completely out of order, when the task at hand is to figure out how to use a tripod, a light stand or a steel carrying case as a weapon against the shooter. In my past tasks of starting up of two journalism schools, I've lectured incoming j-school students that, especially in war, there's a moment to stop observing and start taking action to save lives. It's unnecessary to kill the assailant, when disabling and capturing him makes for a better story anyway.

In short, student Hogg has not been following the logic of the journalist's craft, but was doing something else called propaganda, mouthing political correctness that boiled away into nonsense in that situation. If it weren't for all the ridiculous qualms over the means of self-defense, one of the teachers could have easily taken out that gunman, sparing the lives of innocent children.

The fact that hundreds of healthy young people who practice kung-fu or do gymnastics could not overwhelm the shooter, when he was loading a clip, is a disgrace to countless past generations of Americans. Take a chair and whack him on the neck. It's simple enough to break his nose or fingers. I'm not saying it's commendable to act like a thug, but these kids sure never heard Elvis Costello's lyrics: "You've got to be cruel to be kind."

As for his master blaster mind-controller, one has to look no farther than his daddy Kevin Ralph Hogg, who is employed by a defense contractor that trains soldiers and police officers for special-ops in urban warfare exactly like the commando raid against Stoneman Douglas. This, Part 5 in a series on the Parkland school incident, examines the Hogg family link to Cubic Simulation Systems in Pompano Beach and Orlando, which provides tactical training with weapons similar to the firearms used at the school on Valentine's day. Also discussed below are Cubic's connections with the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and its dual-citizens reservists in and around Broward county.

Where Was The Deputy?

That line from Bob Marley's "I shot the sheriff" poses a hard question. The most recent blow to the official cover-up just came from the school resource officer (SRO), or head of security, Broward deputy Scot Peterson. After being absent on premises during the intrusion, he was subsequently castigated for failing to enter the 1200 building.

Not until 12 days afterward did SRO Peterson provide an explanation for his conduct. AP reported: "Peterson's statement said he and a security specialist ran to the scene at first word of the shooting, a report that mistakenly said firecrackers were being set off near one building. He then heard gunshots but believed that those gunshots were originating from outside of the building." Following the rule book from his police training, "he took up a ‘tactical position' between two nearby buildings while alerting dispatch and initiating a Code Red lockdown of the campus".

Next, the capper: "Radio transmissions indicated that there was a gunshot victim in the area of the football field, adding to his belief that the shooting was outdoors." Fair enough, he's deserves a reprieve for giving us some food for thought.

Key Issues Here Include -

- A "security specialist" was visiting Parkland school that day, which confirms the teacher statements about a planned emergency drill, which misled everyone into thinking that blanks were being fired in an evacuation exercise instead of the real deal;

- Peterson, the sole deputy assigned to Stoneman Douglas school, was therefore guiding a security expert around campus, which confirms a top school-district administrator's statement that the SRO had been "called away", apparently for official duties;

- The fact that the gunshots sounded like small firecrackers was the initial impression of many students and teachers inside the epicenter, Building 1200 (an important detail for ballistics analysis);

- The SRO, however, understood the "firecrackers" as being near (outside) a building, indicating that a sniper was, indeed, outdoors picking off anyone who ventured out;

- The police radio transmitted a report of a gunshot victim on the football field, which confirms witness accounts of several prone bodies lying outdoors; and

- His triggering of a Red Code had several immediate consequences, including 1.) teachers assuming that it signaled the start of the planned emergency drill; 2.) electronically locking all classroom doors that had not been left open; 3.) and then forcing the shooter(s) to set off up to three fire alarms to reopen the doors. The sequence meant that the assailants were well prepped on emergency procedures, indicative of their having inside sources.

What to make of Peterson's account? The distraction of a dead body outdoors conforms to first-day accounts of several people being shot dead outside, indicating the presence of a third shooter in addition to two assailants inside Building 1200. The tally adds up to an assault team of at least 3 gunmen, in addition to possible accessories to the crime. These witness accounts, which now include the deputy (and apparently the security expert on site), disprove the official claim of a crazed lone gunman named Nikolas Cruz.

