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Hill-Bama Plan To Bring In 110,000
More Black 'Muslims' In 2017

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - In regard to the article you posted showing that Obama and Hillary will bring in a minimum of 110,000 Muslims...we know exactly what kind they are talking about.  They will be predominantly (fake muslim) AFRICAN savages... i.e. the very dark blacks who often have red where the whites of their eyes should be.

The American people need to recognize this for what it is - an invasion by an Army of savages.  These people have NO CULTURE and are uncivilized.  They think it is perfectly fine to rape babies, toddlers and white children.  They even feel justified to rape the elderly like the 79 year old woman visiting her sister's grave in Germany.  

They are illiterate, uncivilized, uneducated and unskilled.  They do not hold any jobs whatsoever and most never will. Their intention is to come here, steal our welfare, food stamps, free housing and rape boys and girls,etc.   Just as long as they are white.

Obama is bringing in young male savages of military age.  This should tell you all you need to know. Soon they will begin to kill police and then our police, like those in Sweden will begin to quit 'in droves'.

We must stop Obama and Hillary at all costs.  Bill Clinton is also going along with this invasion plan.  If you want to see what America will be like in 2017, just go to and check out Paris streets.  Here's the link     You will see mile after mile of black savages laying lazily on filthy mattresses and cardboard on the streets of a once clean spotless Paris.  The shops on those streets no longer do business.  The tourism trade is gone, done over.   Where once their were artists sitting at easels painting tourists portraits, now lay the scum of the Earth...Muslim African blacks.  Paris is done.

Next year, it is our turn.  Boise, St Cloud, MN, Los Angeles, NY, Houston, Miami and all around the Country, the same shiftless West-hating Muslims will invade our once peaceful and clean streets.  Talk about the economy taking a hit, it will TANK when these savages lay along our streets in towns and cities.  

They are coming here. They are coming for your daughters and (a good number of these savages are gay) they will prey on your sons.  They will seek out all whites, no matter what sex or age.  These are the scum of the Earth and this is what your 'President' is bringing, and wants to continue bringing, here.  

We must force Hillary and Obama to understand that we Americans will not accept these savages.  NO Muslims. NO Africans.  PERIOD.

One thing you can do is get out and vote for Trump.  Be like a Democrat, vote once and then vote often.



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