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High Treason!

By Jim Kirwan

We’ll Kill the Dollar”

This is a brilliant essay but with one huge flaw which

Too many still fail to deal with:

The Crimes of the Petro-Dollar must be paid for

If survival is to take place. (1)

I started out rough and moved through about ten years that could be considered basic-training for what followed. I was awarded full college scholarships (3) that were not used. Instead I became a student in the University of the Streets where I discovered that no one ever graduates from that course, because there is always much more to learn.

Along the way I passed through the dark side, and survived. Then I chose the arts which turned out to be even more demanding than just surviving. The beauty of the non-formal but deadly choice, which comes from learning directly from life, is that it requires the inclusion of major risks with almost every step. Some of those risks are financial, some were physical, some were professional but all the fields which ‘The Streets’ cause anyone who lives “between-the-cracks’ to encounter: Are lessons that return lasting benefits to the deeper self as well as to all of life ­ if you remain awake!

In that earlier time I came face to face with “contracts” that threatened to terminate existence, several times. I survived, but those that issued the contracts are no longer around. The lesson that was being taught was two fold. First that one must be creative if you are to survive, whatever the challenges are. The second lesson is that

Each death in the world creates a hole that has to be filled”

I was lucky many times. Along the way there were some great-gifts that were always unexpected. I was able to get involved with a number of television writers before television went straight to hell. A number of small television stations used my work as logos for programming in half a dozen cases, mostly in Orange and Long Beach County, in California. I did album covers for Capitol Records, and three other labels in LA at the same time as my prints were being used in a number of prime-time televisions-series programs on NBC, CBS and ABC during the 70’s.

I spent 7 years designing and overseeing construction on some of those buildings, mostly hospitals, but that included bars, restaurants, offices and luxury as well as tract homes.

The arts were primary. But commercially I was able to move into and out-of a number of other interests at the same time. From design to illustration—I had many opportunities that continued to expand until the global-Zionistas bought-out the entire American line of publications including magazines which wiped out my publication contracts. That ended the international prints, puzzles and other applications. I fell back into doing Book-covers for three years for Black Lizard Books.

When there were no more artistic outlets I tried to sell images to the fledgling internet, for the political articles of some early writers—but the net was stringently rigid, everything had to be free. In the end I submitted work free, that was held-back, because the site owner thought that he might not get more, so he decided to wait to use them.

Infuriated, I began writing articles in 2002 that included images so that they could be seen, while the issues were still hot. I’m not a writer. I call what I do ‘a Word-Slinger’ because that’s the way I think about this.

Ironically “politics” while it was my beginning point with The State of the Nation 1966, was never my intended-occupation of choice. It became my only way to stay alive, mentally and physically throughout the last twelve years. If we can throw off these traitors, I’ll go back to art.

Between 2002 & now my income has fallen to nearly zero. I live a hand-to-mouth existence, but it works well for me. Every day is a new day, every hour another chance to breathe free again. The point is that those of us who have not clung to the more commercial side of life, with a death-grip, tend to survive most of what still kills the average member of the normal herd, each and every day.

Thanks to having spent most of my life being under threat from one kind of criminal or another, I’ve grown used to dangers that most consider impossible to survive.

In this I am definitely NOT alone.

There are people who decided to live their own lives and pay for whatever their choices have incurred. That was common-place when I began this rather strange existence, for lots of us. Today it’s as if those of us who are still alive must be from any-other time. Some say a hundred years too early, others believe that we’re probably living a hundred years too late: The consensus is that whatever the case

We definitely don’t belong here!

Case in point: The criminality this nation failed to face is costing us virtually everything that the cowards refuse to see. The petro-dollar has to fail—and fail-bigtime!

We must take that page from Iceland and give all the bogus debt back to the Rothschilds-banks. We must force them all into total bankruptcy, and kill the fake-debt at the same time. This will cost the world trillions, but it can be survived—now that both Iran and Russia are offering the planet totally new ways to avoid the nuclear holocaust: That Armageddon which Netanyahu & Nero are demanding that we initiate—need NOT ever happen—if we have the strength to end the political-career’s of a few thousand creatures with one giant blow for all mankind…

The question is can we?

Will we be willing to face what so many have to this point always ignored? This “money” is nothing but a fiction. It has not been real since the FED stole the right to print money from us, a hundred years ago this December. That’s ten times longer than it ever needed to be!

There can be no real change without massive pain. But if we allow these barbarians to have their way with ‘us’ there will no longer be a planet to exist on, for anyone.

Consequently “Killing the Dollar” was always the created goal of the New World Order—but that point of view does not have to become a fact, for the rest of us. If we chose to fight this and take-no-prisoners then with a great deal of difficulty we can keep what’s left of the planet and rearrange our international-priorities to again value that which must be valued: While we bring humanity back to the forefront by ending the micro-world of the Barbarian’s who were known as “The Robber-Barons”!

This will be filthy work. Everyone will get dirty. Many will die an ugly-death. But the surviving majority can rise again and clear the way for real-freedom to rally once more—but only we are willing to pay her price which amounts to EVERYTHING!

Here is the sum of what we have re-endured from the Zionistas that are currently taking a second run at the apple of human-existence. We need to take this page of history and burn it out of existence so that it will cease to be the threat to all mankind that it has always been. (2)

If HIGH-TRESON can be committed routinely

And never be paid for:

Then obviously we shall deserve everything

That might be coming very soon…

1) “We’ll Kill the Dollar” 13 min 26 sec VIDEO

2) Part II, The Star of Evil





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