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The Hidden Secrets


By Jim Kirwan


This has been with us for Millennia


What the people of the world have thought they’ve known

For centuries is what we see now

But today’s skies are only the most recent version

Of our universe,

That’s been vastly changing throughout time.

There’s a new full length film, in three parts, that describes just some of the most amazing discoveries that have been quietly making their way back into the public’s awareness thanks to the diligence of some very bright people that have continued to pursue the past ­ to discover some of what was once our own planet.

The first two parts of the film deal mostly with the symbols that were left everywhere behind, from those very early peoples when the ‘sun’ we have today was not the premier sun that was worshipped as just one of the gods. The third part is mostly about some amazing scientific breakthroughs in the laboratories and in space.

The research goes on to explain why the things we call “Myths” today were not founded on lies ­ but on extremely unusual truths that once ruled over the peoples of the earth at that time before - what we have called ‘History’ now.

The symbols left behind in caves, on structures and in designs the world over have proven the existence of a totally different sky over the earth than we know about today. A great deal of this came from the work of just a very few people who kept on searching until the picture at the core of the symbols that created the Hidden Knowledge which the New World Disorder wants to keep hidden from the people of today ­ which is just part of what makes this revelation so utterly fascinating…

The work features both scientific breakthroughs about space and our way of trying to understand our place in it ­ coupled with the fascinating but totally different world that was what we have all descended from…

Thunderbolts of the Gods: Official Movie

My friend Mark sent this and it has filled in so much about what I had failed to grasp back when I first discovered Immanuel Velikovsky for myself.

The books are inconveniently out-of-print now, for the most part, despite the fact that his work began at the top of the New York Times Best Seller Lists when he first began to write back in 1950 ­ after ten years formal-science had managed to shut down his work, even though he was on his way to the real breakthrough which this film gives to those who care enough to watch it, at least as far as through the second part.

The forces that shut down and looted the Baghdad Museum, during the War on Iraq II are today’s version of the same troglodytes that burned the ancient Alexandria Library to the ground. The point has always been to subsume and destroy as much of Ancient Knowledge as it was possible to erase.

The early corporations that sponsored expeditions into ‘the New World’ had the same motives to steal the gold, enslave the natives and either steal, destroy or deface any knowledge they came into contact with along their path-to-earthly riches.

After the “New World” was conquered and their native populations had been shredded or enslaved the Europeans went back to crushing the rest of whatever they could find throughout the ‘civilizations’ they continue to rape, pillage and plunder right up to and through the so-called Modern Age.

But they weren’t able to destroy everything and in many cases they missed the facts because they failed to understand what the past was trying to tell the future in those caves, on their buildings and in their daily lives ­ that is the stuff which these Thunderbolts of hidden meaning are all about…

It’s the first day of Jade-Helm, so if you want a break from all that government propaganda, why not get something cool and settle back; then take a peek into the depths of the long ago and almost totally forgotten past when Jupiter was the preemptive sun in the skies over the earth…

Enjoy and please pass it on to anyone that you might think would want to know…




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