The rough tally, therefore, is: up to four bodies outdoors; some seven dead on the 3rd floor of 1200 building, which still leaves the location(s) of 5-6 gunshot deaths unaccounted for. The police investigation is deeply compromised by the garbled locations of victims, plus the empty wheelchair that supposedly brought a strapped-down shooter to the hospital. In addition, only 4 individuals were hospitalized for serious wounds, resulting in a 4-to-1 kill-wound ratio, indicating superb marksmanship, far beyond the ability of a deranged amateur like Cruz.

Eyewitness Accounts

Female student witness Z, who escaped the third floor down the west-end staircase, claimed that suspect Cruz walked besides her. When she accused him of being a gunman, his reply was a shocked and confused "Uhh?". Witness Z said "the other gunman" was still firing from the opposite end (east side) of upper floor of Building 1200.

The lone gunman theory is a deception, perhaps for "strategic" reasons not to alarm to the 3-member assault team while they're being tracked down or, more likely, in another official cover-up like so many others in the past. Why not just post a bounty on a wanted list? Eventually one of the strike team will get caught by a bounty hunter, dooming the others.

Laser-Aimed Rifle

Witness T, a female teacher on the 3rd floor near the east end, provided the clearest description of the principle gunman, as described earlier in this series, as being clad in black "full metal gear", including an alloyed steel-plate bulletproof vest, helmet and ski mask. In her statement to national news, she said that the gunman was firing a "barrage of bullets" from "a rifle (the type of which) I had never seen before". In the earliest edition of her interview, the teacher also mentioned seeing the shooter walk past her classroom door with his rifle pointing a red laser beam down the hallway. (This tactic was apparently to mop up the wounded with a head shot, as indicated by the multiple wounds.)

Witness R, a male teacher at the opposite end from the gunman, confirmed her remarks, although in less detail.

Student Witness Q, female, said that the second shooter was dressed more casually, although also in black and with his face covered over, possibly with a scarf, not to be recognized. She did not pinpoint his location except somewhere opposite the main shooter. (Glimpses are, of course, a lot to ask for in this situation, considering that anyone who stopped and stared was shot dead.) Another Student Witness, M, a Latina, said that without doubt there were three shooters.

Question: With students congregated on the ground floor, how did the two shooters get past them undetected? Fire escape? Was that really Nikolas Cruz that Witness T spoke with, since two other male students with dark hair said they were also accused of being shooters? There are a lot of loose ends in this ball of yarn.

Weapons And Tactics

Now for the hardware. The laser-aimed gun is a key element in the female teacher's account, which at least explains the accuracy of gunfire, which left few students with survivable wounds, other than those scratched by ricochet fragments. The type of gun she had "never before seen" is probably a downsized assault rife with a detachable (by unscrewing) barrel, resembling a rectangular box, like the ones used for a single long rose stem on Valentine's. This type of foreshortened rifle, also a removable butt, is designed for urban warfare inside buildings or constricted areas such as alleys, arcades and between buildings.

The popping sound, much like a .22 pistol or balloons bursting, is based on a type of ammunition developed for short-range urban firefights, known as the .300 Blackout (or Whisper) used by special-ops. The shell contains a smaller charge than a standard NATO round (5.56 x 45 mm, or .233 caliber) and the bullet is heavier and slightly wider, since the distance in urban warfare is at much closer-range than in open-field combat. One advantage of less impulse force is a lower noise level inside the echo-chamber environment of a concrete building or other enclosed space, preventing damage to the ear drums (which must be avoided since listening is an important part of detecting enemy movements). The heavier bullet inflicts an even larger exit wound than a NATO round, as seen in the "football size" holes in the bodies at Parkland school.

The firing sequence of the "full metal" gunman is proof of hundreds of hours of tactical training and battle experience. The "barrage of bullets" initially downed his quarry, followed up with his steady slow steps along the hallway to mop up the dying with a merciful coup de grace through the forehead. Therefore the horrifying screaming of the wounded, as heard by the surviving students, did not last for long. He did not continue the pursuit of the fleeing students, presumably because he had achieved his assigned quota of kills, not much different than a bag limit during hunting season.

The plan, therefore, was a controlled count of confirmed dead victims so as not leave a lot of wounded to suffer for the rest of their lives, a professional practice that's part of standard procedure at tactical-training centers operated by defense contractor such as the one in Pompano Beach, which employs Kevin Hogg as an adviser and marketing liaison to the FBI, CIA and police departments. The operational rules make a sense since there's no point wasting money and time on someone who's no chance of living anything resembling a normal life. Now David, why don't you just choke on that thought over what Dad does for his living? Instead of blaming Americans who comprehend the situation of lawlessness the nation is facing, jut tell your father that he's a despicable war criminal, even if that takes moral backbone.

