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By Jim Kirwan



I have to wonder: Has it occurred to other nations as well as other people that whenever any nation abandons their diplomatically protected property—then is that internationally the same as a captain leaving his ship? Because if it is then the national powers of each state where the closed embassies and consulates are situated should immediately enter and seize everything inside those buildings!

If Israel objects: Under international law, they might not be allowed to object, since the Israeli authorities left of their own accord.

I wonder, did they manage to leave anything with intelligence value behind, because since those buildings were officially closed, then apparently whatever diplomatic protections Israel had enjoyed, when the buildings were occupied, must be totally gone by now?

If they want to object on a commercial-lease agreement basis: Then it would seem that Israel would still have lost whatever ‘rights’ they once enjoyed because Israel chose to leave those building and thereby forced the closing of the diplomatic services which they had, when the consulates or the embassies were functioning?

Hence the predicament described above

by the fatally-frayed rope!

Just wondering!


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