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 Hitomi And The God Particle

From Dick Allgire

One of the most amazing remote viewing sessions ever documented.

A film by Dick Allgire that takes you on a journey through matter, and into consciousness.

Dick Allgire is a veteran, award-winning TV journalist with 38 years experience as a mainstream reporter, producer and news anchor. He has also been a leader in the remote viewing community for the past 15 years. Allgire is a member of the board of directors at the Farsight Institute. He the vice president of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild and has given numerous presentations on remote viewing at international conferences.

His new documentary film “Hitomi and The God Particle” captures one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking remote viewing projects ever recorded.

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Allgire followed Japanese remote viewer Hitomi Akamatsu in her quest to explore the potential of consciousness and master remote viewing. Hitomi Akamatsu is a psychologist and practicing psychotherapist in Japan. The video documents her ability to describe distant locations and events with stunning accuracy under completely blind conditions. In 2012 she traveled to Hawaii for extensive training with the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild. Akamatsu is also trained in CRV (David Morehouse) and Advanced SRV by Dr. Courtney Brown at Farsight.

In the course of her advanced work she was given a blind tasking, the creation of the Higgs-Boson event (the so-called “God Particle”) at the Large Hadron supercollider in Switzerland.

The video reveals Hitomi’s amazing validation work, as well her incredibly precise descriptions and sketches of the facilities and events at the supercollider.

In the video, she takes us on an amazing journey into the facility itself, accurately drawing the machinery, the technicians, and the scientists, describing the particles down to the subatomic realm. Physicists believe the “God Particle” is the bridge between matter and energy. Hitomi’s session suggests the connection is really one of consciousness.

Reviewers call the video “inspirational.” It will leave you pondering the nature of consciousness and even reality itself.

Commentary and analysis is provided by physicist Thomas Campbell, author of “My Big TOE (The Theory of Everything.)

“Hitomi and The God Particle” shows the amazing potential of human perception and gives us a glimpse into why consciousness may be the basis of our physical realty.

With his experience as both a journalist and remote viewer Dick Allgire is uniquely able to show this important story- how the session unfolded, and what it tells us about consciousness.

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