Through The PRISiM Darkly

As analyzed further on in this essay, the shooting at Parkland school was done by highly trained professional shooters, with an accuracy level far surpassing any weekend warrior and far beyond an amateur like suspect Nikolas Cruz. The Parkland shooters, plural, demonstrated their prior training at weapons handling and in tactical guidelines from either Kevin Hogg's company, called Cubic Simulation Systems, or one of the few other comparable special-ops training programs.

One of the promo videos from Cubic Simulation Systems was re-posted at, so that any casual viewers are not tagged and tracked by that spooky outfit. Since I've written this series, it can assumed they're not going to shoot me right away at least. The risk of reprisal one of the downsides of journalism, the constant knowledge that they're going to try to catch up with you, like what happened to Gary Webb who did the expose of the CIA role in the crack cocaine contagion. Call it an occupational hazard. Land-mine removers and lumberjacks face much worse odds, so why worry?

The software and visualization package, which trains new recruits to use assault rifles against simulated human targets on video, is called PRISim, an acronym that I have so failed to decipher. Here's a question for PC liberals: Do Black lives matter? Not at Cubic. PRISim offers the pleasure of simulated shootings of African-American criminals at point-blank range. Take note, that's one way to hold down the tax burden for building new prisons. After clearing the bar with an electronic toy gun, the shooter can then progress to firing live ammunition inside their "Village", a model of Ferguson, where novice shooters graduate can open up with short-barrel assault rifles at dummies, like the ones inside and outside Parkland school.

It takes a village of corpses before being awarded a certificate of excellence, as described in Cubic's press release after it won a contract with DuPage College in Glen Ellyn, Illnois, for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA, pronounced "slay"). The 66,000 sq.ft. facility called the Homeland Security Training Center includes a 4,500 sq.ft "tactical village" (otherwise known as the ghetto). an indoor two-story replica of a downtown street used for immersion training. For a while in my youth, I grew up in a Bloods gang-controlled area of Southwest LA, so this replica would be a homecoming for me.

Cubic equipped the facility with its Advanced System Architecture for Urban Live Training (ASAULT, d'ya suppose these guys like to kill?), consisting of cameras, speakers, smoke generators, high fidelity indoor tracking and computer-based exercise monitoring and debriefing apps. Cubic uses targeting with ballistic-accurate lasers mounted on actual weapons to realistically simulate gun battles and to record hits and misses. These are used extensively by the U.S. and foreign military forces for combat training. Got that, Teach? Now you know where he's coming from.

This isn't about a lone gunman, it's a massive killing machine. If this is what the American citizenry is going to be facing soon, it's time to legalize 30mm Gatling guns for home protection. Now consider the fact that PRISim is the business as usual that puts food on the table in the Hogg dining room. Therefore one can conclude that CNN "gun-control advocate" from the Broward school district, Rebecca Boldrick aka Mom, must be packing too. Don't ask, don't tell when it comes to the Hoggs, unless you want to end up neck deep in the swill.

OK, little David, we see right through your BS game, so preach what you really practice. Come out of that closet and admit you're a con artist who defrauded those rich people in Hollywood who support gun control. One thing's for sure, you owe an apology to Senator Marco Rubio. Now go wash your lying mouth out with soap.

Devil Is In The Details

I have just two questions for the Hoggs and the boss at Cubic: Among your assault weapon toting trainees, which ones did Parkland? Or was the job contracted out to your company reps with Israeli Defense Force (IDF), maybe some Shomrim reservists down at Chabad House? There's some uncertainly about whodunits after President Barack Obama eliminated the Frank rule that American citizens cannot be killed by the CIA. The Parkland job, however, sure bore the hallmarks of an IDF-style raid on Gaza.

One pattern that's a known is: Americans tend to work as a team, to cover each other, whereas the Israelis are used to swaggering and acting like Uber-mensch (supermen) when they bully the Palestinians and gun them down in cold blood. This Israeli menace gets back to Cubic Simulation Systems, who's recently promoted chairman, Bradley Feldman, has focused on acquiring Israeli military-related high tech to compete in both the U.S. and global security market against his main competitor Thyssen Training of Germany. Sig Sauer rifles are top of the line, while Israeli Galil firearms have a lot of catching up to do.

