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Hinckley Should Be Charged
As A Double Murderer

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - I find this release of Hinkley to be a travesty of justice.

I always felt Ronald Reagan developed a form of CJD or other infectious prion disease, even Alzheimers, due to the blood he received during surgery after being shot.  Therefore, when Reagan died it should have been called homicide.  Same goes for Press Secretary Brady whose death in 2014 was ruled a homicide.
So, my question is, and this is the 64,000 dollar question, WHY was HINKLEY NOT CHARGED WITH MURDER IN 2014 when Brady died?  IF he is so sane now and according to Zionist Judge Friedman, has been 'in remission' for twenty years, why can he not be charged with murder NOW?

Also, the timing of his release is weird.  Right in the middle of the farce Democrat national convention.   I cannot see why he is being released NOW… it makes no sense.  This was a very quick decision with political motives in my opinion.  I wonder if that Judge owed Obama or Hillary or Bill Clinton any favors.

Donald Trump needs to be even more aware of his surroundings now.  I do not think the Clintons and Obama care much what happens to Hinckley.  It would not surprise me if they used him, brainwashed him, and set him free to kill again.

With Trump beating Hillary in the polls - even now during the DNC convention when she should be getting a lift in the polls - I worry more for Mr Trump's safety.  I do not trust Obama or the Clintons.  There is an endless supply of John Hinckley, Jrs on the shelf…

Also, note It was a FEDERAL Judge who ordered Hinkley released. And Virginia?  Hillary's VP pick from Virginia.  Jeff, I do not like this…the timing stinks.  The Jewish Judge Friedman, in my book, is suspect and may be complicit in a larger operation.

I also noticed that the articles state Hinckley is in 'REMISSION' which is NOT the same as 'cured'.  They are careful to say remission so that if he relapses and kills again, they can say he was in remission but the challenge of life outside the mental hospital caused his relapse.  I do not trust this situation and I think there is clearly a political angle to it.

 If they release Hinckley, why not release Charlie Manson?




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