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Herd Immunity vs Lockdowns - Sweden vs Michigan

From Ryan Wendland

Sweden and Michigan are very similar in total land mass, and total population. Rural, city, suburbs have similarity.

Sweden - No lockdown, originally no groups over 250, now down to 50

Michigan - Lockdowns. Shelter in place, get cucked by Whitmer, watch 24/7 news coverage on TV telling you you're death chances,
don't buy seeds, don't buy flags, don't buy paint, wear masks, wear gloves, and social distance (forgot, don't you dare talk to your neighbor either).


Comparing Total cases and deaths

Sweden - 13,822 Case and 1,511 Deaths

Michigan - 30,791 Cases and 2,308 Deaths

Jury may still be out, but the official stats are making the lockdowners
Look like incompetent morons.