Money, The Root Of Evil

Due to the Pentagon draw-down in Afghanistan and Iraq, defense-sector demand for combat training is in decline, though once the mainstay of revenues for Cubic. The ace in Feldman's hole is the Broward County Sheriff's department with the nation's largest police force, numbering 6,000 employees and a budget of $730 million. The trend of gentrification of South Florida, however, is leading toward an overall decline in violent crime rates in Florida, which is hitting a 50-year low. Miami Vice is not what it used to be, moving upstream into white-collar crime aka business as usual: money-laundering, casinos, escort services, porn and fraud.

Therefore, graphic violence committed in Broward County was necessary to the security sector of the state economy, Cubic in a nutshell, and presto suddenly comes the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School attack, for no convincing reason other than Nikolas Cruz's stepmother's death by cancer (which should have been investigated, had her body not been cremated.) A murderous rampage with no apparent cause is similar to how and why the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings happened exactly when Sen. Joe Lieberman's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was in need of dramatic violence for Congress to authorize spending. These mass murders are all about money and have nothing to do with madness, other than insane greed.

As for Israeli reservists, and even active Israeli military officers, these maggots are now crawling over every college campus in America to intimidate students and faculty members who are supporting the BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement against the State of Israel for its atrocious human-rights record. Now there's a cause more appropriate for you, David, since you can promote BDS and still carry a concealed weapon while donning a yamulka. You think like a Jew so act like one.

The Phony Arrest

Which raises the question: How is it that Nikolas Cruz was arrested just around the corner from the Chai Center Chabad House in Coral Springs? Rabbi Hershy Bronstein claims that he was monitoring the street after the Parkland shooting when he noticed the suspect walking past. It seems more likely that the born-again Jewish lad was boarding at Chabad, and left some gear there, when the rabbi assured him that fellow Shomrim vigilante member Sheriff Scott Israel would protect him under custody, since no Jew could prosecute another under the mafia-like "mesirah" code of unequal justice for all.

The other question is: Nikolas Cruz told his hosts, the Sneads, that he was not going to attend school on Valentine's day. He reportedly took an Uber to Parkland, but was it just to deliver a card to the girl he had formerly taken interested in? How did he get past the locked gate? Or was his presence on the school a case of mistaken identity, since at least two other male students were accused of being him? Was he actually at Chai Center Chabad House all that day, maybe waiting for an after-school party with other students?

The problem in the quest for justice in Parkland is: Other than one teacher's recollections, nobody else's word is worth a penny in Broward County, home to a bunch of habitual cheats, something like Clinton's Arkansas with alligators and Zika mosquitoes.

Civics 101

As for the confused Parkland students, get back to hitting the books. Ever since the school boards dropped Civics class, nearly all young people lack the American history lessons required to comprehend why the Founding Fathers were so insistent on the citizenry's right to bear arms. I learned it all about the Declaration and Constitution by second grade back in public school on the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles, where we used to give the pledge of allegiance every morning. Our lives didn't matter or amount to anything back then, but the flag, the anthem and country did, since there wasn't much else to believe in.

All I can recommend, short of a return to traditional education, is for all young people to watch and study "The Last of the Mohicans" to see what happens to ordinary people and local communities when absolutist governments control all the firepower. The other salient point in a serious curriculum is to study the role of the Hessian mercenaries, King George III, and the House of Rothschild in Hesse to understand why a free citizenry and not military contractors should defend the nation. There's no recommended film on that topic out of Hollywood coming soon.

Now here's something that Parkland kids might be able to comprehend, from the early chapters of Star Wars and not the snowflake sequels.

Are you so naive as to trust the sweet talk of the treacherous Senator Debbie Wasserman Palpatine and her allies, the merchants of death in the advanced weapons industry churning out droids and soon the clones? Can you not see that science fiction is just a figment of our reality?

Methinks to the Dark Side that David is being drawn, pulled in by the traction beam of CNN. If you want to be sucked in, like how Anakin Skywalker morphed into Darth Vader, go ahead but remember there's an ultimate price to be paid on the other side, which makes suffering and death noble by comparison. And that's never to know the meaning of love and its social app called honor.