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Hillary & Angela

By Jim Kirwan


The Dream Team Appointment for 2017

In light of the new paradigm in politics, where everyone lies and everyone knows that this 'qualifier' automatically gives to every candidate the license to lie unendingly, as proof that they are the chosen insider's in the CON to end all CON's ­ especially when it comes to the candidates that are eyeball-deep in the fake-race for the last presidency of the U.S

In view of this ever-intensifying predicament that the cabal finds themselves in, they really do know that they are a hairsbreadth away from a French Revolution style denouement. They also know that the final stage of their New World Order is vitally necessary if they are to avoid a public lynching. Only by crashing the Global Economic and Financial System and starting a full-blown World War III can they be guaranteed their freedom from the clutches of We the People. They really do get that...”


The Dynamic Duos at the Trump wedding

Why were they each deliberately set up to be the lesser of the two evils for this 2016 election? Why are Americans so addicted to deception?

State of the Nation

And in this corner we have a criminally insane, psychopathic career politician who fraudulently advocates all the politically correct causes … HILLARY R. CLINTON And in that corner we have a sociopathic and compulsive salesman who is much more showman than anything else, much more barker than leader… DONALD J. TRUMP What you are about to read constitutes the single greatest CON in U.S. election history. This CON is so calculated and premeditated, so purposeful and deliberate, and so complicated and convoluted that very few will choose to believe it. Trust us! You will believe it when you see the results after January 20th of 2017. However, what most may completely fail to believe ~ at the end of the day ~ is who the real con man really is. We’re talking about the greatest CON MAN alive today....”

2016 Presidential Election: The Greatest CON in U.S. Electoral History

The theory behind the reason for this article is built upon the idea that criminality and total disloyalty are everything in American Politics, especially in today's absolutely total embrace of the world's most corrupt liars: Hence the 'idea' that Hillary might very well appoint Angela Merkel to her cabinet of traitors to represent “their own kind of people”

After all is said and done Merkel hates white men, Germans and Americans alike. She detests Germany, its customs and traditions. She's been a traitor to everything and everyone that thought she would protect Germany and its people in the world of today. Of course that's because too many Germans failed to look at her “qualifications” before they “elected” her to run the German government.

Blind Faith in Global Leaders

Since no one in any American political office needs any real qualifications any longer, Hillary could just appoint Angela, in much the same way that the hundreds of thousands of NAZI's were imported into the USA after WWII. Hell, that would not even be 'original'. Bush Junior did it in his first term in office when he secretly hired the ex-head of the KGB & the ex-head of the East-German Stasi to design America's Homeland Security System: Together with the National ID Card. No one objected then, so why not let this dynamic-duo bring real criminality directly into the next office of the presidency, if Hillary manages to steal the coming farce in this “CON to end all CON's” in the world?

Read the “2016 Presidential Election” above, if you have any doubts about the possibilities for such an outrageous appointment ­ because something like this could easily bolster Hillary's PC and criminal term in office? Unless of course the German people do something permanent about the existence of Angela Merkel before the selection in America even takes place?

Of course the same thing could also be said of all the antique-bloodsucking outlaws that are still running this place even as some of them approach what begins to look like100 years of age: Rothschild, Kissinger, Soros, GWH Bush, Brzeznski, Madeline Albright, and on down through the ranks of all the Olegarch's, the bandits, bankers, outlaws and thieves that have brought us to this obscenity in time itself.

Remember the public is never consulted, and no crime has ever been too large to just overlook or ignore, once whoever it is, finally reaches into the Oval Office or at least that's been the case since I've been on the planet.

The latest crime's beyond description are over-running all of Europe, constituting the Third Intifada, that's threatening to crush the planet ­ having already created over 900 NO-GO-ZONE'S on the continent, with some in Britain and America as well. That bit of information is being withheld from the global public, along with the number and severity of the gang rapes and attacks as the tsunami continues to drown the Europeans in Merkel's criminally-liable invasion. This is creating suicide by individuals and nation-states as well. Germany as well as several others, will continue to be victimized unless the world ACTS to STOP ALL OF THIS SHIT, before even more time passes...


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