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History Is Repeating Itself


By Jim Kirwan


There are a number of videos covering the government attack on the Branch Davidians. It's ancient history for most today: But Oregon appears about to provide 'Waco, Texas 2.0 for self-motivated Amerikans. It was the ATF in Waco, in Oregon it's going to be the FBI, just like it ultimately became when the FBI was called in, in Texas. In Oregon the FBI won't be waiting or negotiating with those who went to Burns, Oregon to help people there defend themselves against this lawless nation. All of this is happening because we did not prosecute Hillary or the Clinton Administration, in 1993, for their wanton murder of so many innocent people—and now Hillary wants to be “president”.

On February 28, 1993 seventy-six ATF agents, accompanied by three helicopters, attempted to conduct a surprise raid on the Branch Davidian's home and church. Davidians, who were armed after hearing there would be a "raid" and possible "shooting", engaged in a gun battle with agents. Fifty-one day siege ensued followed by April 19, 1993 FBI tank attack, during which or sometime after, the building caught fire and burned down.”

WACO: The Footage

8 min VIDEO

During the Waco standoff that lasted several months, the US Attorney General Janet Reno had a breakdown when the time came to issue attack orders. The Clinton Administration was stymied until Hillary, the then wife of the president - took charge and gave the illegal-order that brought the flame throwing tanks into action against men women and children; many of whom were slaughtered or burned alive on Hillary's illegal "say-so”.

The outlaw LBGTQ Attorney General today is Loretta Lynch and she hates traditional people, especially anyone that dares to think for themselves. She won't blink when it comes to obliterating anyone that challenges the lawless federal government. But this time there is a difference there are people who have laid out the problems along with the unconstitutional violations of everything that's been going on in both the Bundy and the Hammon's properties.

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom News Conference

FBI Preparing for WACO Style raid in Oregon


The Last Refuge”

Amanda Marshall

Her part in all of this is crammed with questions,

which is what makes her part in all of this a must read to understand.

Her 'story' is in 'The last Refuge'



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