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Hillary, China, Russia, N Korea And Oregon



By John W. Spring


There may actually be a “GREAT AWAKENING” taking place now in America related to the very recent voting results in New Hampshire. At least one thing is certain for the Democratic and Republicanvoters in the Granite State, they do not want former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become their next President. From my perspective, it is not a question of Capitalism as expressed by BillionaireDonald Trump or Socialism as expressed by Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, but, rather, a far deeper concern about former Secretary Hillary Clinton.

It is interesting to notice that there are more “Undeclared” voters, 383,845, in New Hampshire than there are registered Republicans, 260,896, or Democrats, 229,202, on December 28, 2015.

Bernie Sanders received 151,584 votes, Donald Trump got 100,406 votes, which were more than the95,252 votes acquired by Hillary Clinton. So apparently Sanders and Trump had both benefitted from the “Undeclared” voters registered in New Hampshire. But, unfortunately for Sanders, the Democratic National Committee or DNC will probably give him far fewer delegates, which may be only 13, whileClinton will get 15. So much for politics.

But, if the final votes are any indication, most Americans have awakened to the realization that Hillary Clinton can no longer be trusted to become our next President.
Russia, China and North Korea as well as Iran in the Middle East intend to destroy America in the near future. Former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton when she was one of the “Presidents” during the Clinton Administration, her contributions made for our aforementioned enemies had significantly strengthened them while selling us out.

For instance, the real reason behind the “stand-off” in Oregon was directly related to the many “arrangements” made by Hillary Clinton with the Bureau of Land Management or the BLM, when she was the Secretary of State, so that China and Russia could obtain American property with high-gradeUranium ore, including “yellow cake.” As first lady, she enabled China to get hold of our latest missileand nuclear technology, which has now been forwarded on to North Korea where Kim Jong Un claims that his nation has acquired “indigenous nuclear weapons technology.”

Now, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or DPRK is capable of striking New York andWashington as well as all major cities along the Atlantic Seaboard with nuclear warheads onIntercontinental Ballistic Missiles launched from the Korean Peninsula. In addition, the North Koreans have also developed a Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile that is capable of striking at the heartland of America from either the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, China and Russia are planning to use North Korea and Iran for striking America.

While both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump think they can work with Russia against ISIS, this is probably due to their lack of knowledge and understanding about the Middle East. So we must face up to betrayal by some of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to actual ignorance of most realms or regions of the world. For this concern, I am hoping that it is still possible for a well-qualified and very honest presidential candidate to enter this 2016 race.

All of the aforementioned information is based upon intelligence received from many reliable sources that cannot be revealed at this time.
However, for the first time in decades, it seems as if America may actually be on its way to a Great Awakening that could bring back our freedom and our nation.

In the Spirit at 1776!




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