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Hillary Proposes Creating 'Office Of Immigrant Affairs'

By Patricia Doyle Phd

Have you seen this? Hillary creating office of immigrant affairs.  Sure, bring in more black Muslims to kill us off and yell at Americans to leave America or die like they are now doing in Britain.  Only Problem is no country would take in Americans like we take in blacks and Hispanics.  Unless we were to claim to be 'Muslim' but I would hate living with that kind of Third World rif-raff.  

Where are the space aliens?  I am waiting for them to abduct me.  Soon, I hope.

This planet is ruined and when the idiot Muslims drop radioactive cobalt dirty bombs over cities via drones then there will be no place for anyone to live.  Damn fools.  

First of all, drones should be strictly licensed.  I wish they never made any.  History proves that humans can never handle technology without using against other people.  We are a stupid race and hopefully the aliens are nearby and just waiting for their turn to take over…when the planet cools down after humans trash it.

I can read between the lines.  They want to end all fossil burning fuel like coal and oil and use some sort of nuclear heating for homes.  Insanity.  Humans still think they can handle nuclear power.  Yeah, right.  They can't even safely dispose of the waste.  Their idea is to shuffle the waste from country to country.  Offer money and any stupid country will take the deadly nuke waste.   Dumb humans…beyond reclamation.

Too bad horses can't take over the planet.  Animals would be far superior to humans.


Hillary Plans To Launch 'Immigration Office' If Elected


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